The 10 Most Controversial Vacation Spots

The 10 Most Controversial Vacation Spots

Not as innocent as a week-long stay in the Florida Keys vacation. Some international vacation destinations humans, wildlife and protected against more rights. That is not to say, however, forbidden to travel to these places or even slow down. Here is a list of ten most controversial vacation spots.

1. North Korea

North Korea is not hungry or even death with an ideal location, food shortages to stay, having more than half of its population brainwashing change. But what to leave out? The controversy, of course, is impossible, due to a vacation spot away from the repressive totalitarian state, North Korea. In fact, the lower house of horrors, people continue to travel. Vacations are very organized and can expect a people of a planned visit to North Korea. On the other hand, housing and public executions concentration camps, will be off limits.

When it comes time to schedule your next vacation, keep in mind this list. Consider this a place has been dying to meet you even if your trip will have implications on the designated spot.

2. Iraq

With all the media coverage in recent years, who want to travel to Iraq? Some people, apparently, are ready to desert, culture and adventure. In fact, tourism has been trending war zone in recent years. In 2010, for example, may cost up to $ 40,000 through the journey from Baghdad to visit the war zone. The situation in Iraq is prohibited tourists still can not travel alone, though, as individual travel in this country, is a little different than four years. You can schedule group tours and a guide will lead you if you are interested in a visit to Iraq. May not be as riddled with as a means of communication that you want to violence, but with all the action, on and AK 47s, it is still a controversial goal.

3. Peru’s Human Safaris

Peru once again makes this list for their “human safari.” These “attractions” are increasing in popularity recently. Some are being exploited by the local tribes living in the Amazon tour operators. To avoid some of these tribes are “uncontacted,”, which means that they knowingly communicate with the outside world. It is heavily frowned upon like the start of a holiday, but still has not been taken down with the legal action.

4. Palestinian Territories

Palestinian territories (the offer of East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank) beautiful landscape and mild weather, political instability is highly controversial trip. Land, air and sea blockade of the Gaza Strip to Israel is almost entirely off-limits. Although the West Bank and East Jerusalem so easily able to access, but it is controversial as holiday destinations.

5. Myanmar

Tourism is a growing industry in the developing country. Myanmar’s strict regime that the world is close, but cut out most of the controversial here to stay. The government also used forced labor as a means to build up the tourism, the red flag of the former nation. Now, although still controversial, actually a good thing to travel to Myanmar this is what some people say it provides employment for hundreds of thousands of Burmese people.

6. Alcatraz Island

What is a vacation destination for a life sentence was once locked up anything else. If you are in the area of San Francisco, you can schedule a cruise around the island of Alcatraz. Because such visits is to allow you to stay on the boat, learn about the history of the island and the prison no longer used, such tours are quite popular. Site, but is considered controversial, it was once a place of imprisonment and frustration.

7. Ukraine

Home, Pripyat terrible Chernobyl, Ukraine has found its way onto the list of controversial vacation spots. The most cost Chernobyl damage and most casualties, was the worst nuclear disaster in history. Back in 1986, the year of the nuclear crisis, it is impossible to travel to this place. Decades later, these deformities and Chernobyl-related cancer cases are occurring in the present, though, there is a potential vacation spot.

8. Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu is one of the most traveled to destinations in South America. Surface that sits 7,970 feet above sea attracts tons of 15-century Incan built every year. As a result, the Landmark Preservation, as well as the natural environment, is in danger. It is one of the ten wonders of the ancient world.

9. Costa Rica

Tourism in Costa Rica has surpassed all other means of economic growth for the nation. Unfortunately, however, the expanse in tourism has had negative implications on the country’s natural habitats and their inhabitants. Where hotels and tourism-related construction have taken place, there has been a surge in pollution both in water beds and on land. The country’s increased tourism has also significantly increased the drug trade, sex tourism, and the child sex trade within Costa Rica, making it a controversial place to travel.

10. Democratic Republic of Congo

There are multiple factors contributing to the DRC place on this list. First, violence and war continue to abuse civilians in parts of the Islamic militias after a long history. In addition to the adverse conditions faced by humans, endangered mountain gorillas is facing a further reduction of illegal poaching. When people travel schedule with the hope of a glimpse into the mountain gorilla Virguna National Park, they are exposed to greater risk species. Despite this, people continue to leave here.

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