The 10 Male Celebrities who Overcame Eating Disorders

The 10 Male Celebrities who Overcame Eating Disorders

It comes to eating disorders, we usually attributed to women. We try to think that this is a network of women who are suffering, and that men somehow manages somehow to stay away from such evils. However, the fact is that eating disorders, as something that includes both over-eating, with only the noose with food, too, man. In the entertainment world, goes hand in hand with glamor stress, many men have gone through eating disorders, and also overcome such problems successfully. Some men with eating disorders read inspirational stories about celebrities:

1. Richard Simmons

Perhaps the actor is now a healthy diet guru, but, from his childhood, decided to reduce it when they weigh and almost everything until I started trying to be able to achieve this he was a compulsive eater who continue to reach youth. He resorted to diet pills and laxatives, and hunger, and had a poor routine of binging and clean. In the end of the evening, she began to recover, many were hospitalized programs.

Many causes of eating disorders, stress, low self-esteem, my self-concept, etc. However, because there is no reason to be ashamed of, and should not hide it. The ideal thing to do is come out of the recent denial about and get help. We like their style, can compete fashion, lifestyle, celebrities, we certainly can not be influenced by their struggles and how they overcame their eating disorders.

2. Ron Saxen

Everyone is familiar with the world of fashion with the frame following the 6’3 “blonde big shot as Ron walked the runway for designers blonde hair flowing. However, he is not a secret that the neck decay . he gained 70 pounds and ruined his career until he, compulsively within shorts periods of time, especially at night, to cope with the stress of food, cheeseburgers or candy bar there was a heavy eater, which is filled with large amounts yourself. after overcoming the disorder has written a good eater.

3. Justin Hawkins

The former frontman of The Darkness has always been known for their skin-tight cat suit. But, at one point of time, he was extremely disappointed to maintain their slim picture. So, she began taking laxatives and soon made himself sick. Very clearly, he is hard to talk about now know it went through an experience. Eat disorder she developed as a result of understanding how itself. They also tried to exercise, but only ended up in rehab for addiction to alcohol and cocaine in 2006.

4. Daniel Johns

The former frontman in the Australian band, Silverchair developed an eating disorder when the band was on their Freak Show tour in 1997, so much so that his weight dropped to less than 110 pounds. He was at his thinnest at that point of time, and became weak. His health conditions deteriorated so much that Daniel admits to being almost killed by anorexia. However, he sought treatment for his eating disorder and eventually recovered.

5. Russell Brand

The comedian was not as confident of seeing it today and always. As a teenager, he suffered from OCD and depression, and bipolar and smart, because he was basically just a chubby 14-year-old. He took delivery problems developed, and even damage to themselves with food. As a child, she felt lonely, and it was hard to deal with it, which gave birth to such eating disorders. He went to rehab and eventually recovered their bulimia, continued for some time.

6. Ashley Hamilton

Iron Man kicked off their wine was 3 star and that is simple, suffered from bulimia and anorexia once. Before he became addicted to drugs and alcohol, he was. He said he started taking drugs and abusing alcohol to control a food addiction. He said that although he has tried treatment to prevent or limit the amount of food to eat, now free of bulimia. It does not matter how reprehensible about food addiction in society, and it is considered shameful for a man to get it, he said.

7. Elton John

Elton John revealed on Larry King that once had bulimia. Princess Diana, who also went through a similar situation: the singer, had a cocaine addiction, which is a close friend to help him get over his complaint eating disorder. They were doing, how they found something strange, like he used to compare notes about in 1990 had to be in rehab for complaints of abuse and error, but they eventually I got it under control.

8. Dennis Quaid

Crazy and so thin that she became that have lost the power to pull itself out of a pool to die for Wyatt Earp film lost 40 pounds in 1994. His arms doctor with a thin actor Dennis Quaid anorexia was acquired to play Holliday. Although he was the mirror he could see a 180-pound man dropped to 138 pounds. For many years, he, his food, was obsessed with calorie intake and exercise until he was finally cured.

9. Billy Bob Thornton

Sling Blade star later revealed in 1998 that he worked in the film, U-turn, he got a ‘anorexic.’ He does believe that some psychological problem, and he, his girlfriend as she struggled with anorexia by himself denied this, Laura Dern, or actually, she complained of an eating disorder everyone who was suspected. The U-turn at 197 pounds, lost 59 pounds, 138 pounds and tin went down to advance. But, he was quick to get back their health and disorder.

10. Caleb Followill

She was a teenager when the front man was a long struggle with anorexia Leon kings. She had a low self-esteem, and I realized that he was not good enough. He is also in a constant state of these heavy exercises, even has been a number of push-ups and running on extremely hot days, the force with a heavy track suit. But, ultimately, they have managed to master her uncontrolled eating and exercise routines.

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