The Top 10 Plus Size Models

The Top 10 Plus Size Models

Sometimes, it seems, everything acerca getting thin, the juice will cut off the calories, yoga tip-top shape, you will collect a new diet to try constantly present. But the absorption is not dangerous to put the thin, tired. Why are we so excited by the ascent profiles and adapt to today’s plus size models in the fashion industry.

Plus size models are full-figured models, extension, size or model, or outsize large size models or models. This is a term applied to a person who is primarily engaged in the modeling plus-size clothing. Plus size models were represented by model agencies already in the 1970s. Previously, retailers, models, designers and freelanced directly with magazines. Is plus-size industry. Fashion designers are catwalks and their ability to model plus-size clothing for ad campaigns, look more closely at the use of large size and begin to.

Currently the most popular and demand from exhibitors, here is a list of the top ten large-size models in the business today. This plus size models are relatively unknown, but we are hoping to change that. This list of top 10 plus-size model, not only the hottest women, but the most successful and ambitious. These are mounted on healthy, full-sized wave of public response to the runways hotties walking coat hanger.

1. Jennie Runk

Born in Georgia on June 13, 1989, Runk Modelling is new to the scene, but he has already made headlines. In April, she modeled for the swimsuit line for H & M and became the company’s first plus-size model for the dress. Very impressive, especially considering he was generally resistant curve of modeling swimwear.

2. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham Lincoln, Nebraska is a plus size model. He’s “Boys Club” and appeared in the movies “Gypsy Eyes.” The plus-size clothing store Lane Bryant is best known as a lingerie model. As she appeared in the fashion magazine Vogue and the United States.

3. Johanna Dray


3. Johanna Dray
Johanna Dray is a ground breaking French plus size model from Paris. When Dray first began modeling there were no plus size agencies. With a education in fashion design, she became the first plus size model in Europe to launch a collaborative plus-size clothing line, called Tend @ nces

4. Mia Tyler

All-Star model with an all-star family. Basically a large size fashion model and designer, Tyler started his own clothing line, titled Revolution 1228, February 2009. 17 years old, Tyler House style guide published by MTV. Tyler represented by Wilhelmina modeling agency has been. He Seventeen, Teen, young people, the mood, the US elite, jump, YM, Moxie girl on the cover of Vogue and Flare has appeared in such magazines. She appeared on the runways of New York and Paris.

5. Mariesther Venegas

This brunette bombshell was not going to make waves, they cause a tsunami when they walk strut her stuff in the streets of Berlin to uncover Navabi. Mariesther Venegas was born in San Jose, California. He is an easy going personality, and love of life. He always had a love of being in front of the camera and loves being the center of attention. Navabi, Igigi, Torrid, Leg Avenue, Domino Dollhouse some coastal areas in the local fashion magazine: Mariesther 2010. As in the modeling industry in many prestigious clients, a model similar to the modeling work with Faith 21 I fell.

6. Chrissy Schmidt

6. Chrissy Schmidt
Chrissy Schmidt, a Canadian actress and plus-size model. She took acting classes known in America for his participation on this show as a TV actor Dean Armstrong, folk-time series. Such as Australia and the United States, where it is broadcast on the N channel Nickelodeon: 2005, as she was seen in clubs Degrassi country, began to gain popularity around the world .

7. Fluvia Lacerda

The “plus size Gisele Bundchen is known as” simply because they do not share the same home. Fluvia Lacerda is what plus-size models in September to break out of her native Brazil and the world immediately. Already been included in the February 2012 issue of Vogue Italia in 2012 and broke. He is married and has a daughter.

8. Saffi Karina

Saffi Karina is trained based agency represents a model, actress and TV presenter in London. He has published and has worked internationally. Saffis generation is an unusual mix of Cuba, the Philippines, Hawaii and Ireland. He is one of the current faces of Littlewoods and is included as well as TV commercials and print ads Coleen Rooney. Saffi recently written thousands turned it down to finish 4 Sun newspapers seeking M & S lingerie model. There was added as a catwalk model in the 2009 series of Gok Saffi Channel 4 “Fashion Fix”.

9. Justine LeGault

Justin LeGault beautiful blonde hair and a size 14 plus size model with a board of directors. Femme Fatale love with Esta eat French Canada. Makes perfect skin, attractive curves, luscious legs and a pretty face Justin a quadruple threat. How refreshing fashion magazine decided to put a number of beautiful models with a fuller figure on the cover when it is best. Elle Quebec did just that when it LeGault for the May 2013 cover.

10. Robyn Lawley

Robin Lawley Sydney, is an Australian size model of the western suburbs of Australia. He is known as one of the three cover models in Vogue Italia’s June 2011 issue, the first plus-size model of Medicine, to be an Australian fashion magazine cover of Australian Vogue and the first Australian plus size models to be shoot. She treats numerous magazine covers, including Vogue Italia, Marie Claire and Elle France. Moreover, a high-end designer campaign star is the first plus-size model in September 2012, Lawley on “Good Morning America” announced that they signed a model in a series of ads for Ralph Lauren did.

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