The 10 Most Popular Dragons Of All Time

The 10 Most Popular Dragons Of All Time

I know I know what you’re thinking. Dragon does not have right to exist. So how come the dragon lore to mention the existence of one or two in every culture? A dragon once roamed the earth, but I like the literature creation, is now extinct except for the screen, paintings and imagination of our spawning. Here is the list of the 10 most popular dragons of all time:

1. Puff, The Magical Dragon

Puff, the Magic Dragon is a song I gained great popularity and stirred controversy with the idea had something to do with magic dragon puffing ‘smoking marijuana, which he sung by Peter, Paul and Mary in 1963. Although the song writers have repeatedly rejected this urban legend and firmly and consistently denied that he wanted references to drug use. The lyrics tells the story of a young dragon Puff and his little friend Jackie Paper. Jackie puff losses when he is alone and sad, interest grew and the Magic Dragon. The story is about the difficulties of growing up.

2. Pete’s Dragon – Elliot

How would you like to have an invincible dragon in your home? It’s really not as scary as it sounds, Elite simplicity often causes trouble, but at least they do not SMAUG as crooks. “Pete’s Dragon, a 1977 live-action / animated musical Disney his friends from the production enters the Passamaquoddy fishing town protects the elite stomach that tells the story of a young orphan named Pete the film and the towns folk in trouble with occasional ground. Elite is invisible and can only normally visible to the stomach.

3. Smaug – Most Popular Dragons

Over the years the author has created JR R Tolkien’s most interesting characters in literature, SMAUG – Fire Drake is one of them. He said that perhaps as many different names as 15 (SMAUG excellent, SMAUG Terribe, SMAUG dominating etc.) that dragon. The first Hobbit 1937 novel, where he is described as’, published as an opponent, most especially, the greedy, strong and wicked worm. ” He said he lived alone in a cave on the mountain where the safety of all the treasures. This is clearly a scoundrel, is to improve damage. And BTW, Benedict had provided sound and motion capture Cumberbatch SMAUG in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy.

4. Draco (From The Film Dragonheart)

Yes, I know. I first thought of greasy in your name Dragon Malfoy. Dragonheart 1996. Dragon, Sean was one of the protagonists of the show came out from Connery. This digital creation Copper Dragon was scaled back to take the best and most authentic ever seen on screen dragon. Without giving away too much of the plot, let me inform you that the last living dragon dragon in the film and had managed to incur the wrath of a village. Although he feared, the dragon is really wise, kind, witty and loyal. In the film, he finds an unlikely friend in a knight played by Dennis Quaid.

5. Fin Fang Foom

This is a list of kick-ass dragon healing factor, acid mist expanded, supersonic flight through telepathy, the wings, long life, to understand and green super extreme stability manpower gifted, amazing abilities, as if were not enough for them, they are a very advanced alien technology. Fin Fang Foom fought with Iron Man, the Fantastic Four ET A number of super heroes like him. On 99 th place in the list of IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Villains of all time.

6. Mushu

Funniest dragon that ever lived. Well, they did not live, spawning at all left to our creative minds. Mushu the red dragon appeared in the 1998 Disney film ‘Mulan’ and its sequel. The offers initially voiced by Eddie Murphy and Mark Moseley, Mushu comic relief in the film. He said, overconfident strange, impulsive and selfish. Mulan was a family guardian, but was demoted for not being able to protect one of the family members. Desperate, he called to join the army Mulan to rise to their former position and he gives his life at risk to regret later. Mushu down everything a good heart and a rather sensitive about its size. “Hey – he hates being called a lizard, dragon. DRAGON, I do not do that tongue thing (hisses).”

7. Saphira

The magnificent creation of the American author Christopher Paolini. The Rider, Eragon later – – Succession is Saphira most important role in Eragon is the first book of the cycle. He was the one who chooses to take his chances in this fight to Eragon and evil powers. Lucky Man! , Not only his colleague and friend Ambassador S Erago gently guide who leads the right direction when they lost. And when it comes to the fantasy of power, they can telepathically connect with the most sophisticated ride and Y DRAGON advice. You should get yourself a dragon Saphira. No, seriously. It’ll change your life around.

Check enchanting blue dragon Saphira, feature film ‘Eragon’ trailer released in 2006.

8. St. George & The Dragon

Sunni St. George is the patron saint of England. According to the Christian hagiography, St. George (275-303 AD) was a dragon that killed Christian honor after winning the war, saving thousands of lives. Several versions of the story of St. George killing the dragon, but the most popular one – is saving the girl in trouble. The city decided to please her by offering a princess that was terrorized by a dragon. March’s St. George Dragon’s Lair to listen to the news and the right arm was around WIG scaleless for the slayed (and weak). 1898 Disney’s Story ‘Reluctant Dragon’ was made in 1941 based on a feature film by Kenneth Grahame. This short story is often hailed as the most advanced prototype Dragon Tales risk is depicted as a sympathetic character than.

9. Lollipop Dragon

Baron saves the day following the collision with the bad blood with his gang of friends Lollipop Dragon: A ‘in the 1986 Magic Adventure Lollipop Lollipop Dragon’, originates in a television show. Every time he successfully managed to defeat forced to eat the liver flavor Lollipops Christmas race and Baron Bad Blood WINING form Christmas. Duh !!!

10. Falkor

Sadness, Falkor, Atreyu (hero) with excellent sweet concept known as swamp luck dragon with nothing in the earth faces a number of obstacles in their way to war. It appears the luck dragon Neverending Story (1984).

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