The 10 Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

The 10 Prettiest Young Filipina Female Stars

Stars come and go and do that play an important role in a usually showbiz and entertainment industry that has managed to make their mark in the industry. Some early start of these stars began to shine and the fascinations of their time and the screams of adoring fans literally had to wait for them to be.

When it comes to actresses in the Philippines, there is a very tough competition. Talent and so are the stars, but only a few sheep and manages to win the hearts of the people.

Here’s the top 10 of both the TV and the most beautiful in the Philippines’ showbiz industry, movies, fast-growing list of young Filipino female stars.

1. Kathryn Bernardo


It is considered as a race queen, the woman is indeed conquered the entertainment industry by storm. Daniel Padilla in – up to its reputation for well-supported team began to fly out with the king of his generation. Katherine appears with mostly seen in commercials, movies and TV’s equally sublime love team but has a star on your right. The separate projects going on and even launched her self-titled debut album. Fans from the teen actress and she can not get enough of history’s most famous showbiz industry in the Philippines.

2. Julia Barretto

Another beauty from a Showbiz clan – Julia Barretto’s earlier career was on television doing shampoo commercials for a kiddie shampoo. Now she is all grown up and is creating a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She sings, dance, hosts, acts and basically does everything an artist do. With that leveled head on top of her shoulders and that lovely face, she is indeed going to greater heights as she makes her way in the entertainment industry.

3. Liza Soberano

Lisa Soberano who literally came out of nowhere one of those teen stars. A fan saw it on a movie and then there is a well-known woman Forevermore its own television series. Fame did not happen immediately because Lisa was always the best friend or movies that he already was a cousin of famous stars. But he had time to shine and he has certainly been growing rapidly. Nowadays, the “Agnes” the current television series, believes in the power of love brought by the twin strawberry is a sweet and loving girl from the province.

4. Janine Gutierrez

Daughter of showbiz royalties Monching Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon, Janine comes from a family with acting on their blood. Having a degree in European Studies in one of the top universities in the country – Ateneo De Manila, this girl instantly won the heart of the fans and viewers when she decided to enter showbiz. Unlike other teen stars who had to go through auditions and so many VTR’s, the Philippine showbiz industry opened her arms instantly for Janine. The lovely girl is due to the honor because she is indeed doing her best and exceeding the expectations of her loving fans.

5. Julie Anne San Jose

Boy wonder who knows how to play almost every instrument with moving like a pro hip-hop dancer in the lungs and can hit the high notes Julie Anne San Jose’s fans rave about. He is well known for its cover and mashup videos on YouTube. The hosting, television and it comes to her first love, running out of the course of things never to do – music. An actor at heart, he is definitely going to conquer the music scene for quite a long run.

6. Julia Montes

Although Julia is being sent to perform more mature roles in the movies and in television drama shows, this pretty lady with a big heart doesn’t fail to mesmerize and leave her fans crying over a dramatic line she throws on television. Born to a Mom with a hearing deficiency, she also plays as an inspiration and an icon that makes us realize that even stars have their own personal challenges to go through as individuals.

7. Nadine Lustre

From one blockbuster movie to another, Nadine Lustre has indeed the makings of a leading lady. Her movies “Diary ng Panget” (An Ugly’s Diary) and the latest one “Talk Back and Your Dead” proves how bankable this pretty lady is. She is slowly getting into television and fans are hoping to see more of her preferably in a teen series in the future.


8. Lauren Young

Her older sister Megan Young Miss in the world last 2013 victory, while this beautiful woman has taken the lime light but keeps its beauty and talented female potential and started to make a mark just fine in the industry is. It is better and more challenging roles even more beautiful than it is today. A beauty queen with dignity and beauty pageants in the future would not be a surprise to see this becoming itself.

9. Janella Salvador

Please character recently banned the show as an icon, “Niki” In addition to being careful with my heart, it PETITE beauty is making waves in the industry by keeping the catch an ear as well as during the commercial breaks with the shampoo commercial entertainment dance dance video. It is being constructed by the managers of the daughter of Janine Desiderio, a popular singer back in the days following his mother’s footsteps in the country. Watching Janella dancing, there will be a surprise to see fans singing and acting career as a theater and be sure of.

10. Myrtle Sarrosa

Even before she loved worldwide reality show franchise was announced as the winner of Big Brother, a lot of people through the DOE’s eyes and talented girl of efforts already Cosplaying caught the eye. Ranked as number two in the Philippines Cosplayer, this beautiful woman is producing too much noise from the command of the front page of FHM magazine in the country. His career took a break for quite some time, but with serious and more mature image this time, he is certainly ready to conquer our hearts once again.

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