The Top 10 Hottest South African Models in 2015

The Top 10 Hottest South African Models in 2015

We hope that South Africa must recognize that women are so wonderful that their attention is difficult. These women have been dominant film and fashion industries worldwide. We have the top 10 hottest models in 2015 focused on South Africa here.

1. Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton is originally from Zimbabwe. Born in the family of South Africa. She is a hot actress, and fashion model. The “Beloved” and “accident” are memorable character. She acted contrary to “Mission Impossible 2” and Tom Cruise Will Smith in “The Pursuit of” happiness.

2. Lorraine Van Wyk

Lorraine Van Wyk is from Sierra Leone, South Africa. He is a wonderful and beautiful model and actress. She is known for her sexy body and glowing eyes.

3. Nonhle Thema

Nonhle Thema is a well-known beauty of South Africa. Her mother, Cynthia, who won the title of Miss South Africa in 1972. Nonhle is a famous TV personality and stunning fashion model was a beauty queen.

4. Shane Van de Westhuizen

Shane is a young South African model is that many men magazines all over the world. I must say that he is an asset to South Africa’s fashion industry. Shane is excellent, warm and attractive.

5. Joelle Kayembe

Joelle Kayembe is a stunning black South African woman with graceful personality and incredible body. She rose to the spotlight at the age of 16 as a fashion model. Joelle is very charming and hot female.

6. Michelle Gildenhuys

2011 Michelle is a young South African woman to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant. He is known for excellent hot and large fashion houses of your ad campaigns. She is really beautiful.

7. Dominique Piek

Dominique Piek is a young and energetic model of South Africa. She is widely famous for her superb look and hot figure. She has shot for swimsuit editions of various brands.

8. Candice Boucher

Candice Boucher is a charming and magnificent South African woman. He is an excellent model and television personality. Candice is a hard-working woman who rose to the heights of success at a very young age.

9. Tammin Sursok

Tammin Sursok is a successful actress and model. He appeared on a popular Australian soap opera-house and off. He is famous for his advertising campaigns and fashion brands. Tammin is a beauty with brains.

10. Jenna Pietersen

Jenna Pietersen has edited an incredible warm South African model and TV. She is most known for her looks and body. He was beginning his career at 15 years old, and discovered by a fashion agents. Jenna rose to fame in the 17’s, and is one of the best model.

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