The 10 Psychological Disorders of Batman, the Superhero

The 10 Psychological Disorders of Batman, the Superhero

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. He said it is published by DC Comics appears as the protagonist of the film’s comic book series. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and first, Detective Comics # 27 in 1939. He is particularly known as a superhero with no super-human powers, and genius-level intelligence , escapologist published as access to high-tech equipment and expertise in espionage and martial artist. Batman character is unique. This is nothing in the darkness, and the focus around Batman has his brooding nature. He said that his true self, and Bruce Wayne, behind the scenes and shadow, and a single. They have been through a lot in life is to a great extent. In fact, if you carefully study, Batman can be detected with multiple psychiatric conditions. We consider the potential psychological disorders Batman.

1. Complicated Grief Disorder

Bruce Bruce just had a baby when his parents died, and she has naturally been revealed. People have different ways of dealing with the pain of grief, but Bruce has been found suitable for criminals to choose to be alone at night to scare people, and to sublimate his grief by taking a bat personality. Enough sign that maladaptive thoughts grief, social isolation, and other conditions below, left him with persistent pain resulting complex disorder.

2. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

We already know, Bruce, he, his parents suffered at age getting killed before her eyes, and. Super Hero is a brooding man, perhaps constant emotional stress as a result of severe trauma received at a tender age. He is haunted by his tragic past, horrific memories of each passing day. Prove that they have been left with post-traumatic stress disorder. It also helped him become a strong entity willing to fight this evil.

3. Depression

Bruce goes into a severe phase of depression after his parents’ death, and while he has tried to pull himself together by forcing himself to fight crime, everything about him is a classic symbol of depression. He is the ultimate melancholic, obsessed with all that represents the dark. He costume is black, he has chosen a nocturnal creature as his spirit animal, and his favourite time throughout the entire day is the night. He has a despondent personality, and he finds it hard to connect with people.


4. Schizoid Personality Disorder

Integrated and long-term relationship with these people is notorious inability to keep Gotham City, Bruce. Which is both unique and funny can be attributed to their occupation and lifestyle. Or, therefore emotional for fear of losing them, may their resistance to be associated with. It is suggested that the schizoid personality disorder is not only the problem of attachment, but so has the characteristics of being a loner, expressed little emotion, other personality.

5. Antisocial Personality Disorder

Bruce keeps his real identity hidden from everyone, and goes around town as Batman, the superhero. The otherwise suave Bruce Wayne, dressed in debonair suits, slips into the ominous Batsuit, complete with mask and cape, in the imagery of a monster. He manipulates the laws, and stands on the edge of being a villain. It is safe to say that Batman takes laws into his hands, and is a risk-taker in that regard. These traits are proofs of his tendencies of Antisocial Personality Disorder.


6. Coulrophobia

The greatest foe of Batman is Joker, who is a hideously coloured clown. Not only is he dressed like a clown but he also makes sure that his henchmen are all similarly dressed gigantic, thuggish clowns who carry knives, guns and chains. Even the victims of the Joker gas take on a grotesque, clown-like appearance. It is all because Joker is well-aware of Batman’s evident fear for clowns, a condition known as Coulrophobia. Batman even keeps a giant Joker card in the Batcave to deal with his fears.


7. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Batman is not very much of an explanation that the condition of obsessive compulsive disorder. They can not show the classic symptoms of the condition, but it is definitely crazy. He is the enemy, the Joker, in particular, illustrates the Joker Card in his Batcave, working largely with. They deliberately choose to fight crime at night. This practice borders on the obsessive. Interestingly, this is, is a symptom of fear of harming others, OCD: they can not be used to shoot a gun.

8. Split Personality Disorder

8. Split Personality Disorder

Batman and Bruce Wayne are alternate personalities of the same person. The superhero, who is consumed in personal battles of his own, is often unable to draw a line of differentiation between Bruce Wayne and Batman, and he is often consumed by Batman as a whole, while he forgets his role as Bruce Wayne. He has a playboy persona as Bruce Wayne, while he is a recluse when he is alone. As Batman, too, he toys with monstrosity and public-service. He has Multiple Personality Disorder.


9. Substance Dependence

Batman may not be severely addicted to medication, but, owing to the fact that he has to undergo rigorous physical training, as well and severe injuries. It is not unnatural that he has to resort to painkillers to numb the pain, or he would not be able to go through the setting of broken bones, stitching of wounds, or performing of surgical procedures, all in the hands of valet and guardian Alfred, in the house. He has also taken meth and heroin, and even the strong serum called Venom.


10. Munchausen-by-Proxy Syndrome

By proxy abuse considered mental illness, children Munchausen, where it is displayed as a form causes real symptoms to make as if the invalid or symptom exaggeration parent child look sick they can show the child the extra care and attention is there for. Batman is a child of their own, he continued his’ ward ‘vulnerability, he can feel good about their security only, and their parents’ failure to protect life leads that pushes many to compensate.

Our favorite, dark superhero has anger issues, and their efforts to try himself shows his egomania. He is not fully explained, though he shows plenty of different disorders trends. He also has a super hero and as a billionaire that he can change things, and therefore, it is well protected from a number of serious disorders, such as those on their own when feeling, shows some signs of normal psychology. However, it can not be totally ignored the signs, and we propose takes a few sessions with a shrink.

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