The Top 10 Most Popular Chanel Perfumes

The Top 10 Most Popular Chanel Perfumes

All perfumes channel name can be, but the scent that the number of sales is not just good smell means. The online stores, these are the top 10 most popular fragrance from Chanel are to try you. All this perfume for both men and women and the delicate woodsy fragrance for women and refreshing to all men so that no one can smell great.

1. Coco Noir by Chanel Paris

This fragrance for women is a subtle combination of bourbon vanilla and sandalwood. This is a fresh, want to enjoy the sweet scent of Chanel’s signature brand for women that points out. This is great for both day and evening wear.

2. Bleu de Chanel

This parfum for men combines freshness and vibrancy in one bottle. It has a unique woodsy scent that is topped off by a hint of citrus in a very bold way that will appeal to many men and the women who love them. It is best worn by a man who is confident in himself during both the daytime work scene and a night out on the town.

3. Change for Women 105 Paris

It is from Diamont Collection perfume. The channel number is 5 and is known for an imitation of the typical woodsy scents, flowers, citrus, and channel that smell a bit musky. However, it is reasonably cheap to buy real Chanel perfume.

4. Lovely for Women by Sarah Jessica Parker

This attractive fragrance notes of amber and is greeted by well orchid, lavender, apple and musk. A woman is ideal for casual wear when you want to smell like an attractive woman who embraces her feminine side.

5. Guilty for Men

It’s very manly guilty spray for men, but will leave some feeling. It found the essence of cypress and calone with both violet and bergamot. To appreciate this unique combination you will notice that it is further accented by the sweet scent of pepper and tobacco amber. As a basis you will find that will bring out a warm leather and woodsy mix your true manhood.

6. Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein

Flower, spice, and everything nice. In particular, when combined with exotic fruits, amber and patchouli. This would give some prefer the other perfume does not need to prove? It is great for casual daytime or evening wear.

7. Nautica Blue Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Nautica Blue could be more clean scent? It is a tropical paradise for men in a bottle. The pineapple scents, peach, bergamot and jasmine and water which is topped by Lilly. However, it is truly independent, and set the root, cedar, musk and sandalwood is.

8. Guilty for Women by Gucci

And spicy amber, patchouli for women are still based floral scent. It contains basic Mandarin scents and it is pink pepper, peach, lilac, and the geranium. This is a fragrance that is best to wear comfortable.

9. Hermes Men’s Terre d’Hermes

The scent of grapefruit and pepper together with the cedar and patchouli, woodsier the scents of Vitiver, and Benzoin as oranges and geraniums Imagine. It is a clean scent that goes for men and women can appreciate the ingredients and sour amount.

10. Allure Homme Sport for Men

Hot sensual clears macho gesture with pin when you put your desire for men that you will get. It combines mandarin, juniper, sage, and mint scents. These are topped by a base scents of sandalwood, musk, cedar and Tonka beans to ensure that it stays manly.

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