The 10 Secret Societies That Shaped Our World

The 10 Secret Societies That Shaped Our World

Not many people are aware of the contributions made by many secret societies on shaping the world we know today. For the most part, these efforts are not recorded in the books of history justice. Here by the secret societies, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind, managed to push his country. Never the less, he helped shape the world. Now, take a look at the 10 secret societies have shaped our world.

1. The Union Of Salvation (Russia)

Six military officers and members of society whose aims were, initially, but was established by the opaque and various other forms. Russian Czar died, Pavel Pestel union power led to the Decembrist uprising of 1825 managed to prevent his children. Three thousand Russians of the uprising around trying to power failed with their very first day of the press and education, spy networks ET and destroy censorship for them to establish what the result that Czar Nicholas I usurp seen. The seeds of the revolt, in 1917, was responsible for sowing for the next revolution fallen Russian Empire 100 years later.

2. The Black Hand (Serbia)

Unification or death, a Serbian organization is better known as the Black Hand. It was founded on May 9, 1911 to fight against the Ottoman government. All 2,500 members of society sworn to confidentiality of the group before their own lives. Making he was not in touch with most of the operation at various levels and was caught a member so that they have no information to offer about other members of certain other members of every member the major steps. Black hands of Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijevic, was lead by ancient Egypt bull known as ‘APIs’ after the gods. And the first project of the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of breaking out of which he was

3. Irish Republican Brotherhood (Irb)

Canada, the United States, was under England, Australia (British Empire), New Zealand – James Stephens, along with a few others believe as many as they were centers in seven different countries in 1858. St. Patrick’s Day Irish revolutionary Brotherhood, founded in South America. Each center nine captains, nine sergeants and one colonel with nine private. Each recruit only knew them high so as to keep their identities secret. By 1910, several fraternity members and the Irish led by Thomas Clarke, rose in revolt in 1916, now known as the Easter Rising. Rising, however, failed. IBR few years later the Anglo-Irish War finally saw the Irish Free State was created in 1921 to lead.

4. Katipunan (Philippines)

Katipunan Philippines came into existence in 1892 with the aim of opposing Spanish domination. Supreme Worshipful Association of single words of the sons of the short form of the original translation that Nang Nang manga Anak Bayan from the Na Katipunan Kataastaasan Kagalang- Galang from the ‘people.’ These are the sons of their fathers had inherited only by male members of society. He practices every kind of expect form a secret society but the singularity of the rituals and codes that left thousands of members for many years, beginning with the founding document in July 7th 1892., their own blood the document was signed on the Spanish authorities to the mother without giving a clue as to their existence. His secret was out when he overthrew their blinds and an all-out rebellion Filipinos June 12, ended with a gain their independence in 1898 went for it.

5. Filiki Etaireia (Greece)

In 1814, Nikalaos Skoufas and Athanasios Tsakalov, Filiki Etaireia together with a few other traders ( “Friendly Brotherhood”) established to overthrow Ottoman rule in the country. Communities took very seriously their “secret” part and began beating the drum open to a member of them Nikolaos Galatis name of your society’s existence, they have assassinated by Muslim Brotherhood had gone. Six levels of membership in the society, which was a very complex system of recruitment was occupied with men of great learning and high levels of money. Alexander Ypsilantis the help of a Russian officer, Brotherhood Greek Revolution of 1821. Unfortunately, in the spring, starting at the beginning of the war, the secret society’s hypocrisy, but the revolution ended with Greece won its independence.

6. The Hawaiian League (Hawaii)

Air League was founded by 200 wealthy Europeans and Americans satisfied with Hawaiian ruler King Kalakaua. King’s extravagant even hatched plans to topple the monarchy supported by US businessmen accused. In 1887, the secret society being written by Lorrin A. Thurston did not survive a constitutional document came the unfortunate passing. With coalition with 405 members and Honolulu Rifles, he has managed to overthrow Queen Liliuokalani in 1893. year for 5 years, which became a territory of the United States until 1898. In 1959, as the 50th Air was recognized as a state, the air became a republic States.

7. La Trinitaria (Dominican Republic)

La Trinitaria, or Trinity Dominican Republic after 1822. Republicans wanted freedom from the clutches of urban Haitians was established in July 1838, which was under Haitian rule. It was founded between it and Rose Trinity emotions such as a national leader in the Juan Pablo Duarte. He was only 25 years and 8 members of the secret society. The aim of achieving a society for spreading national spirit and freedom. They use occult practices in communication and pseudonym to hide their existence. Besides helping other rebel groups they are tried up to the revolution in 1843, which failed. The members fled the country in Duarte were imprisoned. But the brave work of the Trinity had set the ball rolling when they are disabled, as a Republican, was fought the Dominican Republic on February 27, 1844. The unfortunately, Juan Pablo Duarte returned to the presidency in the country they were helped to create was overthrown by a military coup. Duarte died in exile in 1864.

8. The Carbonari (Italy)

No one knows how or Carbonari came into existence. But speculation is impossible, as it was around the time when the Congress of Vienna was decided on what to do with areas conquered by Napoleon. By 1815, Italy was cut into several pieces. It is said Italian secret group had 60,000 members and they rebelled against King Ferdinand, who ruled Sicily and Naples. He soon had to give up their power. It finally ended in the unification of Italy in 1861 was Italy after rising to a wider movement.

9. Afrikaner Broederbond (South Africa)

Founded in 1918 Afrikaner Broederbond Group, was aimed at capturing gone a step further and full control over the South African. This “secret Afrikaner nothing more than people. Operating Broederbond” as it is called Party prime minister so angry and they started to control the South African Bureau of Ethnic Affairs in 1947. Then the united party I managed to rise to power was amazing and was a member of almost every important political person in society. This gave rise to a saying, “Broederbond South African government today and” Broederbond government. “It was Nelson Mandela’s elections in 1994 that started looking society downhill. Then they renamed themselves Afrikanerbond now, regardless of the their color, religion, South Africa gender ET with a goal of improving the country are open to God.

10. The Germanenorden (Germany)

Founded in 1812 Germanenorden a society was their belief in the Jews born out of trouble and lead the Aryan race. So it was not surprising when the swastika symbol was adopted in 1916. The evidence of their Aryan ancestry by evidence which among other things was the certificate, the customs of their birth where members were to nymphs of warriors, dressed like kings ET al based on members recruited. The group helped to defeat the communal changing Thule Society in 1918. He added that the German Workers Party renamed itself. Adolf Hitler took over in 1920 and the society must be ensured to the absurd rituals.

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