The 10 Men You Won’t Believe Are Real

The 10 Men You Won’t Believe Are Real

Some people may vary due to normal ground, they are different from us. We have created a list of 10 men with an incredible physical characteristics. There is some weakness to make their lives and are popular for their power. If you see 10 men around the world can not believe you are genuine. You may also like to see ten women do it, you will not believe.

1. Amoo Hadji (Dirtiest Man On Earth)

No, this film is not any creature, he is a real person who has not washed for 60 years. He lives in a small village in Iran, and uses a tomb for the gold pit. An open brick hut is made by those who felt sorry for him, so that they can hide from the weather elements.

The animal dung and sometimes more than one smoker. Because of you he burns them to keep them short hair may feel awkward to type. Such has lived most of his life, and perhaps even his soul leaves his body will continue to stay that way, he said.

2. Sajad Gharibi (The Iranian Hulk)

Sajjad Gharibi a Persian man may not want to mess with. This is the only bone and muscle, he is the strongest man on the planet Earth, for which I received the title She-Hulk Iran.

3. Gary Turner (Man With Stretchiest Skin)

Gary Turner present Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder are prone to complain about an event that has weakened his skin. The skin, incredible stunts he performs many of which landed on the list, and the man you probably would not believe is true, he said.

4. Michel Lotito (Man Who Can Eat Anything)

Michael such as metal, glass, rubber and many many more are inedible material consumption is famous for his stunts. He said that disassembled, cut-up, and consumed bicycles, shopping carts, televisions, a Cessna 150 (plane), and other items. Cessna to “eat” 150 1980. 1978 took nearly two years, he began eating unusual material as a young man around 16 years old and I due to natural causes died 57 performed publicly in 1966..

5. Carlos “Halfy” Rodriguez (Man With Half Head)

An accident is responsible for the appearance of Carlos. After flying through a windshield in a car accident, he landed on top of her head, crushing his skull. Crash doctors to save him had to cut a big chunk of his brain, and yes, he is still alive, which seems like a miracle, caused so much damage.

6. Francisco Domingo Joaquim (Man With Biggest Mouth)

This is a very strange kind of genius. The wide mouth of the range, he said. When he went viral on your big mouth stunts YouTube, first came to the attention of the couple. He broke a Guinness World Record with a wide mouth on the planet. They can put an entire Cook said that in her mouth without any problem.

7. Chandra Bahadur Dangi (Shortest Man On The Planet)

A short human life tallest man ever lived. Chandra Bahadur Dangi of irrefutable evidence, just a short oldest living person in recorded history to have measured 54.6 cm. Dangi was a real dwarf. After a timber contractor came to the attention of the Lunar media see it in their village in Dang district in Nepal, and he was awarded the title of shortest adult human ever recorded was measured in the height of 20 February, 2012.

8. Sultan Kosen (Tallest Man On The Planet)

Sultan Kosen holds the world record in the men on the planet that Turkish farmers. He was walking on the face of the earth, making it look like a big man, is the height of confirmed 8FT 3in.

9. Tom Staniford (Man With No Fat)

Tom, MDP syndrome is an extremely rare condition called it always has been only 8 cases reported in the world that is very rare. Because of this syndrome, has zero fat in your body. The English man is a para-cyclist, and was 2011 National Para-cycling circuit racing champion.

10. Yu Zhenhuan (Hairiest Man On Earth)

No, the dress is not a chimpanzee, it is a real living in the human respiratory chain. Due to an abnormal condition, 96% of her body is covered in hair. Apparently, his whole life is facing many difficulties because of their appearance. They remove my childhood dream, which is to become a musician his hair, and is trying to pursue.

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