The Top 10 Most Extreme Wedding Proposals Ever

The Top 10 Most Extreme Wedding Proposals Ever

For any woman, 4 words are to take them to blow off their feet and can bring tears to their eyes. “Will you marry me?” Love is the international question. The proposal should be carefully need to be planned out and surprise a bit to make it even more special a drama. Proposals to have some champagne or select proverb style ring in a glass with a slice of cake, while others want to make it different and extravagant. Aircraft flying off the end of a “suggestions on giant television screens in sports to get the services of a pilot to fly with will marry me” banner. Taking it to a whole different level, the 10 Extreme Wedding Proposals way men think about turned out pop the big question.1. A Cloud 9 Type of Love

Graciela Asturias was about to celebrate its 27th anniversary with a special Boeing 727 plane ride in her boyfriend, Alex. The aircraft takes its passengers up to 35,000 feet and provide them with a near zero gravity experience. Plane as sudden drops and take between 24,000 feet to 35,000 feet, Alex and Graciela were left floating around the cabin with another passenger. Alex took the opportunity to ask his lady love to marry her love, starting with thousands of feet above the ground. While Alex was concerned about floating a bit off color, it went all right and he said yes. The most extreme way as they shared their love with an amazing birthday with her.
2. Virtually Real Proposal

The movie (people virtual name), is designed to level the popular game Halo 3 and his girlfriend Furtive Penguin (up virtual name) that they said they had more than two years a were going to need two gaming sessions with two of their friends. Game As I went on, the sign for the film is an area Furtive Penguin said he had left an energy sword. He has reached the area, the area where a top-down approach was spelled out, “Marry me?” Using weapons. He asked her to be his partner for life, and he gladly agreed. Yet has no history of marriage, though, the Furtive Penguin said, “We are waiting to see what the release date of the next Halo game. We do not want” any disputes.
3. Your Love Is Burning Me up

Todd and his friends do their stunt man, Eric will leave him and all his family and friends in complete awe that a project proposal for Todd lady love Malissa. Eric being a stuntman, fire was arranged for all the preparations for Todd and jump in the pool. Their annual family reunion on the 4th of July, they have built a platform above the pool and Todd was dressed in appropriate fire-proof material. Eric fire and within seconds they used an aluminum pole to set the cap Todd was completely engulfed in flames. Todd ran across the platform and jump in the night sky and straight pool. Family and friends were amazed and excited as well. He descended, the flames died out. He said that, given out to remove his mask and down on one knee and Malissa, you said, I’m hot. “I’m on fire for you that want to get the point.” He said yes, and he never set himself on fire.
4. Falling In Love While Falling to Earth

This proposal takes another level, a level tips on another level “about 20,000 feet above the earth.” Mateo Martinez is the best time just before he decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him jumping out of an airplane at 20,000 feet. According to Matthew, “than suggested to jump and love you out of a plane is no better way to get your heart rate,” Well, it’s known to have said yes if I love it, but I really believe or not because they did not want to die alone (just kidding).
5. And You’re Engaged In 3, 2, 1

A woman always wants only one in the world and the only one in a public offering that would feel like it. Rand and his girlfriend Geraldine been dating for 5 years before deciding it was time to take it further and make decisions. He wanted it to be big and they will never forget. Rand worked in was a perfect medium to raise a company’s online search optimization and viral videos with the funds. In August 2006, Rand began planning and management of this story and Super Bowl created a website that told her audience. They started getting a lot of attention as well as donations. Rand soon to buy ad space for the Super Bowl, they discovered a total of $ 2.5 million required by the 1st of February 2007, was only $ 85,000. They put in a huge amount of their own cash, but they can not come close to the original amount. The invitation was not for cash but will be sufficient for the ad space. Television heard about the idea of most of Rand network but that the refusal to broadcast their suggestion for a small amount. Therefore, they Geraldine favorite who bought some local airspace during Veronica Mars. At 9:23 PM on the 6th of February, Rand’s ad aired during the show and Geraldine was caught by surprise and joy Yes.
6. A Bejeweled Proposal

It is one thing to make it unique to your suggestion, but it is a very different thing to add to your proposal to hack into a video game. Bernie Peng’s girlfriend is exactly what Tammy Lee. Peng Hack and his girlfriend to a specific score a programmer, arrives a digital sapphire ring and that his proposal was designed to leave the game Bejeweled.
7. The Umbrella Proposal

This proposal is like something out of a romantic love film. Sean Palmgren won the best idea, “” a site for this. He made sure to Betsy decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him and all his friends and family involved. He said that holding an umbrella and told them to walk in the park. He waited for the couple to have an alphabet painted on each of his umbrella and his 3 mile walk around the lake. They were people with umbrellas on their heads Betsy became curious and told Shawn he should keep together. When he reached about 100 feet away, another called “1-2-3 and lowered umbrellas in front of their friends and family to show” Will you marry me “. At this point, the Betsy”, the when someone suggested, “but he looked at Sean, he was on one knee and realized she had to her and she said yes.
8. Who Else but Tom Cruise (Show Me you’re Honey) 

When you get to the movie star Tom Cruise to ask your special lady to suggest to you, a “no” can never be. In 2004, Cruz went on TV in Portugal and cameraman asked Sonia to marry a man from Joao Martins. When Cruz Martins Last Samurai were shooting for the Spanish premiere of the actor’s request Martins’s favor. Apparently a romantic cruise, and agreed. A local channel, a clip where Cruz had been played “Sonia, to marry you Joao marry. From Joao. He is crying behind the camera.” Clearly, Sonia said yes to Joao with him the clip was broadcast on the phone. Proposal end, Tom Cruise jokes and said they should name it after their first child
9. Hire An Entire Theater Cast?

This proposal will look like Romeo and Juliet Favorite puppies. It was so well orchestrated that would come out plans and cost about £ 10,000. To marry her to perform in the play Zaleskiy Gennady Romantics Zaporozhie Ukraine decided to ask his girlfriend. Not only that, make sure that they lead and what would be his girlfriend, Victoria, game. Because he was an avid theater fan and a “girl’s night out”, it was not difficult to see the game and went to his friend. During the game, Zaleskiy wore a mask and finally, when he was supposed to declare undying love for them to stage a woman, he turned to his girlfriend and said “No, Lady Victoria Love he goes and gets the sixth row. Victoria will you marry me? Yes. “” she was quite taken aback and was accepted with a happy “.
10. An Exhibition of Art to Win the Heart

George, an industrial engineer to marry him finally plucked up the courage to ask his girlfriend, Sara. He has wanted to be romantic and, while doing a job well, thought out proposal Art. He spent 24 hours out of 4 in front of the computer and display a 3D design. After completing the design, he said, “Will you marry me?” He said. Words cut foam with a laser cutter to make the cunning piece “My Early Muir of owls.” “He whose name is an anagram for you marry me”. Now he had to find an actor to play the artist in pieces services. Once that was arranged, he named “Serge Gandaora”. Her name was an anagram for “Sarah and George”. Sarah through special frame was asked to look at the piece, words not found right in front of her eyes and looked at George, who already had a knee beside her. He obviously said yes and accepted the ring with a tear rolling down her cheeks.

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