The 10 Weird Laws From Around The Planet

The 10 Weird Laws From Around The Planet

We are all for the smooth functioning of any system, that laws are needed. But there have been only very literary take these words and make laws that do not mean anything. Some rules we love and what we hate, which some are. But some rules are simply left us confused present. Such as if you feel we have some strange laws around the world is the only prison or they just need a reason to put people behind bars, that is put to them. We have incredible technological advances and innovative facilities and we ourselves find it hard to imagine a time where they advanced intelligent beings, there are rules. They have to just laugh angry and sad, all at the same time. Here is a list of 10 odd laws across the planet.

1. Don’t Change The Bulb

Victoria, Australia, unless it is illegal for a licensed electrician to change a light bulb. Because you do not want to risk getting electrocuted and threatened with the same disturbing the law, better be careful. So, you can either call a professional power yourself or obtain a license for the same.

P.S – a satirical suggestions in this list. We have tremendous go by the rules, then we might as well stop living our life and death. You may like. 10 strange stories of chewing gum.

2. Don’t Forget Wife’s Birthday

In Samoa it is illegal to forget his wife’s birthday. Therefore, people who have a wife in Samoa, hat Notepad to disturb the law and your wife, because you forgot to note my wife’s birthday or note in your smartphone with you at the same time I use the birthday of your wife. Here are 10 of the most cruel wife.

3. Don’t Sing While The Sun Is Down

In Honolulu, Hawaii it is illegal to sing loudly after sunset. So, all those singers out there, if you are thinking of practising your vocal chords in the evening while enjoying the cool breeze, then be alert, because if you do so, you would be very near to breaking of the place’s law.


4. No Farting on Thursday

In Florida, after 6PM on a Thursday to fart in a public place is illegal. Unable unable to Thursday fart fart or after 6 pm – what is interesting is the fact that people do not understand the most striking part of the law. So, if you are in the Florida 6PM Thursday, is a strong digestive system better. You may also like 10 annoying habits should be avoided in public.

5. No Dirty Talk

In Oregon, talking dirty while having sex is illegal. Even though they don’t really specify what qualifies as dirty talk. What is interesting is the fact, who keeps record of the fact whether this is actually taking place unless there is a totalitarian government who puts a surveillance camera into the houses of people.

6. No Moustache Kiss

In Iowa, it is illegal for a man with a moustache to kiss a woman in public. So, if you want to kiss the women of your love in Iowa, you either shave off your moustache or do it in your home. Else, get ready to break a law and enrolling yourself as a criminal felon.

7. No Driving for Women

Believe it or not, in Saudi Arabia for a woman to drive a car, it is illegal. He is like driving leads to pregnancy problems for women to follow the law of gender discrimination factors, he said. In 1957, the ban on Saudi women driving. 1990 drove their cars in protest against the ban on dozens of women driving in Riyadh. He was imprisoned for a confiscated their passports, and they have lost their jobs some of them.

8. No Atheists in Public Offices

In seven U.S. states, according to their constitutions, atheists are barred from holding public office. Yes, so you better start believing in God if you want your spot in the public office.


9. Leave Your Bible

Nearby beaches beside the sea or right in your home to read my Bible are thinking of taking this wonderful park, then get ready to violate the law. Maldives, in the house to leave your Bible and need not bring out the law. Therefore, one has only to quench their thirst for religious and spiritual love and soul into their home.

10. Don’t Feed Pigeons

San Francisco, feeding pigeons limited people on the street that there is a law. If he tries to do is to break the law and that legal action may be taken against them. If you think you will spend your day by feeding the pigeons, so it seems. Therefore, you should leave your bird may love at home while in San Francisco.

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