The 10 Richest Comic Book Characters of All Time

The 10 Richest Comic Book Characters of All Time

No, I have a list of the richest, and whose favorite superheroes from the rich to the rich green color, comic book characters and richest villain of all time, ranking. Many different ways to make money comic book characters, but they are keeping them in secret himself. Who is the richest comic book characters? With these few basic terms bookdom Hilarious rich heroes and villains. First off, we want a clear exception is added to the “Big 2” (Marvel Comics and DC have joined mainstream universes humor) because we free anything with it was only list it has to be open to a lot of the medium.

1 Black Panther

Being the first black superhero mainstream American comic books, Black Panther DC or Marvel superhero rich in the most realistic (or at the top of the list as Supervillain).

Why is this? Well, for one, he walks in a fictional African country), not only the world’s largest deposit of the precious metal in the country (Marvel universe Wakanada: Vibranium.

You know indestructibl are incased in the bones of the hard metal of Wolverine? It Vibranium is even stronger, and T’Challa (the Black Panther’s real identity) owns all of it and often to protect it.

Therefore, natural resources, supply vs. demand approach, and how they, if they have at their disposal only a small sales – T’Challa, the Black Panther, arguably the richest Super Comedy hero.

2  Namor

Namor saved the day with a ridiculous wad of cash with an explanation if he wants, he is that he can always be money Oh, you know, to work with all the wealth Because.

That’s right, loses a wallet at any time or drops ocean (and the Marvel Universe with any pirate treasure that exists in countless treasures of Atlantis UK) changed it’s all Namor . The reigning Prince of Atlantis, Namor isUniverse, though his heart is in the right place.

Namor value is other-worldly wealth, who runs a country puts it above any (except for the on T’Challa, if a man were all masters of the world platinum), and whosoever also runs a huge corporation.

Bonus: Break the sixth part of a place, you can go to millions in a huge museum that is a huge source of revenue.

It is because they are so snobby.

3 Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias)

Adrien Veidt, otherwise known as Ozymandias, otherwise (Watchmen spoiler alert) is one of the richest in the history of superheroes known as the bad guy, the janitor. He Bruce Wayne style power and fortune, but takes it one step further than Bruce Wayne. To the questionable Morales, financial edge over his Bruce Wayne Wayne runs an honest business. Veidt people have died and selling toys.

To top it all, he is the smartest guy on earth.

Veidt a super hero / the Supervillain (Watchmen do not pull your punches depending on the case) (OFT) and wants to get what she wants. It’s not really a problem for the money, he indicated sure (As the Wildcat, and a “tower” in a crazy boss, a genetically engineered Bustastis … you’ll see … as a rich superhero).

Due to this, the # 3 on this list.

4  Batman

Owner Wayne Enterprises, billionaire Bruce Wayne’s richest self-made superhero on this list. Sure, this was to give them to him earning his powers, but no. Bruce Wayne was as an orphan taken billions of dollars out of one of the most powerful superheroes in comic books.

Because Superman and being able to keep up with the Titans, Justice League Wonder Woman (and often, to save them forever to everyone in the DC universe is a step forward), Batman is easily the most intelligent characters in comic books.

With this intelligence, the Wayne Enterprises, visit runs a multi-billion dollar international company and has not enough time for a still to Batman (: Lucius Fox) and need all these crazy gadgets they do not only made, but privately and who ordered quantity is everything they need under your belt … well, allowed to have on his belt.

5 Lex Luthor

LexCorp owner, Lex Luthor DC one of the most ruthless and morally despicable characters in the universe. Needless to say, he’s rich as hell.

A lot of the crazy stuff one of the most successful multinational corporations that purchase consideration – LexCorp DC universe with their money each of these characters. Giant Robot, endless research, cover hills up money, enough money to fund his own campaign for the US presidency, and all, enough of the really and a bit of work but try and Superman kill time – brings in billions to LexCorp Luthor.

So, imagine Bill Gates did nothing but try and kill some time Unkillable man.

This is Lex Luthor.

6  Magneto

Everyone always stole from Hydra is a magnet width attributes of resources for Nazi gold, but people forget that …

Including precious metals (see item # 1) – The Lord of the metal.

So theoretically, they can all precious metals and to make it one of the richest characters all have their every whim humor bookdom. Since it is not an “potentially rich” list, they’ve got to do at # 6 on the list, because literally tons of gold, you put a little bit above the good old Tony Stark.

7 Iron Man

Marvel Universe Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, owner of Stark Industries, Halliburton, was a man he once owned a 616 Imagine one of the richest men in the Marvel U. … and everyone Co. the concept and the guy that you like. The developer of the technologies on Earth impossible, founder of the Tony Stark of Stark Industries, Howard Stark was born.

Stark, 15 years old, he went to MIT and then, after the death of his parents, inherited Stark Industries. Since then, they have also to build a tower as Stark’s Fund superteam Avengers, (and spend) money.

He said that unlike Doom # 7 on this list, because he is a leader of a country, but the head of the most powerful corporations on earth. During his extensive history, he at least gives a little lost control of his corporation and goes as far as losing two years worth of memories. Although never helped anyone they still have, their corporation being enemies of the state.

The status quo will be restored soon, but currently, Tony Stark has not had an image of wealth.

8  Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is listed in the list (or rate) 8 20 richest comic book characters of all time
Photo: Freebase / fair use
Victor Von Doom is one of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe. Fantastic Four, arc-nemesis Red Richards to intellectual rival, and Latveria small Eastern European nation’s ruling, they name it (read: a great fortune Latveria GDP) he uses, the supervillains as examples, to try and cool, fun loving, killing innocent heroes.

And, financially, he runs the country like Serbia, he has his mad country. This means that they do all their own forces and the resources they want. He continues to be one of the leaders dealt with the Galaxy and all of the most respected and feared supervillains in the Marvel Comics.

The only reason it beats the sheer amount of money out Luthor Luthor has built for himself. It’s a fine line, but the ruler of a small country, it is the equivalent of a supervillain, Luthor took all of the Delaware state their bid. Luthor is only slightly more powerful than that.

9 Green Goblin

Norman Osborn is otherwise known as the Green Goblin, easily manipulated despicable evil, most of all, comic books, and a sadistic characters.

In a lot of ways he, Lex Luthor Osborn Marvel Universe is only Oscorp, the owner is a corporation that is huge, but LexCorp but a little more effort than ever.

Osborn recently S.H.I.E.L.D. edge of the Green Arrow more The Director has been created and now he wants to do anything that has the full support of the government. He has been the systematic use of these powerful resources to run every major superhero in reducing them to one, the Marvel Universe.

10 Green Arrow

With how much Stark, Green Arrow (otherwise shortly after his untimely death known as Oliver Queen) The company has rich parents and was the company’s money decided to become a super hero inherited.

Certainly this list of the worst trader, the queen began to run the company out of responsibility as their luck and took a vigilante because of his sympathy for the world of work, while after allowed to get away with it.

Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, the funds allocated very carefully in his possession and Stark is a scientific genius who is his father’s work.

Queen than they treated their own destiny as a teenager that escapist spent on luxuries like gadgets, cars, travel, and women. Finally, Oliver lost his entire fortune, and sold the company before his death (later retconned). He said that as to good with legacy as well as all of your high living which is known as a rich kid, as a rich superheroes in history continues to be missed.

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