The 10 Most Damaging Computer Virus

The 10 Most Damaging Computer Virus

Computer virus is more than just wipe up the information in your hard drive. Computer virus had caused $ 8.5 billion in consumer losses in 2008. If you think that you will not fall for your computer are intelligent, computer viruses will react how impact was used for the famous tennis star Anna Kournikova to trap its victims What ? Anna Kournikova virus that paralyzed thousands of servers all over the world but also was notorious computer virus that has not made it to our list as the most harmful were considered.

1. Most Damaging Computer Virus Code Red (2001)

Code Red affected sites which infected over 225,000 computer systems worldwide had displayed messages of “Hacked by Chinese”. But the message was not clear the exact origin of the virus.

Collect power by PC worm infections and their ultimate goal was to allow computers to attack a numerical internet address which represented the White House.

It apparently was ready to change its website, as the White House cyber attack but a different IP address to avoid any possible attacks.

CERT Coordination Center, emergency response team that at least 225,000 computers have been located in Carnegie Melllon University.

Meanwhile, the US Computer Emergency Response Team, Code Red’s, had infected tens of thousands of internet site. It was estimated that Code Red was around $ 1.2 billion worth of damage.

2. Gameover Zeus (2014)

GAMEOVER affect botnet computers Zeus and targeting small businesses Cryptolocker is the secret of malicious software to your files and used to extract payment of ransom to PC owners who want to access their own files while that may be a virus network.

According to FBI reports, GAMEOVER was responsible for and was infected in 2011 over a million worldwide losses and PCs affected by more than $ 100 million US in Zeus.

Meanwhile, in 2013, Cryptolocker 200,000 pcs, half from the United States, which was responsible for the attack. Only two months ago, $ 27 million was extorted from the victims computer.

Swansea, Mass., In the police department did not pay ransom for cyber criminals to have access to files after the system was infected by Cryptolocker.

A fake wire transfer from a victim’s bank account had lost $ 6.9 million dollars.

Is responsible for a group of cyber criminals in Russia GAMEOVER Zeus federal prosecutors said. The United States has held serious talks with the Russian authorities to secure, but this is unlikely.

3. iloveyou bug (2000)

iloveyou problem was first spotted in Hong Kong and it was slowly spreading gently to the west. The computers affected business and government. The anti-virus companies in the US were reported infections were the major diseases received many phone calls from affected users.

Computer software has estimated damage to computer security experts amounted to $ 100 million and has cost more than $ 1billion that can be predicted.

Issue and the US Senate computer system, email system was forcibly closed in Congress, had only minimal effects were observed infected.

In Hong Kong, affecting as many investment firms as well as big public relation firms. Asian Wall Street, the Dow Jones news wire were affected by the problem.

How it works? Because he had received an email which was linked to a “love letter” iloveyou fall on the issue. File, a Visual Basic script in which the virus payload. When it is connected to open the email, the computer will be infected and once to another email will be spread by sending itself and send an email to the user unwittingly in the address book will.

A Filipino computer student, Onel de Guzman’s, iloveyou problem was the creator. After a worldwide manhunt was launched attack, what resulted was de Guzman’s capture. However, ordered the release of the Philippine Department of Justice de Guzman were no laws against hacking during his time in the Philippines.

4. Most Damaging Computer Virus MyDoom (2004)

Novarg the MyDoom virus as a computer network was jammed and the PC that allowed unauthorized access, said. The virus has also spread to file sharing networks and was able to open a “back door” to the computer.

Seemed emails most charities, organizations, or was sent by an educational institution so that it can fool its recipients to open mail. MyDoom infected computers, harvest e-mail and from there it will choose another address as the sender address. The MyDoom, it is difficult to determine the actual sender.

Thousands of emails were triggered within hours after the discovery of MyDoom. The worm affects computers using Microsoft Windows platform.

Microsoft announced that it will award to $ 250,000, which could lead to the arrest of the creator of any information MyDoom virus. According to Microsoft, Brad Smith, general counsel, MyDoom worm is a criminal attack as computer users who intend to disrupt.

If this notice announces a $ 250,000 award from Microsoft, SCO Group will lead to the arrest of the creator of any information, MyDoom, for which.

MyDoom was expected to cost $ 250 million and the costs for companies to virus lost productivity.

5. Conficker (2008)

The Conficker November 21, was seen in 2008, the worm can infect other computers on a network and solve the problem as others are trying to lock the same bugs. The next day, Microsoft was quick advice to our customers to apply the update to compete strongly but risks, Conficker has infected A were activated machines. He started to use different sets of 250 domains per day for the rest later. At that time, 500,000 computers are already infected with this worm can.

A few days after having a website, trafficconverter been contacted for any updates from the infected PC but the file does not exist. Of course, two months after the census revealed that 1.5 million infected machines.

Another variant of the virus was found in January 2009, had been infected with the UK Ministry of Defence and took him to clean up the damage, the spread stopped there two weeks ago.

