The 10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in The World 2017

The 10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in The World 2017

Economies of many countries around the world is a global tobacco companies in a partnership. He also Both direct and indirect, in the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. I have been smoking tobacco or cigars, while constantly on the rise in developing countries, which shows a decline in the developed countries.

Top 10 most expensive cigarette brands in the world have been compiled

1. Insignia

This is the second brand of ITC Ltd. home, and a range of variations are very expensive. Innovative packaging, adds a sense of expensive brand. Marking the price was raised by 20% and ITC alone accounts for about 80% market share in India. Cost – $ 1.60

The tobacco industry has an opportunity to support the tobacco market is expected to grow in the future in terms of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, technology and market development.

2. Gold Flake

It is owned and ITC, developed by the Indian Tobacco Company and Cigar is one of the most popular and most sold in the world today. It has been traditional in India, one of the branded cigar brands, and a high value as a product for the elite. They are manufactured using fine, high quality Virginia tobacco. Gold flake lights variants, including gold flake Kings, Gold Flake Kings and Gold flake lights. ITC has also launched gold flake Ultra Lights. $ 1.50 for 10 cigars.

3. Benson& Hedges

This brand cigarettes, had owned since 1873. The brand was established in Canada on the basis of the area of operations by many corporations. It is mainly the European countries and Japan Tobacco in Japan, an English cigar brand, owned by Philip Morris and British American Tobacco. This is a good record sales of expensive cigarettes and the quality, style, taste and packaging is different depending on the region in which it was sold, but does not fail to meet the expectations of cigar lovers. Price is $ 1.50 for 10.

4. Pall Mall

This R.J. House prices and cigar brand to another brand Reynolds. It became available in the market since 1899. A special range of products and is famous for different blends. Pall Mall amber, red and blue states, and there are even more variations within them. A Pall Mall cigarette packs 10 may cost about $ 1.45.

5. Lucky Strike

This cigar, which is a brand belonging to the British Tobacco Company and in 1930 was one of the top selling brands in the United States in the decade. It was introduced in 1871 and has remained a favorite brand because of its taste and flavor. I was told that I had to improve. After this change varies from region to region 2009, which is sold in its current form. 10 cost of $ 1.40.

6. Dunhill

This is a luxury brand of cigars produced by the British Tobacco Company and is known for its quality and high price. Dunhill cigarette brand produced by a company other cigars are among the most expensive. Dunhill cigars are sold directly to Europe, Canada and Asia Pacific, and is exported to other countries. 10 is almost the price of $ 1.40 Dunhill cigars.

7. Davidoff

Although this brand at Imperial Tobacco, the world-class original manufacturers own, cigars expensive luxury Swiss luxury tobacco brand Davidoff series. Cigar cigarillos, pipe tobacco and tobacco products are just one among a range of others, they create. Product range, classic, ultra-light, Magnum, menthol lights, one, menthol and are the most exclusive and expensive cigarettes, the golden brand. Cost – $ 10 1.40

8. Parliament

This brand Japan, Russia, Ukraine, has a strong market in Armenia, US, Georgia and Turkey and around the world one of the most popular and expensive brands of cigarettes. The distinctive feature of this brand of cigar paper used recessed filter, which is considered as the reason behind the taste and flavor enhanced by smokers. This product is marketed by Philip Morris. 10 package will cost around $ 1.35.

9. Camel

R.J. Reynolds American Tobacco Company is the creation of excellent quality, expensive cigars, which are made of Turkish and Virginia tobacco. Perfect blend of Turkish and Virginia tobacco smoking is considered to be due to specific and special taste of the cigar. Before the year was developed in 1913 and is now appealing to tobacco lovers. Camel menthol, are some of the perfect red, perfect red, smooth, Camel Menthol Silver are the leading product categories. They spent almost 10. $ 1.35.

10. Marlboro

This brand all over the world, cigarettes which are very popular and available, is manufactured by Philip Morris USA in the United States. This brand cigars in cigar sales in other countries in the international world. There are 3 types of products around the world called taste Line, Gold Line and fresh line. Produce and market different types of the same brand, in the US there are about a dozen. Marlboro general is the chief sponsor for the race events. It costs $ 1.25 price around 10 pcs.


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