The Top 10 Clowns That Could Be Your Nightmare

The Top 10 Clowns That Could Be Your Nightmare

North Carolina, has left people shaken like Clown in South Carolina and Ohio State. However, clowns, children and elders alike are known for fun, weird thing about them is still there. No one knows who is actually behind the smile. Nothing, literally nothing to show that anyone can be your identity. The “Police Story”, reminds me of a famous Jackie Chan action crime thriller. People afraid of clowns still very bad person to us. Below are a few reasons clowns can fuel your dreams!

1. Otherworldly Clowns

Clowns are acts that pose and the next can show things. Things are out of their arms, they can produce flower stalks can fit 20 people Squirt water or a small car. They do it for fun, it is usually taken as something unnatural supernatural by spectators. It usually restless people, that, while many of the “claurophobia” We react to what is said earlier, more aggressive state. Even in a clown image ‘see’ the American psychologists in acute anxiety and confusion in their patients-. If you’ve experienced since I came across a clown at a birthday party you heard or read anything bad about it- you can be a nightmare.

2. Masked Men

The clowns are supposed to laugh, people associate them with the most negative. About whom are printed with a paint or mask the true expression is something inherently negative. That is not an excuse for Batman or people feel, yet, that stupid man does not know what makes people uncomfortable. Recently, there have been four in Greensville with a clown like a clown, near the forest, as allegedly tried to “lure children into the forest. People have seen the report said one day that he had seen a clown “30 children” to him. Sheriff needs to stop “clowning when a statement,” He was not smile-.

3. John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Let’s just move on to real life for once in this list, off-screen portrayal of clowns, and discuss the issue of Gacy. The Pogo the clown, they parade and fundraisers, parties, itself appeared as a character invented. Pogo is at least 33 boys and young men out to kill. He buried the dead in their home as reported by The New York Times greed and crime in her home for 29. It was within the six-year period 1972-1978 happened. According to media psychology today gave his name as “killer clown”. He said 33 people convicted of murder and executed in May 1994.

4. Killjoy

A film series that continued for almost two decades, Killjoy, made use of a clown to enact vengeance on the enemies of the summoners. Little did they know that the clown had an agenda of its own and liked to kill for the joy of it- as the name implies. Though not very ugly looking, the blatantly colored clown maintains an impressive record of killing people with both traditional as well as supernatural methods.

5. Coulrophobia

Out of the large list of existing phobias, Coulrophobia is quite interesting since it is the “fear of clowns”. The characters that emerge in the film industry every few years only add to this phobia since many filmmakers resort to using the clown as something bad and malicious. Clowns of America International is the largest clown club in the country and its President had to make a statement regarding Twisty- a horribly loathsome character in American Horror Story 2014-2015. It is actually a dilapidated version of a clown that appeared in the 18th Century in Paris, Pierrot. The portrayal was so disturbing to professional clowns that he said that they “do not support, nor are associated with Twisty in anyway.”

6. Inside Out

As Joy takes a tour down Riley’s brain in the animated film “Inside Out”, she finds a hyperbolic version of a clown in the place where the darkest fears are stored. The clown called Jangles scared Riley on her 3rd birthday because of its size, its uncomfortably loud laugh and blue hair. If this wasn’t enough, Disney/Pixar took it to another level by letting the clown swing a mallet around. Even as we near the end of 2016, clowns continue to scare kids just like in 1988 or before.

7. Clowns from outer space

In 1988, we saw Killer Klowns space. Obviously, he not only did not achieve the goal of clowns there is a problem with the spelling-. Clowns children tend to scare them away rather than entertainment. Clowns jeopardize their clowns, faces from outer space like an age-old growth, and the like candy. The disguised themselves as clowns looking for the abominable and a murderous spree very dangerous for a small town. Before I landed like clowns, they can use all the dirty work like the balloons, cream pies and extendable arms. This is the facade of the scarier. Who thought that could be used to cause the death of a balloon?

8. Stephen King’s Novel

Stephen King wrote a famous novel about a clown that kidnapped kids and took them into the sewers. They were never seen again which implied that the clown killed them. With a story like that on the bedside table, not only will parents dream of clowns- they would also shun away any demands of a clown presenting toys on their kid’s birthday. He created a famous clown character Pennywise in 1986 which was quite terrifying. A fringe of red hair, stained teeth and a bulbous nose made Pennywise a perfect qualification of something gruesome rather than likeable. When asked about the character King said that he created Pennywise because “kids love clowns but also fear them.”

This takes the confusion of these poor little souls, overwhelmed with the world already, to a whole new level.

9. The Joker from Batman

A vicious and crazy Joker, Batman’s enemy, first published in 1940 in the comedy. Some people do not spit toxic acid delivery balloons, etc. through the use of props from the clown and the clown to the mostly- than the carols. how was that she actually buy “kissed” Batman some time to for it. Those lips freaked me out as a kid.

10. Depressed characters

During the early years of motion pictures, clowns, who was seen as a sad and hurt more data than anyone can make others laugh. It usually bright yellows and polka dots against us now in view, dark clothes and carried an ominous aura about them. Tattoos, photo 1928 “Laugh, Clown, Laugh” I was a clown, a sad and tragic character that appeared. For her love was not returned with the same passion and death of his adopted daughter fall for this reason. It has all but ended any sensitive films parent or child to bed thinking about it and then let it scare you at night.

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