In February 2009, had exploded the number of machines that have been infected by Conficker and that millions were affected. In the same month, Microsoft can be given about the Conficker creators who had also announced a $ 250,000 reward for information.
Conficker C variant was seen in March and it was all infected PCs to get the latest variant.

Worst over, April 1, Conficker was not linked to C domains for instructions. Two million computers around April Fool’s Day, the victims of this variant.

In May 2004, four variants of the worm had to deal with computer experts had spread to the Windows operating system. The worm, known as SasserA, SasserB, SasserC and SasserD. Worm Windows 95, was subjected to other Windows operating system with Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows XP and Windows 2000.

According to a security expert at Ohio, Sasser worm was aggressive and the ability to quickly replicate.

Things more complicated is circulating the net, which promises a “solution” to remove an email Sasser worm, but they “have the right” said another of known virus Netsky-AC.

Experts believed that he was connected between the creators of the Sasser and Netsky.

Most computers need human intervention to spread the Sasser virus but used the threat of LSASS and until it can use the system, scan the Internet address. Since then, it has launched an executable file as it copies itself into the Windows directory itself and used the next time you boot your computer.

A sign that tries to go online on your PC is affected every time you restart. Sasser can spread from one machine.

Sasser was hit in Scandinavia a train system in Taiwan post office, banks and Sydney, Australia.

Police investigated virus creator, it is learned that he confessed to a 18-year-old German high school student virus. Microsoft and Young was arrested in the town of Rotenburg in northern Germany by the FBI after he was released.

7. Klez.H (2002)

Klez.H before April 15, published in 2002, and it did affect one in every 300 emails.

Many versions of the virus was released in cyberspace, but the most dangerous Klez.H. During this attack, attack Klez.H Windows, but since it does not affect Microsoft Outlook e-mail Microsoft was able to strengthen its anti-virus capabilities.

Virus choosing the names of the Works Address Book list but every email subject, the various range and text attachments, such use, making it difficult to detect and to identify on which e-mail virus does.

An email security company based in London was traced to 775,000 copies by the virus. This is the biggest virus that has been dubbed as a computer is affected customers.

8. Slammer (2003)

The SQL Slammer worm targeted a vulnerability found in Microsoft’s database software. Worm server software was exploited to the old Security delivered. Once the worm had infected the server, so multiple data requests, thus, will be sent to other computers that will be shipped to other Internet addresses increases the chances of infection. However, the worm does not infect any computer that can copy itself in emails. But the effect was devastating, it was bogged down by the network and the number of websites go offline.

Spread, began to spread that began on January 25, 2003, it had doubled its size every 8.5 seconds. In ten minutes, it was able to infect 90% of vulnerable hosts. This worm, around the peak or 3 minutes after it was issued, was already fifty million scans per second over the Internet.

Experts believed that it was infected millions of computers worldwide. Many countries are affected but most affected South Korea.

In South Korea, where three-quarters enjoy Internet access of the population, had been paralyzed for eight hours of online accessibility.

Slammer worm was able to infect and 75,000 hosts had some problems result in canceled airline flights and cash machines came out that network outages.

9. SirCam (2001)

SirCam worked to steal a sneaky computer bug, which stretches from files. SirCam virus from an evil bug that had been the former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. The problem, the president’s schedule was announced to the public and was spread around the world.

Ukraine’s President Kuchma sensitive file activities and travel program, which includes the anniversary of the liberation of the Ukraine.

SirCam was found in the July 2001 issue first. As the issue most widely used Internet was considered during this time. Individual computer users were not able to clear complained and Symantec Norton anti-virus detection problem.

SirCam was spread by opening an email attachment. The possibility to receive suspicious email, always with “Hi, how are you?” Begins the letter will open the middle part, and email are usually eliminated at the end of “See you later and thanks.” The receiver will ask you to open the attached file to the sender asking for advice about anything. If the attachment is opened, the bug will spread to your hard drive and restart the process.

SirCam virus to infect users of embarrassing emails. SirCam, he had infiltrated gets documents from Windows hard drive and then send it as an attachment to activate random email addresses from the address book.

He soon began private documents as images and individual users horrific horror as personal letters were sent out yesterday to strangers.

Big English was not available but the Spanish were spread variations. Symantec was forced to update a patch for the problem to clear his customers.

SirCam virus affected 96 countries most affected country, the United States and United Kingdom.

But after hitting the United States and Europe, e-mail worm also affected Japan. According to Sony Electronics reported that 6,000 SirCam was detected and removed infected emails.

10. Stuxnet (2010)

Stuxnet, was discovered in a computer worm 2010 and the worm, this worm specifically computers, water treatment, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, which run critical infrastructure like the power grid target Is.

According to Sean McGurk, the Homeland Security Department Head of Cyber Security Center, the worm enters the system and is ready to do anything they can steal any formula. Gurk called on Stuxnet as a “game changer”.

Which was named the worm used to attack there was really no option, Symantec, a popular security firm target Iran’s nuclear plants worm.

Symantec found that 44,000 of the Stuxnet infections worldwide. Which 1,600 were from the United States, but 60 percent of infections were found in Iran.

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