The Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes Brands in 2014

The Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes Brands in 2014

1. Nike

Nike is an American company founded in 1964. The company had already been designated as Blue Ribbon Sports. The current name “Nike” in 1978. It is the best and most comfortable shoes for global customers. There is no doubt, the leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Most of this product USD3000 USD1000, but all budget users can also choose to Nike shoes that cost is presented.

2. Brian Atwood

Surprisingly, Brian Atwood has taken a prominent place in this list. Of course, leaving a lasting impact on the minds of his shoes come with high quality leather and wearers. This Italian brand stores over the world. USD600 to USD2000 range is known for its boots on sale.

3. Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik heels, is famous for making shoes, fashion shoes. The company is one of the world’s most dominant shoe manufacturers. It is always a larger collection for each season after season. Depending on the extent and value of USD4500 shoes. Blixa Alligator, is solg at Barneys New York for example USD4,600.

4. Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen shoes are highly coveted and good quality. The company’s current trends and shoes that would suit buyers’ needs worldwide. This is higher than the exposure and the value of the shoes to USD1500 to USD400.

5. Gucci

An Italian shoe brand Gucci, now living in Florence. It sells its shoes in the world. Company shops lining Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Gucci sells high quality shoes that are famous among the most even Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. The product range of USD600-USD800 and it could go even higher. You make little lacking brand products.

6. Miu Miu


If you want to have a stylish woman wearing beautiful shoes, MIU MIU is the right brand for you. The great quality of other types of shoes for heels and women, but with shoes, and not only the various luxurious shoes for men. USD400 highest price of the shoes, is somewhat out of the budget for those having low-budget start. But shoes are worth the price of design, style and beauty that I tell you.

7. Jimmy Choo


Jimmy Choo is one of the most expensive brands of shoes. The shoes are the favorite among celebrities. This brand of high quality and user-friendly touch. Upper, almost all ranges for middle and lower class shoe buyers are available by Jimmy Choo. 2011 boots was the most expensive sold in a pair of USD3,785. In addition, this range is between USD1400 to USD1500, sometimes less and sometimes more than that.

8. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is famous for shoes, purses, and luggage. This makes high-quality products that fit your brand buyers satisfaction throughout the world. Brand was founded in 1854. Between 2006 and 2012, it offers some of the most expensive luxurious shoes, and “won the title of most valuable luxury brand”. It is for the footwear range USD900.

9. Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin shoes are highly iconic shoes known for their appealing shades of soles and ground-breaking high heels. This brand sells shoes within USD700 to USD800 range. It has one of the best collection of classic and modern shoes for men and women, and you won’t be short of choices and varieties.

10. Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman is a famous shoe brand. It was founded in Massachusetts, and now lives in Spain. With the help of a wide variety of exciting content, the company makes sure that the shoes come with high quality. It is also the cork, vinyl, including shoes, and 24 carat gold. Simple to make and very stylish shoes. Product range up to USD300 USD600, and more.

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