The 10 Most Expensive Brands in the World

The 10 Most Expensive Brands in the World

Brand marketing is a term used in business and advertising. It creates a logo / design or other sellers sell the product may be a prominent feature. “Brand” is often used as a metonym strongly identified with a brand that can refer to any particular company.

Follow May, released in 2014 BRANDZ, Millward most expensive brands by brand equity brown database lists. This compares with more than 23,000 brands holds more than 650,000 customers in 31 countries Data and professionals. Every year since 2006, the top 100 is used to generate a list of global brands. Enjoy the list!


An American multinational corporation Apple over 2014 Brands leader for three consecutive years in the top 100 most valuable global brand ranking that Google specializes in internet related services. Google’s growth is shown by 40 percent and has a brand value of $ 158,843 million.

2.  APPLE:

Apple Inc. Kelly is a US company headquartered in California Cupertino. It deals with computer and consumer electronics, as well as designed with operating system and application software.

1970s became the first manufacturer of Apple computers. The commercial introduction of the graphical user interface and mouse contribute in the 1980s. In 2014 the brand value of $ 147,880 million.

3. IBM:

IBM IT sector in the world’s leading hardware, software, and is one of the largest consulting companies and service providers. In terms of sales, the company is the third largest software company in the world.

It is placed by our third open the computer manufacturer IBM. Brand value amounted to $ 107,541 million.

4. MICROSOFT: a brand name for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The original, which is a graphical extension of the Microsoft Windows operating system, MS-DOS.

Windows Bill Gates is rich and famous. Software company earned $ 90,185 million, ranks number four in the rankings.

5. McDonald’s:

Fast food restaurants McDonald’s Corporation and the most sold in the world is an American fast food chain operator in the world represented.

I made the most famous fast food chain secure fifth place. It has a brand value of $ 85,706 million.


Coca-Cola or Coke, the world’s top-selling cola brand. The Coca-Cola Company owns in the US Atlanta, is the largest soft drink manufacturers worldwide.

“Coca-Cola” logo is a symbol for one of the most famous trademarks in the world and the Western lifestyle.

Amounted to $ 80,683 million Coca-Cola is probably the most famous teenagers in the world with a brand value.

7. VISA:

Visa is an American multinational financial services corporation This Foster City, California, is located in the United States. It facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world. Transfers are most commonly through Visa-branded credit and debit cards.

According to the 2008, Nilson Report, a 38.3% market share of Visa credit card market and the States.In 2009, Visa debit network, which is known as the World of VisaNet processed 62 billion transactions card market at 60.7% with a total volume of $ 4.4 trillion.

8. AT & T:

AT & T Inc. is a North American telecommunications corporation. AT & T is a leading provider of mobile and fixed phones in other countries around the world as well as in telecommunications States. It is a private, corporate and government organizations for the 2nd largest Internet provider.

AT & T has had a monopoly in the United States and Canada long. Therefore, the company was the phone company and the world’s largest cable TV operator in the world long. AT in 2014 & T brand value of $ 77,883 million.


Marlboro (Philip Morris USA, in the US by a subsidiary of Altria Group) is a cigarette brand Philip Morris International. It has for decades been among the best-selling cigarette in the world ten most valuable brands in the world. “By the freedom and adventure,” Marlboro brand image MAN wearing a stigma

Marlboro is one of the best selling cigarette brands. With a brand value of $ 67,341 million. The brand is part of the US tobacco giant Philip Morris.

10. AMAZON:, Inc. is an American online international e-commerce company with a diversified product range. Amazon books, CDs and trade leaders from the world’s largest selection of videos. Integrated sales platform “Marketplace” and “Z- shops” can also be used by private individuals or other companies that offer new and used products in the context of trade.

Amazon electronic books and Amazon Kindle Fire, the Amazon Kindle as a reader of the brand which is a tablet computer. Amazon has a brand value of $ 64,255 million.

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