The Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Sahara Desert

The Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Sahara Desert

Before we start discussing the facts about the Sahara, should be aware of where it is located. Take a peek at North Africa on a map, and you will be there to support the wilderness. This is one of the most famous deserts in the world. Sahara stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in his arms. In the north, who joined the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. It consists mostly of North African desert. Now we do check back to the top 10 most interesting facts about the desert.

1. Has Not Much Sand

As you can think of Sahara sand is not over. Ideas, like the giant sand dunes of the desert is not valid. The sand dunes in southern Libya to raise the tower, 400 feet.

2. Ten Million Plant Species

Over a million plant species grow in the Sahara. It is not the means used water, a plant that has many species of plants that have the ability to live without water for days and days, in fact hibernate. Sahara There are lots of such plants in the southern desert region of Libya.

3. Transformation by Irrigation

Egypt, the land that are converted by many miles of irrigation of the Sahara, is located near the river. It is unbelievable yet true. Researchers who make fit for living, approach in the coming years, much of the Sahara will be replaced by irrigation.

4. Some Parts Fertile Even Today

Crops grew in abundance here after 7000 years. The resort is part of us that are rich today. It is flowing out of the Atlas Mountains on the west side that gets its water from underground rivers. This 80,000 square miles, is covering an approximate area where the soil is present.

5. Getting Warmer Day-by-Day

Is undergoing severe climatic changes in the Sahara desert, and day by day it is getting warmer. The reason is the global warming and direct exposure to sun rays. The sun’s rays fall directly to the ground and the heat is used at a temperature of 136 degrees F. about two key factors

6. Sahara, Very Warm

Resorting to a very hot desert, many living creatures and not be able to survive the truth. This dehydration. From January through October, making it impossible for the Sahara desert plants and animals to get enough land for their survival, never water.

7. Used to be Fertile

Sahara used to be a fertile field. It was a poorly satisfactory to 6,000 BC, said. Later, the development of corn and millet in the Sahara covers most of the area, and it is believed that the Sahara was once more plant species. It used to be a fertile ground, but not so today.

8. Cannot be Home of Many

The continent of America is the home to over 250 million individuals. But when it comes to Sahara, it is hardly called the home by many living things. It covers a wide land area, and has approximate population density of 1/150th of that of the US.

9. Covering High Land Area

According to one estimate, this desert contains eight percent of the world’s land area. It is incredible that you can fit four states, USA in the Sahara, and most will leave a few thousand square miles of desert. It is an interesting fact. Sahara Libya, Algeria, the border line with Egypt, Tunisia, Chad, Morocco, Eritrea, Niger, Mauritania, Mali, and Sudan.

10. Not the Biggest Desert

Many people believe that the Sahara is the largest desert in the world, but it is not. Antarctica is the largest desert in the world. But the resort is pretty darn big in size, and it is also a great day. It is spread over 3.6 million square miles.

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