The Top 10 Best Beyonce Perfumes

The Top 10 Best Beyonce Perfumes

List of Best Beyonce Perfumes:

Start with the nine other fragrances was released back into heat, which Beyonce, began a collaboration with Coty Beauty to release its own line of perfume. So, here they are only the top 10 are the best perfumes Buenos currently available, and what you have on your preference and taste appropriate. nba jam apk

1. Beyonce Rise

The rise, which was released in February this year the latest fragrance, Beyonce. The scent of increasing the number of women, “women empowerment,” which implies that there is something that represents Beyonce. Unlike previous Beyonce fragrance, a more intimate and natural aroma. Creating this fragrance is exalted, luminous and drug addiction florally.

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2. Beyonce Heat Rush

Heat was released back in February 2011 to serve as the successor to the original fragrance Heat Rush Beyonce. Unlike temperature, more focused on beauty than on the sexiness of fragrance notes. This fragrance, fresh, less serious and more youthful. Nevertheless, its fragrance is excited to open the note, bloomin floral aromas in the heart and overheat base.

3. Beyonce Midnight Heat

Midnight Heat, which was released back in 2012. One of the sex when worn fragrances, most of Beyonce, who is expected to fill the air with passion and enthusiasm, a lot of excitement Gray brings such passion Is. On those berries and star fruit open notes, such as which is the orchid, patchouli and warm since the floral scents, as those of amber, very fruity.

4. Beyonce Heat

Heat Beyonce’s perfume before it was released back in February 2010. The red color Beyonce is therefore liquid fire, which was chosen in an antique glass flacon. Buenos always fiery and sexy scent as the perfume as is. These are some peach and orchid perfume top notes.

5. Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir

The Oriental Vanilla fragrance by Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir was named and was released back in 2010 for women. Amber, cedar, osmanthus, red vanilla orchid, Aromas of tonka bean and vanilla in this scent.

6. Beyonce Heat (Mrs. Carter Limited Edition)

This Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Limited Edition of Beyonce’s original Heat is an equally floral and fruit fragrance for women. This fragrance was released back in 2013. At the very top, there are notes of Acai berry, mangosteen and pink pepper, in the middle there are notes of jasmine and orchid, and finally at the base there are notes of madagascar vanilla and vetiver.

7. Beyonce Pulse NYC

As its name suggests, this perfume was released last year in 2013 as a visual nod to New York City. The fragrance may be just “red velvet cupcakes,” which like the fine aromas of creamy vanilla filling similar to those of one of the most popular desserts in New York. The fragrance even while still smells like a gourmet dessert, flowers are delicate and passionate fruit aromas.

8. Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition

This new version of the original fragrance, Beyonce Pulse, was released the name suggests, especially for the summer. Along with the definition of the original pulse, her scent, fresh, optimistic, playful aroma of warm, sunny weather enthusiasm. With the creation of this fragrance because the notes were sparklingly fresh and very creamy base, both floral and fruity.

9. Beyonce Pulse

Plus the fragrance, orchid September 2011. For Beyonce’s favorite flower, and it was introduced back in this perfume is dedicated to very citrusy and floral aroma, so. Buenos like the composition of this fragrance is very energetic when he is on stage. Blue perfume is a reflection of ourselves, and it is a mistake to think of it as the bottle upside down.

10. Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid 3.4 oz

Beyonce Heat fragrance was first launched back in 2010, and since then has released several different versions. The latest release, came out in a great, feminine energy released in summer 2014 as mouth watering and appealing, this heat is Wild Orchid fragrance. The fragrance is a fruity opening and floral scents in her heart, a sensual fragrance.
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