The Top 10 Most Awaited Upcoming Superhero Movies

The Top 10 Most Awaited Upcoming Superhero Movies

Who does not like to watch movies where the costumes of superheroes to fight for perfection and justice with their supernatural abilities? We see when watching these films agility, reflex and powers are always mind-blowing. Every day a superhero movie breaks between heavy work schedule of life is always like a Nitrox supercharger our mind and spirit. 80 to 8, will each human being de rises careful guidance C Marvel Universe that is always waiting to hit movie theaters to cheer for their favorite superhero movies shout their favorite superheroes. When Lois Lane, presented by Margot Kidder, died in the arms of Superman in Superman movie in 1978 you did not cry? Search string attached, so here is a list of upcoming superhero movies most awaited. 
1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In the scene where the Hulk “Puny God” smashing, pumpkin Remember, he is almost numb, and the man with the funny chat Iron Man, Captain America in ancient costume? Most of them have yet to come up as the next “Avengers of: Ultron old,” is scheduled for release on May 1, 2015 in IMAX-3D. Walt Disney Studios is planned sequel to the motion pictures produced by Marvel Studios and distributed, this miracle “in Avengers” 2012. Script writer and director Joss Whedon already, with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo cast announced Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy RENNER, Samuel L. Jackson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and James Spader. It is the most awaited superhero movie filmed already in February, 2014 in Johannesburg, starting in South Africa, the film hit the big screen and will protect our land when the countdown.

In fact, Marvel Studios plans to release six dates in the future more Comic-Con, while Sony spider trying to release more films in the main movie franchise announced. Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros. And DC Entertainment have announced the release dates of their unannounced future projects in the next five years. So, fasten your seat belts and wait for friends in a beautiful, large screen display in 3D. “Phew!”
2. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Into a single movie to see two of the most popular super hero is a comic fan would die for. Man of Steel, DC 2013 result will be the second installment in cinema. 2013 San Diego Comic – Con in director Zack Snyder announced their next major project in which 25 in 3D, set to be released in 2016. Snyder with a story written by Chris Terrio script by himself and David S. Goyer, the film Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Jesse Eisenberg Superman as well as Batman and Ben Affleck as Henry Cavill Cast is called, Jeremy irons, and Holly Hunter also starring in the film. In March 2014, the costume designer Michael Wilkinson Design has revealed to her that the movie Dawn of Justice Batman and Wonder.
3. Wolverine 3.

When we think about a mutant with attitude “, Bub come to me”, with superhuman strength and healing power, indestructible Adamantium skeleton and long retractable claws that protrude from the back of his hands, about Logan think. That is the bad eyes, immortal mutant of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, all the while IGN’s Top 100 is placed in the ranking 4 on the comic book hero. In October 2013, announced the return of Hugh Jackman and Mangold for the third movie in 20th Century Fox’s Wolverine series. Writer David James Kelly, with producer Lauren Shuler Donner sequel to Wolverine will be inspired by the original comic book stories that affirm. March 20, 2014, the Fox sequel March 3, 2017 that will be issued.
4. X-Men: Apocalypse. 

“X-Men” and “Brotherhood” is already already fought several deadly battles in the X-Men film series. But waiting for this time to come, because, as understood from the war, will be the Apocalypse. X The man victory: First Class sequel: Currently the next major X-Men project day director Bryan Singer, with the past, Kinberg, Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty working on more of an X-Men is. May 27, 2016 was set to be released in the upcoming film of some of the original cast members Kinberg is where we will return to the Cyclops, Jean Grey, and you’ll see miniature version of the storm. But wait! What about prof- X or Magneto? Well, it is still unknown.
5. The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

To The Amazing Spiderman Spiderman, change the hero of our friendly neighbor remains the same. Director Marc website has already done some excellent work in the first two parts of the plan Wheelbarrow franchise films, which are first released. Amazing Spider-Man 2 After the success, Sony has announced two more sequels to follow, which is scheduled to release on June 10, respectively, 2016 and May 4, 2018. By Alex Kurtzman scripted and tightly knit with the development of the character of Steve Ditko, director Mark on the Bikes Andrew Garfield talks about playing the role of Spiderman with co-star Dane DeHaan Spider-Man 3.
6. Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Drax the sound VIN DIESEL for Groot, or mind rocket WWE Superstar Dave Bautista’s role as astonishing sound wave of a Bradley rear animals Cooper – yes, with all Galaxy Guardian 2014 is a must watch film. The first part of the film series has already been made on 1st August as the tenth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after the release of huge box office sensation in 2014. After collecting the $ 313 million worldwide across a huge, Marvel has announced the end of May 2014, Bob Iger to be July 28, 2017. The Walt Disney Company CEO “Galactic Guardian “announced his desire to create a franchise. Director James Gunn, who wrote the screenplay with Nicole Perlman for the first section, is now taking care of the future as the San Diego Comic-Con 2014.
7. Captain America 3.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” blockbuster, which look at Steve Roger American costume with Vibranium Shield are even more desperate than we can resist blow Mjolnir from Thor. The captain of the project name “Captain America: The Fallen Son” is to be taken and then released on 6 May 2016. We have already Chris Evans in Captain’s clothes to play Steve Rogers swift is set you can see Captain America: first Vengeance (2011), Avengers (of 2012), and Captain America: winter Soldier (2014). Directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, the plot is still hidden from the audience.
8. The Fantastic Four (Reboot).

The “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer so they can defeat the Silver Surfer and Galactus, the most powerful villains in the film”, he can beat anyone in the comic universe. With this mentality, director Josh Trank four astronauts property Marvel cosmic radiation exposure of the superpowers is centered around getting the reboot. On June 19, 2015 ready to be released, we can see them battling Doctor Doom. Reboot was announced by the first of August 2009. 20th Century Fox and Jeremy Slater served as screen was obtained and Akiva Goldsman was hired as a producer Matthew Vaughn. It was announced that Michael B. Jordan will throw Invisible Woman will play as the Human Torch, and hit where fairs Kate Taylor and Jamie Bell will play the role of Mr. Fantastic and the Thing.
9. Ant-Man.

Dr. Hank Pym aka Ant any person may also want to ignore. Which is a matter for him to rumble on an outstanding scientific whole, the great superhero invention that has permission to change the size of a technology freak and screens on July 17, 2015. Everyone anxiously wonders Do Pym support to defense which is already waiting your ant-Man film technology announces Scott Lang will also be there. Marvel Studios production credit goes where it will be distributed to the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Developing writer Edgar Wright Ant-Man, which begins in April 2006 with the Cornish and Adam make. Peyton Reed, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline is selected as the director with the casting line-up of Lily and Corey Stoll.
10. Sinister Six.

This famous group of supervillains in the DC universe is always worth waiting to be shown on the big screen. Managed by Dr. Octopus are ready to Spider-Man’s list of enemies, and then they enrich the group with the most powerful members “called themselves as unlucky Twelve”. Already shown as various comic episodes and play Sandy, Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, a team of Electro and Green Goblin, now they are ready to fight with Spiderman on the big screen. In December 2013, Sony’s next two films, The Amazing Spider-Man series, which consists of six ominous poison proudly announced.

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