The Top World’s 10 Most Successful Authors

The Top World’s 10 Most Successful Authors

His story “The Little Prince” of the “Harry Potter” of JK Rowling novel, “cutting” Stephenie Meyer or Antoine de Saint Exupery with the series finally famous and successful but only with a book. The authors, who were prolific writers, year after year, decade after decades until another type of audience these books remain affordable. It is almost a mystery and his last secret of success Disenchanted our world.

Our capitalist world, access the best quality sales figures, even in each of the following individual cases to see which exceeds one billion. Here are 10 -The most successful authors – each with an exemplary job.

1. Dan Brown


Best-selling author. Short chapters, simple dialogues, simple characters, a huge amount of killing a couple and paranoia: Dan Brown reveals perfect “Page Turner” work.

If only it really is the most widely read in the world were easy to become one of the authors! American author Dan Brown is still a mystery. Prior to his success, he taught English and was a failed singer and composer. He was interesting bands “: the 187 men” to avoid a survival guide for women frustrated romance.

2. Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express

She’s the queen of mystery stories. Christie has established several books worth billions of dollars. Such are hard to beat for the most successful authors of living selling authors.

Released in 1934, “Murder on the Orient Express” in which Poirot (a fictional detective) must solve the brutal murder of a fellow traveler. The train is stuck on the tracks in the snow, but no one can escape it, does not seem to be a killer on board.

Agatha Christie classic causes of the crime genre dominated. According to some sources, this work, selling nearly four billion times to date, making it one of the most successful authors of literary history.

3. Paulo Coelho

Manual of the Warrior of Light

Paulo Coelho and writing are all strategies for every purpose. 65-year-old Brazilian is a master of light style. He then built the palace complex concepts or ideas conquerable Rolls said. He aimed straight for your readers, and he seems to take forever.

“All the wicked ways of the warrior’s heart says Sweat” “Manual of the Warrior of Light”. It consists of short, meaningful stories and ideas, a kind of guide. Encouraged to persist in their search for spiritual meaning Coelho.

The international success of his books, the most in the world for Guinness World Records book, and leading the way are qualified as the “Alchemist”. Coelho passionate about the internet and for a long time and the support of his books for free download. This step also boosted the sales of their books.

The Messenger of Peace United Nations, and a non-profit organization called as Paulo Coelho Institute runs largely financed by royalties.

4. Ken Follett

Fall of Giants

Ken Follett studied philosophy and as a journalist and then worked in a publishing house in the 1970s. The British did not complete the work because he started writing. With the Second World War “needle’s eye” of the spy thriller, and he has become one of the major players in the business and then landed his first big success.

Currently Follett has released about the war, “Giants fall”. Author First World War to the brink of sinking panorama spreads continental Europe. English domestic workers, two Russian brothers and fate of an Anglo-German couple. He said that intersect with each other and with major historical events.

Follett is a special gift. He invented a link between the individual life of the contemporary historical facts present a very appreciative audience.

5. John Grisham

The Firm

John Grisham comes from a humble background. He grew up in America and a dream career. He said he studied business administration and law. As a lawyer, he worked in his spare time wrote two novels before.

The other, “the firm” was filmed, and was a million seller. It received an excellent job offer and may be tempted to Tennessee, which is about a very talented young lawyer. He soon smelled the work environment and even suggests that life-threatening. The firm, which has hired him deeply involved in shady dealings.

“Firm” After the success of the book was made into a film from a book ten years, wrote. His books revolve around the courts orbit.

6. Stephen King

The Rest Stop

Forty years gathered a loyal reader community around it is recruiting across all segments of the audience. King is a great guy who has dealt with the difference between the letters, when in fact the classical and popular culture.

He describes the inner life of his characters. He is a great writer and always will be.

7. Haruki Murakami


Japanese, Murakami, author of international standing. As “A Wild Sheep Chase” novel, he works at the same time, despite the unique style of storytelling that digs deep into human nature closely following the development of Western authors.

The 1,600-page epic “1Q84” He is clever story interesting tradition as an impossible love. Aomame and Tengo slightly moved past and they are a couple who live in the end I must fight each other to the mysterious sects and fantastic creatures before.

8. James Patterson

Along came a Spider

63-year-old has worked in the long commercials. The reader knows exactly what to do, and gives them emotion, sex, pleasure, he said. He knows how to create an appeal to the people.

The story revolves around two VIP child abduction. Anti-trained psychiatrist who Gary Soneji criminal.

International best-selling James Patterson has become one of the authors. His books have sold over 100 million copies and been translated into 40 languages.

9. Nora Roberts

Jewels of the Sun

It feels that at least ten thousand written novel. The New York Times for a year now in the books have reached the list.

The author, in his early sixties, love their women readers. That night the trilogy, the island trilogy storm trilogy and love for Nora Roberts writing trilogies.

She is considered one of the most successful writers of romance. In 1981, he appeared with red roses for her first novel Delia’s society. He is one of the most widely read authors in the world. He also published under pseudonymJ. D. Robb and Jill March, and Sarah Hardesty in the United Kingdom.

10. Danielle Steel

The Long Road Home

She is the daughter of a Jewish mother and a Portuguese father and a German only increase as the baby in France and studied in different European schools. In New York, he graduated from high school in French in 1963 and later studied at New York University.

He has sold nearly half a billion books. He was married five times and has nine children.

“About Long Road Home” girl being abused in Gabriella Harrison, home. Hard-hearted mother finally shake her off to a convent school.

Daniel also Prada, Chanel, Givenchy and Hermes love. He does not drink alcohol and have great faith in human nature.

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