The Top 10 All Time Favorite Female Indian Models

The Top 10 All Time Favorite Female Indian Models

A model known for her sexy look, super cool personality and modeling skills. Designers, talented hard working and giving priority to women that are beautiful. Every girl wants to be a model, but this model is not possible for all of them because it has specific features to make recognized the world over. Here are the top 10 all-time favorite female Indian model.

1. Sheetal Menon:

Sheetal is a daughter of Mr. Meron the military. He was born in 1988 and began his career as a classical dancer. Soon the cold got the opportunity to appear as a model and she perused modeling as her career by 2004.

2.  Shefali Talwar:

Shefali Talwar are modeling career for more than seven years. They have mastered with an unusual model, television star and the female professionals. Shefali also appeared in the popular Zee TV show for more than 150 episodes.

3.  Shivangi Parikh:

Shivangi Parikh was the winner of Miss India. He also won the Femina Miss India-Asia 1999. Shivangi was a eautiful and professional models. For they loved the freedom he has been away from his parents at a young age.

4. Ujjwala Raut:

Ujjwala is a 5′ 10” high female of India. She won Femina Miss India award in 1996. She was born in june, 1978 and completed her college education at GokhalaCollege, Borivali. Ujjwala is known for her beautiful personality and had been a gold flake beauty of her time.

5. Sara Corner:

Sarah Corner 2001 Femina Miss India beauty pageant world. He was born in Kolkata and completed his studies in Bangalore. Sarah soon moved to Mumbai and began her modeling career. They have different shows with success as a beautiful girl and show stopper.

6. Sandali Sinha:

Sandali Sinha had been a wonderful model. She is cool and cute female of India. Talking about her personal life, Sandali lost her papa at the very early age of her life. She was to become a doctor but couldn’t, so she entered into the modeling industry. Sandali has also worked in a number of music videos like Deewana.

7. Nayonika Chatterjee:

Black hair beauty queen was born in October and is one of the most favorite beauty every time. Nayonika like Rohit Bal, Rohit Khosla, Tarun Tahiliani, Shahab Durazi and Hemant Trevedi wore dresses of various fashion designers. They are known for warm and elegant white.

8. Tapur-Tupur Chatterjee:

Tapur-Tapur twin sisters, born in April, 1980. They are wonderful Bengali beauty and fashion of the time. He has appeared in various commercials and received a lot of awards in his career. Twelve minutes pitter-patter of the twin sisters had been a brilliant ad campaign.

9. Aditi Govitrikar:

5 ‘7 “high female beauty that won the award in 2001. Mrs. India is not only the women but also a model of the most dedicated actors and a band. Aditi her glamorous looks and well-versed known to have skill.

10. Shonali Rosario:

Born in Bangalore Shonali 1977. She is an amazing girl model and India’s most stylish beauty. She got the award of Femina Miss India in 1996 and received various other awards as well. She is a successful model and interior designer of the era.

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