The 10 Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

The 10 Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

Such as child free arguments are often scorned as’ selfish ‘reasons’ If you do not have your own children, you will have more time and money. Although, in fact, does not exist or can not be selfish. The children do not really exist somewhere, waiting to be born. Still, the children that you can use to defend your decision not to bring any more people in the world are not a completely unselfish reasons. Which is of no direct benefit to you, but I have to be considered as an unselfish purpose of any.
1. You don’t know if life is best for your children:

Advanced science conceived before 80% Imagine a child invented a machine that can predict the future with accuracy to predict the future. Parents always consult scientists with their machines before they have children. You will find that the machine has kidnapped your daughter when it predicted that the rape of a useless side for ten years is a little girl and will be subjected to torture and inhuman and do anything you can, but then it will be closed when not pregnant I would suggest you do this, did you? If the machine is profound disabilities, accidents or other suffering- prophecy almost any moral person would choose not to conceive a child. You can not decide whether or not it will cause your child’s long-suffering and premature death is going to deal with some painful illness. These things happen to people every day. It is not intelligent to assume that things will not ever have children. But if your baby is born, it will not suffer. The only way to make sure your child never suffers his / her relationship.
2. There are more than enough people already:

Imagine a crowded room full of people do. As it can be freezing out anyone. For all is not hardly eat. Yet figured out a way to make food available to everyone else. Some are starving. The growing pile of trash on the floor and we’re trying to get rid of it somehow. All of these issues have provoked a few fights here and there. Everyone will press a button which appear in another room. Inside the room, but the space does not increase ever. Most people are pressing the buttons and more people fill the room. New people everything that they say could be the solution. But also for a long time, better than new ones. You just decided to drop the button. Because you know that there is not enough already that every new person would need to eat elsewhere. Are you afraid that the new person starts fights to bring those that can be converted into a. Ways that your food you can eat and help others. Someone suggests that we stop pressing the button for a while. But nobody listens. This analogy describes the land and its inhabitants.

3. The Planet is dying:

Massive deforestation and pollution due to the expiration of many plant and animal species, and has been plagued by several threats. Each new baby will ultimately increase a person that will increase their impact on the environment. Population is an undeniable connection between the increase in global warming. For every child because of the pollution is not needed unless you have a non-contact tribes living in the Amazon jungle people living in perfect harmony with nature. The use of plastic and drive cars.
4. There are several orphans needing care:

His parents are the many millions of children without both live and no one to care for them. It is irrational to cause more children in a world with many children suffering from lack of proper care. It is likely that a child of the person is going to adopt any of these orphans, though, the orphans care that corporations, who went into care, otherwise the money, which can contribute a considerable amount of abundant income as their own children.
5. Less lives will be dependent on you – You will be more expendable:

Becomes more valuable as a man’s life depends on increasing the number of lives. Although morally dubious, most people will choose two young children and an unemployed man with a sick wife during a Bachelor of the same age. It is very common in movies. A police officer or soldier dies everyone how young your children and talking about how he has been denied a father. On living people, choosing the child stay free when a low impact, there will be both emotional and economic dead. Boat of any life situation with children are more likely to be selected for you some. How unselfish is not it? Your life is less valuable altruistic where to put yourself in this position.
6. More medical attention for other patients:

If you decide not to have children, you will have to use less health facilities. Pregnant women and sick children include a sufficient percentage of all those who visit the hospitals. If you decide not to have children, their nurses, will be free to use other sick people to hospital beds and other medical equipment. I mean like cancer nurses will be free to attend to other patients with other diseases.
7. Reduces competition for other’s children:

If you decide to have a child, a little child for children to compete with other people. Imagine a small town with only two families, and every family has a child, all the same age. There are twenty children who have to compete against each other at school. If you choose out of five breeding families, will find for their children are fifteen, things get easier. Twenty years later, children must all audits for a job, the job will increase in each of their chances to win when your child is not there in the interview. Especially when you choose not to have children was very careful, careful to ensure your child and it was a tough competition to other children. Couples with children should actually be grateful to the child free couples to make life easier for these children.
8. Consent cannot be sought:

It is generally agreed that moral principles, except if they must obtain the consent of a person before something is good for them. There is no way one can know whether they will want to stay here. Most people seem content with their lives because we assume the man who would become our child, actually want to do, or want to live. Which is not always true. Many people try to kill themselves or do. Many people in this world, like myself, it is true that we are not born. Your child may be one of us and therefore create a new human life is morally dubious.
9. You won’t contribute to any more violence:

When Hitler’s mother read this article and not a lot of innocent people tortured and even its name does not belong deiced were not presented in this article. Kids, adults sometimes, faster, increasing turn out to be a rapist or a killer in those days. If you really think about someone I hate. Your child may actually be a way. They can be a shock. He is a savior of mankind may be saved, but there are other possibilities yet. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your data. No matter how you parent your children, you can reduce the odds.
10. Children will inherit your flaws:

You are ugly, short, fat, thin or fat you have a big nose or lips or whatever. You should have a physical feature that you would like to be different, you did not have a choice. If your child will. Your child will inherit your physical and character defects. I’m really short. I know what it’s like to be short. It sucks. Sometimes I wish he was never born at all. I’m not going to create another short one. This is not a defect you ride to a person with knowledge of a defect that well? In a sense, we trap the souls of little children in the flesh, can not be like that they can never escape from the dead. I’m not going to mention the other methods which destroy their children. We create our identity. We are largely responsible for what they prove. It therefore did not ask for any other purpose which is to decide to his bad qualities. This thoughtful and you are not sure, is not the type to take responsibility.

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