The Top 10 Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

The Top 10 Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

Actresses entertainment world is not dominated by the West. The eastern part of the famous personalities who not only because of his achievements, but also their beauty and hotness are worth mentioning, because of you. Among the thousands of Asian celebrities, here are the hottest list to the top ten of the Chinese model and actress. This beautiful Chinese actresses are both sexy and talented. This list Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi abroad with such famous Chinese actresses in the United States and Bianca Bai Tien Hsin include well-known Chinese actresses. This may be the actresses on the big screen or small screen. Nevertheless, they are all incredibly beautiful Chinese women.

1. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing deserves first place for the most beautiful Chinese woman in the world is. Indeed, he is believed to be an actress Gong Li is able to match the international film world and Zhang Ziyi’s achievements. After his impressive performance in the film Lost in Beijing, like Iron Man Fan Bingbing 3, were plotted to show continuously, and fresh great films of Hollywood as the X-Men series. In 2010, the newspaper Beijing News China 50 most beautiful women in the list of China placed first in the Fan Bingbing rate. Due to the situation on the red carpet, movie premieres and fashion shows media describe it as a fashion icon.

2. Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuqi is still very little known as Kitty Zhang. I was only 24 years old, Zhang Yuqi successfully gained a place among the elite in the Chinese entertainment industry and artists. Not only a beautiful, Zhang Yuqi very smart and extremely hot. He is acting, Zhang Elle starred in many films, only the 15-year-old from the start and appeared in other magazines. In June 2009 he was a “guest” in Montblanc Arts Patronage Award Ceremony.

3. Du Juan

Known as the Chinese Jennifer Du, Du Juan is a fashion model, actress and former ballet dancer. She has appeared on the world’s first International Chinese supermodel, Vogue has been introduced as the first Asian model on the cover of Paris, and more than any other model or celebrity cover of Vogue China 11 times. Meanwhile, the international fashion giants selected her as their spokeswoman World Title Louis Vuitton, the YSL Rive Gauche, Roberto Cavalli, including Gap and Swarovski. And by Du was one of the most famous models in the world in 2006.

4. Gaile Lok

Gaile Lok, a famous Hong Kong model, magazine cover girl and an actress. She was born in Macau to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother. Gaile studied in the United States. She made her film debut starring in the 2000 romantic film, “I Do”, and subsequently appeared in another film entitled “My Sweetie” in 2004.

5. Lynn Hung

Hung’s Lynn, founded in Hong Kong by mainland China fashion model and actress original. In the modeling scene in the famous Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China in Nanjing hung beautifully shaped breasts. He moved his base of modeling activities in Hong Kong in 2006 and was primarily started as runway work in the background, known as a top model, and 2009 is that in # 4 in 2008. All of the models had started her acting career in greater China, next to Hong Kong Gaile Lai (# 3), sugar Jennifer Doe (# 2), and Taiwan Lin Chi Ling (# 1)

6. Lin Chi-ling

Lin Chi Ling Taiwan is a model and actress. She is known for her gentle demeanor and physical beauty. Lin from Taiwan media members have been referred to as “the face of Taiwan”. They both China Airlines and Longines is an official spokesperson for 2006. Lin’s meteoric rise to fame of “Lin Chi-ling phenomenon” Taiwanese commentators and scholars to coin yet. They had numerous roles in television with his time as a model TVBS-G la mode as a news anchor, TVBS-G Fashion Track, Golden Melody Awards and the Top Chinese Music Chart Awards in 2005. Lead the actress played movies, “Red Cliff” and “treasure hunter.”

7. Chrissie Chau


Chrissie takes 7th spot CHAU most popular, famous Chinese model and actress list. The fact was born on 22 May 1985 in Hangzhou China. He is a Chinese actress and popular celebrity model in Hong Kong. To fame after the release of his albums with Chrissie Chau 2009 and 2010. Chrissie with Chrissie Chau 2009. horror movie Ghosts stomach with China Chau, started his career appeared in 20 productions in Hong Kong in Malaysia and Taiwan happens.

8. Tien Hsi


Born in Zhejiang province, Tien Hsin Asia Pamela Anderson, always be attentive men with her beauty and sexiness as described which is able to attract. Taiwan is already high figure of experience in the entertainment world. As an actress, she worked mostly as a pretty, seductive, sexy, and enchanting characters. The body is proportional measures. With a slim body, pretty amazing breast size, and has great experience as an artist, famous Chinese models in the world and it is impossible not to include it as one of the actresses.

9. Bianca Bai

Bianca Bai, one of the most respected female actress born in 1982 in East Asia. She graduated from high school was known as a Taiwan-born actress was already a famous model. He was a pretty remarkable model decided to move her career to become a film actress in the end. She was nominated in 2010 for best leading actress in a television series in the 45th Golden Bell Award for his role.

10. Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Ziyi sometimes credited as one of the most popular Chinese film actress and model. Chines media of Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei and with Zhou Xun, said one of the four Dan actresses in China’s film industry. The popularity of this beautiful Chinese actress is quite amazing. Not only that, it is said that Zhang Ziyi is a survey “on a number of No. 10 made by the most beautiful women” FHM in Asia. Her achievements as an actress is very very good. … He won seven international awards for his role in the Gray Tiger Hidden Dragon knees. In 2001, the sexiest woman in the world by Zhang Ziyi FHM Taiwan was named. An extremely talented actress, which is always at the same time, can look beautiful and sexy.

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