The Top 10 Greatest Rivalries in Sports History

The biggest rivalries in sports
History is full of athletes and sports teams rivalries over the generations, the neighbors in the back, a handful of neighbors against one another in the face. It is not because of conflicts, especially those legends are made, and the players write their name in celebration of a century’s worth of the sports book lore.To sports, all the top 10 sporting rivalries of all time for’re counting down our picks, and we only have a sport a bit rich selection in our list.

Top 10 Greatest Rivalries in Sports History

#1- Soccer- Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Rivalry
#2- Pakistan Vs India- Cricket Rivalry
#3- Nicklaus Vs Palmer- Golf Rivalry
#4- Coe Vs Ovett- Running Rivalry
#5- New Zealand Vs Australia- Rugby Rivalry
#6- Canadiens Vs Bruins- Hockey Rivalry
#7- Andretti Vs Foyt- Indy Car Rivalry
#8- Ali Vs Frazier- Boxing Rivalry
#9- Martina Navratilova Vs Chris Evert- Tennis Rivalry
#10- Duke Vs North Carolina- College Basketball Rivalry


#10- Duke Vs North Carolina- College Basketball Rivalry

As far as college basketball is football, anything is not to hype the match between North Carolina and Duke. Two campuses are eight miles apart, and both teams are favorites in ACC games. Sometimes crowned champion title in matches against other teams almost always disappointing their fans, the two teams.

#9- Martina Navratilova Vs Chris Evert- Tennis Rivalry


Tennis conflicts almost always happen to be a modest affair, the Chris Evert said (right) and Martina Navratilova (left). Fight back against the pair was given the title of the times, six tournament together, dominated women’s tennis scene through the 70s and 80s. Martina Navratilova Cleary was on edge as they Evert won 10 out of 14 Grand Slam finals with a score of 43-37 in head-to-head meetings.

#8- Ali Vs Frazier- Boxing Rivalry

Some people enjoyed during which Mohammad Ali his career (perhaps only eclipsed by the likes of Michael Jackson), two times more than the one before being pitted against the will of the World Heavyweight Championship crown has put that Frazier because global impact. The hostility was written down at the start of sports folklore between Frazier, Ali’s egotistic nature are recognized as a talented player, Frazier will never and I will always insulting her during the war, on the other hand, Frazier recoil can not be convinced. She had three face each other, 1971, 1974, and 1975, Ali, Frazier was put to the champion’s crown as badly was hurt and refusing to help his team compete in the final round done. After Frazier’s death, Ali, Frazier came out and was always respectful and always made a statement that they will appreciate it.

#7- Andretti Vs Foyt- Indy Car Rivalry

While this rivalry spanned the better part of two decades and led to
numerous sensational stories in the media, Mario Andretti (pictured) and
A.J. Foyt had nothing but respect for each other. Both of them were
noted for exhibiting fair play, and together they competed in the 24
Hours of Daytona, Indy 500, and the Daytona 500 all through the 60s and
70s, and both won on numerous occasions. They both even retired at
almost the same time too (1993, 94).

#6- Canadiens Vs Bruins- Hockey Rivalry

The Bruins and Canadiens have a history of facing each other more times
than any other teams in the NHL. The rivalry between the two has been
known for going to such extremes that even the Boston Police were forced
to interfere and break up the chaos that issued during a match in 1955;
they very nearly arrested all the Canadien players too, but the Bruins
management intervened and chose not to press charges. The media is sure
to have a field day whenever there is a match between these two, only
recently a goalie fight led to over 187 minutes worth in penalties, and
the captain of Bruins slammed an offending player into the player’s
bench, leading to a near riot on the rink.

#5- New Zealand Vs Australia- Rugby Rivalry

In a rugby stadium after the same formula to the rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid, Australia and New Zealand is second to none. The very first Rugby World Cup (held in 1987) between New Zealand and Australia. The fact is that both countries have the same culture that would put down on the field, and both teams are ranked high in the world rankings (the No.1 and No.2); 99 and peace, winning 93 matches as teams are matched up perfectly.

#4- Coe Vs Ovett- Running Rivalry

Olympic rivalries don’t come any greater than that between Sebastian Coe
(front) and Steve Ovett (center) during running competitions. While
they took home a combined of over seven Olympic gold medals during the
1980 and 1984 games, they were bitter rivals. They had been trading
World Record Titles ever since 1979-1985; a whopping five times. Steve
Ovett’s record time in the two mile record is still yet to be beaten.

#3- Nicklaus Vs Palmer- Golf Rivalry

The 60s which was the most memorable battle between Arnie Palmer and Jack Nicklaus golf rivalries, can be regarded as a decade. Competition pair, sports like golf has been credited with a family for the first time, even though it may be due to the fact that consumers early 60s saw widespread availability of cheap TV sets. Whatever the reason, Palmer and Nicklaus played really unforgettable duel of a joint 25 major championships and the 1962 US Open.

#2- Pakistan Vs India- Cricket Rivalry

Pakistan vs India is said is always a way for those concerned, the mutual hostility between the two countries is so great clubs, it became a nation in a qualifying match for the end. Three major wars during the World Cup, and after working against each other eight times, a Pakistan-India match viewership in excess of 1 billion. But overall, as more Pakistanis will regret to admit, have been dominant so far by India during the World Cup.

#1- Soccer- Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Rivalry

If ever there was a rivalry of “competition culture”, it will be. The fact that Spain (Real Madrid) is fueled by the chief challenges in the autonomous region of Catalunya (Barcelona) and even more fierce rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Barcelona aim to always have a place in their own history and identity in an attempt to score Madrid and so on. Both teams are comprised of world-class talent and enthusiasm to the fact that all the more fun to watch their matches.

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