The Top 10 Most Beautiful Hungarian Women in 2015

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Hungarian Women in 2015

Hungarian women are famous for being the hottest, sexiest, and most lovely long. But this does not mean that these women are not talented-they are truly dedicated to their work in the fields. One way we dominated much of the fashion world, the entertainment industry, or whether the women to see women in the second or the other. It is an article of the top 10 most beautiful women in 2015. Hungarian, check list and enjoy yourself.

1. Regina Koncz

Regina Koncz has gained international fame as a popular Hungarian model. The well-known magazines like FHM, and has among others. He is also seen in the World Cup edition of the digital magazine in lingerie.

2. Orsolya Serdult

Another beauty queen, Orsolya Serdult has represented her country in the 2009 Miss World pageant. She is a top notch model, and beautiful television presenter of the era. She is a talented and hard-working beauty.

3. Vera Jordanova

Vera Jordanova is a successful model and actress of all time. She is not only famous for being beautiful and sexy, but also she has dedicated herself to give nicest performance in all of her movies and sitcoms.

4. Kata Dobo

Kata Dobó is a Hungarian actress. She is one of the highest paid and richest actresses of the country. She has given outstanding performance in the movies like A miniszter félrelép (1997), and Európa expressz (1999) etc.

5. Szilvia Freire

Yet a warm and beautiful Hungarian model Szilvia Freire. The actress, but is not only a famous television presenter and editor of a number of films. He owns a hot figure.

6. Zita Gorog

Görög Zita’s a wonderful, beautiful and charming Hungarian actress and model. He has long been the fashion and entertainment magazine cover model. Zita is one of the busiest times of the Hungarian women.

7. Ildiko Bona

Hungarian Ildiko receive a successful model. This woman has contracted with international advertising campaigns and fashion companies for modeling and acting projects. She is a busy woman in the country.

8. Jazmin Dammak

Jazmin Dammak a beautiful Hungarian model and international model. She has modeled for many major magazines. Jazmin is a young, extremely talented woman. Do you love this hottie?

9. Jennifer Kalo

And Jennifer Kalo, talented, successful and excellent hot, hot Hungarian model. He has been seen on various magazine covers. Jennifer has long been an ambassador of fashion and a lot of skincare brands.

10. Timea Babinyecz

Timea Babinyecz is a very talented actress of the era. The Hungarian beauty has long been the face of several fashion magazines 2010. Hungary won the title of Miss Universe Timea, signed many international and domestic brands.

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