The Top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players 2015

The Top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players 2015

10. Amy Rodriguez

The last member of the hottest female football players. Amy Rodriguez plays for the Seattle Reign FC in an American soccer player currently National Women’s Football League and who is a member of the US women’s national soccer team. The first WPS Boston Breakers and Philadelphia Independence played for. He is in a position to have played most of the game and be fast. She “by her partner a stick” Soccer is by observers sometimes. He must be one of the hottest beauty, not to mention soccer.

9. Jonelle Filigno

22 years old Jonelle Filigno, Canadian football star. Jonelle Filigno 2012. Canada’s Olympic bronze medal winner of the Olympics and the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011. The best view I was part of the team, smart and beautiful soccer babe 9th of the hottest female football player Is .

8. Ali Krieger

Blaire of Alexandra Krieger, one of the most beautiful soccer player in the team. 28-year-old plays as a midfielder and defender Ali Krieger. She is currently playing for the US national women’s soccer league. This lovely 8th in our list of the top 10 hottest female football players in the world.

7. Nayeli Rangel

In the 7th most hot girl football player Nayeli Rangel’s Mexican star, who played as a midfielder for the national football team of Mexico. He also plays for Sky Blue FC in the National Women’s Football League. The very talented and sharp midfielder turning out to be one of the most famous female soccer players.

6. Selina Wagner

With the grace and beauty she appears on earth, it can be said that football is not very different from its convoluted ballet to dance as a soft player. The hotness even when you did a photo shoot with Playboy Magazine as a promotion for the tournament to believe others. He is 6th in the list of the hottest female football players.

5. Sydney Leroux

With the Canadian born, mixed nationality, Sydney Leroux for the eight countries represented. His mother’s father was Canadian and USA citizens. He made his professional football at the age of fifteen to the United States. He currently plays for Seattle Reign FC in the national football league. He also made his professional debut for Boston Breakers in the league’s inaugural season in 2013 NWSL.
The young beauty is # 5 in the top 10 hottest female soccer players in the world list. He has incredible appeal and sexy body.

4. Lauren Sesselmann

United States Lauren Sesselmann born Canadian citizen. Lauren Sesselmann plays for the Canadian national team and FC Kansas City. She was part of a Canadian football team who won the bronze medal. Using her fame and beauty, she sometimes molding. Lauren Sesselmann number 4 in the top 10 hottest female soccer players in the world list.

3. Hope Solo

Looking, beautiful, smart and beautiful Hope Solo. A goalkeeper of the national soccer team. Hope Solo is multi-talented TV star, he appeared in a TV series called Dancing with the Stars. He has also written a book. I hope I have 3 of the top 10 hottest female football player in our list of the world solo.

2. Kaylyn Kyle

Canadian star midfielder, who plays for Vancouver Whitecaps FC. He is # 2 in the top 10 in the world famous women’s soccer player list. Kaylyn Kyle player in women’s soccer team tried to avoid condolences after defeating Canada in 2012. He was defeated, which was given by the United States.
This is a very in Canada’s natural beauty and is not as popular as some of the American players, but he is still one of the hottest female football players in the world , Although.

1. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is a natural attraction in the body. Everyone would like to date. That beauty, hotness blend of soccer techniques. Alex Morgan # 1 in famous female football players in the list of the top 10 worldwide.
Alex Morgan is an American football player and Olympic gold medalist. He is a forward for the national women’s football league clubs Portland Thorns FC and US Women’s National Team. He was the youngest player on the US roster for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The 2012 break his record 123rd minute goal against Canada during the Olympics was the 20th game-winning goal in 2012 and running for a sixth and youngest American player to do so in a year. Morgan, finished 2012 with 28 goals and 21 assists for 20 goals and 20 assists in the same calendar year, joining Mia Walk Score as American women.

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