The 10 Most Spectacular Stunt Injuries of Jackie Chan

The 10 Most Spectacular Stunt Injuries of Jackie Chan

Martial arts fighter, actor, director, producer, screenwriter, singer and stunt: Jackie Chan is a versatile and painful career. Stuntman is the most widely active in the human world from Hong Kong. He has worked in nearly a hundred films as an actor said. Here we have listed the top 10 most spectacular stunt injuries of Jackie Chan.
1. Armour of God
Skull Injury.

The most serious injury Jackie Chan stunt retire at a relatively unspectacular. He was in Armour (1987) when he jumped from a wall in a tree. Broke one of the branches and rocks crashed down Chan. The result was nearly killed him, which was a fractured skull.

Emergency surgery bone chips removed from his head. Infringement closed by a plug. Accident, ear and blood came out of Egypt. Since China has become hard of hearing one side.

Just a year after he was thrown over his head during a scene in which a chair to heavy bleeding, was filming for “Police Story 2”.

2. Police Story
Back Injury.

The “Police Story” filming Jackie Chan for some limitations to protect the depth did not seem to apply it in your life .The 1985 was a continuation of the run.

Injury list reads like a small-town hospital for a weekly program: finger fracture, deep cut wound on the arm, pelvic bone, broken vertebrae and imminent paraplegia hand, electric shock, burn injury a.

The main reason: to jump from a railing on an electric light strand followed by several meters long glissade down in the depths of a glass ceiling to break through the glass.

3. Hard to Die
Leg Injury.

Originally, Jet Li had to take the lead role. Since his agent did not want a film about organized crime. So hit star Jackie Chan was signed by Hong Kong productions.

He got it with his lower body between two colliding vehicles. The result was complicated comminuted fractures in both legs.

4. The Super Fighter
Neck Injury.

A scene from the silent classic film “Ironically Skyscraper” was being reprojected by Jackie Chan. Earlier in 1923 Harold Lloyd had done it. Chan did it too!

So he let himself fall from a clock tower in the depth. The only assurance: two thin awnings. He gave three shots because he was unhappy with the first two results.

Chan’s head came first on the ground and suffered a serious neck injury that was close to the broken neck.

5. City Hunter
Knee Injury.

Damage of the knee was part of the everyday life of this fearless daredevil. Therefore, he has an unusual gait and difficulty in jumping.

6. Police Story 3
Shoulder injury.

In Police Story 3 (1992) he was supposed to dodge an approaching fluttering helicopter. However, the aircraft struck him on the right shoulder.

Chan ripped his shoulder muscles and remained hanging until he was rescued by the crew. A year later while filming for “City Hunter”, he dislocated his shoulder.

7. Rumble in the Bronx
Foot injury.

The film Rumble in the Bronx, broke his ankle jumping from a bridge to a hovercraft Jackie.

8. Young Master/ Mr. Nice Guy
Nose injury.

The nose is a popular target for hostile fighters.

In 1997, with the filming of “Mr. Nice Guy”, it was time again and obviously so far the last time.

9. Drunken Master
Eye Injury.

Jackie Chan’s eyesight had three times the risk. The “Drunken Master” (1978), his brow ridge was injured, and around one eye during a fight scene I “miracles”, in 1989 they lost unexpectedly hit in the face by a board.

was violent laceration to his left eye function was in danger. Especially acute again “medal” in 2003 while filming got it. When a cracked steel cable hit a few millimeters to the eye.

10. Dragon Lord
Chin Injury.

The film directed and written by Jackie Chan, but as it was expected was not so.

Jackie I have Jackie Chan in his book during a stunt in my life, and his chin in the fighting, which they said made it difficult lines and to direct the film.

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