The 10 Upcoming Smartphones in India 2017

The 10 Upcoming Smartphones in India 2017

The various features and price range of stunning lead-based company Mobile to launch new editions every year that will add a surprise element of your choice. More advanced features and the desire for a new phone with stunning looks, we have combined a range of various models of new models in their companies based on rumors and news the way they created a lot of buzzes last year, want to capture most of the marketing for years. We are based on the sink in the top 10 available models combined, the list of models with the company’s performance for the past year and new models in the range to be launched in smartphones of the year.

Just enjoy watching the best choice for the new year to be launched mobiles for 2017, highlighting the latest available option and buy it as soon as it is launched.

1. Apple iPhone 8


Apple recently that the revolution in the new generation of the iPhone 7 phones, this year will be the 10th anniversary of Apple and therefore, the apple may look forward to Apple on iPhone 8 with a home button or bezels What. Full working mode base will depend on Apple A10 or A11 chipset with dual camera and fingerprint sensor.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8


Galaxy Note 7 models burst to get rid of the problem is planning to start the Snapdragon 835 SOC Galaxy S8 with the company’s past losses, creating too many trolls Samsung. The proposals call information leaked about the model 4K display, will be marked with powerful Mali- G71 GPU display for immersive VR experience. For the phone’s RAM 6GB, 64GB or 128GB device will be internal storage.

3. Xiomi Mi 6


Xiomi is not only one of the best selling models in China, but the company has already topped the best available mobile brands in India. With the affordable price range, the quality of the company’s biggest asset handsets available to consumers, MI6 would have to buy the same model. Some of the phone’s specification includes a 5000mAh battery, QHD 2K Super AMOLED display, 4G voLTE network support 5 and Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

4. HTC 11


Models as issued by HTC-year model was not received by the customer with 10 and now HTC new model looks for HTC 11 and the model will be a stereo BoomSound inclusion charming non-speakers will look stunning with exceptional features, 4/6 gB RAM, 8-megapixel rear and dual cameras.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Create a new milestone for Samsung Note series and note 8. The Company will comply with the new model to be called as the Samsung Note 7 4GB RAM and trusted news 6GB will be the flagship variant with the same name soon. Rated the best specification note that some of the estimated 8 5 Corning Gorilla Glass protection, IP68 ratings dust resistance, water resistance and will. With the phone battery fast charging feature will be powered by battery 4000MAH.

6. OnePlus 4


As tags are advanced with the start of the fabulous phones, OnePlus 3, OnePlus top phones on the market as one of the best selling phones in 2016. To maintain consumer likability years I soon OnePlus 4. the phone features some of the top-rated 5-inch full HD display, quad-core 64-bit snapdragon processor and Adreno 835 with better than a buzz and former producer of the new improved model will be available to be called as 530 GPU.

7. Oppo Find 9


Go there will be 9 Search 6 gB RAM, 5-inch 2K display, fingerprint sensor, support for fast charging, and inbuilt memory of 64GB.

8. Sony Xperia Z6


Z6 model of Qualcomm 821 chipset, Octa-core processor will be launched as 3GHZ will continue for years with famous flagship Z series Sony Xperia models. Screen display technology is based on 2-inch IPS display, Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This will be achieved with 32 GB of internal storage options with all the characteristics of fast battery charging options.

9. Microsoft Surface Smartphone


Phones based on the Microsoft Surface smartphone called as the work is one of the best features. Features and model details were leaked online some 4GB RAM of the features of online and phone, say 64 / 128GB internal storage, Windows 10-based pure link Zeiss 6 lenses and rear 21MP with 8 MP front camera to work with the camera.

10. LG G6


LG with a good range to be the last variant of the G5 started but the model modular design and the option to play again gambling with LG G6 models start to the first half of the year with affordable, Buzz for LG the price for the phone creates a very range.Top rated specification includes 4/6 gB RAM, 16 MP dual camera, 4000mAh battery and Android Nutella in n.

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