The 10 Office Pranks That are Just Brilliant

The 10 Office Pranks That are Just Brilliant

One of the most awaited days of April Fool’s Day calendar. We all love playing pranks on friends and family and are always devising new and better ways of fooling them. But what about the other people we see every day? What about office colleagues? Why did they leave out? Therefore, the only outstanding below, to check and beloved ten in the office joke.

1. Calling All Animals

The end of the list it means something really fun. Fun and has been one of the most beloved around the workplace. First, you need to welcome them and tell them that a few numbers and names a list of clients. Next, you need to give the number of a few zoos in. Finally, Mrs. Elle is the Phant, Mr. G. Raff or Mr. Lyen need to make up some funny names Cubb. When you are being asked to stand around and watch the expression on his face. You can capture it on camera. This will be invaluable.

2. I Can’t Hear You

Telephone jokes are always good when it comes to office pranks. It is a wonderful thought out. Take an open tape and stick by a telephone ear piece. A call comes in and answer the victim, they do not listen to anything I say clearly to the caller. He said finally gets tired and hung. This is a very nice trick to play on an employee who makes use of a telephone for personal calls and talk instead to spend much of the time.

3. Nothing Is Working

Do not you hate to see that the elevator was not working and walking in work? Or toilets are out of service? For fun, you will need to have a very close relationship with the cleaning staff. Close enough that they will lend their stuff for a day. Use the “Legend” beyond the front of the elevators and restrooms and see only disappointment on the faces of the employees. No need to actually visit a working toilet and running around looking for an even better job than fun.

4. Did You Hear?

A rumor of the fastest ways to get news. That seems to get in the workplace or even at home, no matter around the gossip that were promised. The fun part of these uses gossip as an excellent tool. You just had to do some office gossip about who pranked. This is not fun if not a bit ugly truth could make sure. Try spreading a rumor. Bass like in dating or are involved with a mafia drug lord. There is quite juicy but very serious to lead to a story that he might lose his job.

5. Unending Ring

We all calls as a tool for fun fun fun simple and fun to use, but it is a little better. Use a little see through all the tape you need to stick the phone and press the button. Lay back and wait for the phone to call someone. When the phone rings, No matter how many times you pick up the phone continuously. pranked pick up and re-thinking man hanging from it. You can sit and enjoy the fun from a distance and telephone see as your colleagues crazy drives.

6. Caught Red Handed

In the washroom of your office, you might notice more than one jar of liquid soap lying around. Use one of these containers and pour some food coloring into it. Mix it up and just let it be. Watch as to how people come in clean and get dirtier while washing their hands. Be careful not to use excess coloring because everything will be ruined just for a practical joke. This prank gets better when green food coloring is used. The unassuming victim comes out looking like hulk and they will probably be just as mad. Be careful though because “Hulk Smash”!


7. I resign

Mzaq- a great fun in the ER eyes. Take a look around the office and no brightness in your office to come across at least 2 best workers out to everyone. It is best to do this as it would at least expect. Write and “Star Students” resignation print copies. Place the letters on the table before the boss comes in. The letter does not need to work as a servant, “Give why choose to leave $ 2 million won due. If you have time, more people with a vision and with some office space around the characters, so you can laugh.

8. Coffee Break

It is a wonderful drink coffee around the workplace. It helps to calm the nerve and has enabled employees throughout the day. But for the first half of the day to day work of the second half and was replaced with decaf espresso with what regular coffee? Now, as we all know, decaf coffee that is a small amount of caffeine. Caffeine is active in the body and brain need to be careful and start a day. Decaf has an impact on the entire first half of the day and then replaced with the espresso. Espresso coffee is a concentrate that contains extremely large amounts of caffeine. For espresso is certainly not perfect for the morning and evening.

9. Salty Sugar?

This office is one of the funniest jokes. You will need to go to work a bit early for this one. Break room or coffee room or whatever it is that your office looking for Chinese jars and salt jar. If there is no salt jar, you get some salt. Mix sugar and salt in a jar put back to its original position. Then just sit back and enjoy their faces when they tasted the salty coffee making fun of his fellow colleagues. It seems that all too tedious, then switch to write some extremely ambiguous labels on the jars.

10. Discounted

Before going in to the office or the office, we find some time to scan and try and catch up with current events through newspapers. We can also browse through the free ads to find something we’re looking for. Using this, the boss’ car, home or place an advertisement in the newspaper about the sale of anything that would make a difference. The phone number of the owner of CE, E-mail ID and put (say between 7:00 pm and 7:00 pm), the time to call. In this way, everyone gets to enjoy the fun at work.

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