Top 10 Beaches In The World — You Will Love Taking A Dive At

Top 10 Beaches In The World — You Will Love Taking A Dive At

Worshiping the sun are always on the hunt for the perfect place. So, what you do with the opportunity is perfect? This varies greatly from one person to another. If the climate is very good and so they prefer to enjoy a few more people can show off their toned body with a great swimwear while may prefer a quiet spot. Regardless of your personal views, 3 essential components, we always look for in a good sunbathing spot

  1. Sand
  2. Sun
  3. Surroundings

Keeping these 3 essentials in mind, I came up with the top 10 best beaches in the world. Check them out:

10 Best Beaches In The World

Isolated for the crowds to the popular and unpopular, be sure to find one of your taste and style suiting. Sand, sun and surf great combination, these stunning beaches are the best of our Mother Earth. The beauty of nature is something you must pay a visit once, leaving behind their busy schedules and busy lives in your life.

1. Santa Cruz Beach, California

Santa Cruz is one of the best beaches in the world and the reason why it’s my head. This is one of the classic sunbathing spots in California. With 30 miles from the oceanfront beach, you can not go wrong when you are in Santa Cruz. You will be then ideal Beach are a surfer (big waves), or just appreciate watching them surf “Steamer Lane”. If you have little romance and prefer privacy, you have mixed little fun a priority in the veneration of the sun, “the main beach to the sea” It was very nice to enjoy, while “Seascape at catching some sunrays on a beach called”. The main beach games, old-fashioned boardwalk with food & entertainment park and ride a few steps from the beach. Some satisfied styles in Santa Cruz with each flavor is not.

2. Seychelles, Africa

Yet another best beach in the Seychelles after Santa Cruz. In fact, it is the most spoken beaches in the world. LA DIGUE is something to be looked pale pink sand beaches around the island unfurls. The glow of the giant granite rocks worn by the sand of the sea, weather and time. Turquoise waters are protected from ocean waves with relatively shallow reef & A.

3. Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Ocracoke to take third place on the list of the top 10 beaches in the world, there is no Island North Carolina. If you prefer seclusion and privacy while sunbathing Well, this beach would be a great choice. This mini site can be reached only through a private plane, ferry or boat. While advanced electronics (that is, computers and phones) landed on the island, they are now also offered. Sometimes the sand in the desert beach Ocracoke. Just get rid of your heavy schedules and rest but Mother Nature.

4. Navagio Beach, Greece

This is one of the best beaches in the world and you will love enjoying being out here. I went through a few reviews about this beach and will be something to everyone – “This is a wonderful and beautiful destination”. Navagio Beach, or the destruction of the ship is a very isolated sandy bay at Zakynthos island. The most popular images in Greece is regarded as one of the beach destinations. It is otherwise named the house Panagiotis smugglers to ship wreck, which is assumed to have been aboard, later called Shipwreck Beach. Smugglers Cove – The presence of suspected traffickers ship also has a nickname yet Navagio. Elegance and simplicity are the main symbols of this charming Greece. It not only Zakynthos and Corfu island, Voula and Glyfada beach are extraordinary.

5. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

It is also one of the beast beaches in the world. This beach is located at one of the largest islands in the Whitsunday Island, Whitsunday Group. It consists of fine white sand beach is about 6 km long & about 98 percent pure silica. In fact, these days they are so pure sand used in the construction of the Hubble telescope lens. Whitehaven Union colors together in a magnificent cove tide shifts the sand and water at the northern end of the beach is a place called Hill inlet, which create a jaw-dropping.

6. Maldives, Sri Lanka

The best beach in the Maldives is no. You can certainly come across this place as it is very popular among those who love the beach. Whether your most desired beach Travel 4 star spent a few pampered nights at one of the resorts or about 80 feet of water tropical fish swimming between underwater, every change one or two true in a variety of islands where you can.

7. Tulum Beach, Mexico

This is a great beach to enjoy your vacation. With Mexico is admired for its beautiful beaches of Tulum and Beach between them. Literally different set close to the magnificent Mayan ruins of Tulum others. Tulum is located 80 miles from Cancun and thus make near Cancun sites to see if you want to. The Tulum to be still completely invaded by tourism & therefore it is peaceful and secluded still. If you are passionate in archeology and then makes a right Tulum beach spot of adventure will love to discover the hidden secrets of ancient civilizations.

8. Hanalei Bay Beach, Hawaii

Yet another great addition to Hanalei Bay in Hawaii on the list of the top 10 beaches in the world no. The pleasing and comfortable after you exactly what you are looking for it will be your perfect pick. The Hanalei Bay Beach Ultimate sunbathing experience has incorporated many people list of must-see destination that is so popular. Yes, there are a multitude of surfing during the winter season is the best way, but you will not get a better view of the magnificent view over what you see here.

9. Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay has created a list of the best beaches in the world by its beauty. This shallow water surrounded by high limestone hills. The bay is great marine life and even one of the favorite destinations for divers. It became popular after the movie shoots.

10. South Beach, Florida

Take a final position on the list of best beaches in the world “ever so beautiful” South Beach, Florida. This is a “go and see” position. sunrays soaking when some minor eye candy love people, are eager to South Beach. While South Beach is energetic night & you are just there almost assured to see a popular spend some time. On the other hand, if your mind is calm and peaceful general, to then plan a trip to any of the above at the beach.

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