The 15 Star-Entertainers with Simple Lives

The 15 Star-Entertainers with Simple Lives

We have known personalities think, believing that we do get about them stacked in banks shedloads of money, and luxury homes, fancy cars, dose of fashion accessories take pride, and sometimes filled with a carefree lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. But, you know, there are some exceptions. For example, Warren BUFFET, real Wall Street Wolf with a net worth of $ 63 billion, rather than the latest technology or assets, spends a large portion of their income to charities? Did you know that the first family of the United States, the US, who have the power and support to live with Michelle’s mother? Common stars in the entertainment business, they are particularly generous with how spending on luxury goods, and the heedless, hedonistic life. However, some amusement are having a rather different approach to life magicians. Let’s look at some of the biggest star entertainers with our simple life.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Although they are usually a bright person, when it comes to women, especially when considered as Leonardo fortune of about $ 200 million, a self-made waste. Unlike his co-workers, he owns neither a jet nor a host of cars. Although the most expensive buy Belize a $ 2.5 million Turks close, she as an actor, he can get enough kids to do something good for someone and the environment, so that they says he wants to save money.

2. Robert Pattinson

The handsome actor, who has carved himself quite a niche with not just his acting but his wise words off-screen, has quite a simple lifestyle. He calls himself homeless, since his parents have recently started living in his LA house. He has chosen for himself a simple life without too many material possessions. In fact, at a time of gadgets and gizmos, the thing that Rob has recently decided to splurge in in recent years is a guitar, as he claims he can do without items of comfort or luxury.

3. Taylor Lautner

With a regular, down to earth attitude, he is still a boy next door as much as he had before becoming a star. He himself has successfully become a wild child with drug or alcohol problems. In fact, he returned to his simple life shoots, and helps around the house with chores like lawn mowing.

4. Emma Watson

When many women in the field of glitz and glamour go astray, Emma Watson has grown up into an opinionated, informed and confident lady. She got fame at the tender age of 11 as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga. But, she never lost her sanity in the face of fame. What she earned from the movies was saved by her, only to be used to go back to school and get herself an education. She is one proud girl who funded her own education at Brown University and Oxford University.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar-winning actress is not only exciting and fun, but thinks it can get lonely living in a huge mansion by land and from the bottom. Therefore, he lives with his parents in his condo. It is not too much to turn down meat after the character’s life, and not the lifestyle inflation. He has no personal assistant or purchase to purchase it, and he does not hesitate to clip coupons for your family.

6. Rafael Nadal

Nadal is ranked among the top tennis players in the world. Olympic gold medalist from Spain and is famous for his two-handed backhands. But, instead of the humble way in which other than his signature bandana, she does hardly anything to show for his image as a sports celebrity. In fact, in the rest of the 24-year-old Manacor, Mallorca lives with his parents, and family attraction.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

The well-being of a family on welfare since grown, Sarah, is now being an actress, model, taped by fear of the singer and producer losing and breaking the 90 million $ worth of all assets. She raises them in a way that they are not entitled to child benefit of a famous parent. Although she has three holiday homes in the Hamptons, she does not hesitate to hand-me-downs to dress up her children even though they have their own fashion line.

8. Zooey Deschanel

DOE-eyed actress and singer-songwriter, the only thing he likes a net worth of $ 35 million is spent on clothing, but. But, in addition, are often the bank accounts of its assets. In addition, every month, she spends 6.6 percent of charities that amount, and a large portion is invested in the stock market. All in all, just about a quarter of its revenue. Celebrities are the quality, the stuff is very easy and therefore, it is easy to manage, set an example of such coffee.

9. Dave Grohl

This makes it a point to take the material for the famous former band, Nirvana worldwide, and is worth a FOO Fighters drummer member, Dave Grohl 225 $ million, but they give. The highest costs, as has been done for their large home in Los Angeles with a built-in studio, but, as far as he wants to go. He said as he wants to be cautious with anything that is not to be abused, not to a particular school diploma because they rely on.

10. Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland, the drummer from the music band, Police, with a net worth of $80 million, believes in minimalism. As a youth, he was known to have pursued wealth vigorously, but, as the years passed by, he has learnt to dissociate true happiness from material possessions. He now lives a simple existence. He is happy with a single house and a Jeep Cherokee. He prefers Casio to Swiss watches. He finds his joy in a hassle-free life and healthy relationships with his wife and children.

11. Tyra Banks

Renowned supermodel, TV host and producer, Tyra Banks, can afford just about anything. Yet, she is quite frugal when it comes to buying stuff. She wears simple clothes instead of designer wear, and dresses with items from her modest closet with no personal stylist to guide her. She uses a paper notebook instead of a Blackberry or iPhone. Her tales of managing her finances are sometimes funny, but, she can’t be judged for being prudent with the money she works hard to earn.

12. Jay Leno

We work hard as a young Tonight Show, he has inspired courage in saving the Jay Leno careful about their income. He spends what he earns from his stand-up comedy show. In 2004, he claimed that it was the most popular show untouched even a penny of his salary. He is frugal with continuity from his early life, he says that he has learned to be more efficient. This attitude has helped not spend in vain.

13. Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf San Diego Chargers Quarterback of the working retired American football player, he’s got to handle this situation so much, fell into the drug trap till himself quite a reputation and gained popularity. His family, who started to live with the much-needed support. Now he is selling vacation packages for a Canadian resort company, lives a simple life. He lives with his parents at their home in Great Falls in Montana.

14. Dev Patel

Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire in a normal face, the British actor of Indian origin international reputation for their time, and then. But, according to him, What is troubling is continuously monitored from the ground and his mother. Boy with smile who lives with her parents in the original. In fact, they are often engaged in fights with my sister who is a layman. He and his family must be credited to the simple lifestyle does not take seriously its reputation.

15. Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel may be only 16, and was gold medalist in archery at the Youth Olympics, but he seems to have gained much wisdom in this age. Unlike other youth sports and recreation, he does not dream of a big, showy life. He is happy to have made your country proud and the Olympics, wants to perform well in 2016, and then wanted a simple life. Unlike many young people entering the sportsters show biz, she wants to pursue culinary arts.

There is a lot of money, unfortunately, may face some sense, luxury goods, but “some people are so poor, all they have money.” However, there is no difference in their lives. Love, simplicity, peace, honesty: There are many things that are real money. Some stars, Shailene Woodley, Ellen DeGeneres, Sarah realized that Michelle is like Geller, etc., and they are nutritious and simple life with his family to devote himself to the world of wellness.

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