The 10 Little-Known and Fascinating Facts About Jackie Chan

The 10 Little-Known and Fascinating Facts About Jackie Chan

After 50 years in the industry and more than 100 films to his credit, Jackie Chan hardly needs an introduction. All was loved by all respect, Jackie Chan is an international legend. Jackie’s life, which we are very interesting aspect of having their fans, are unaware.

1. His Guinness World Records

One for his latest movie ‘Zodiac’ in as many as 15 to take care of various tasks as, more than any living stuntmen and stunt performances – he added two more World a record degree. The director, writer, lead actor, executive producer, producer, unit producer, art director, photographer, manager, prop man, stunt coordinator, stunt, gaffer, caterer theme song was also a singer, musician and food. Yes, it is our Jackie!

2. Jackie Chan’s Stuntmen Association

While performing stunts with stunt performers will often Jackie injury early in his career. It has built because they sing pan, reliable and well-trained people in the name of the stuntmen association, some of them his friends, after boarding school. The team will choreograph action scenes with Jackie and, while they will remain together. The Sing pan or Jackie Chan Stunt Artists Association has worked in 28 films, Jackie.

3. His Body Is Full Of Injuries

Pain in virtually every part of his body suffered. Jackie, her hands on numerous abuse, so that his nose is broken three times running scenes he used a body double to shoot injured his knee countless times. He broke his ankle, injured his neck, his leg crushed between two cars and also dislocated his back, shoulder and sternum bone. Jackie not only to demonstrate the performance of their own stunts, but the injury is known.

4. He Sings and Has 20 Albums to His Credit

Our wantonly talented Jackie. We already knew that he was brought up in a strict boarding school where academic lessons were given. After hard training made him a master singer from childhood, and in 1984, he has churned out 20 albums featuring her song. Since 1980, he has been singing in the closing credits of the Chinese films and sang songs of his film ‘theme Young Master. Disney film ‘Mulan’ in China the song “Jackie was dubbed version will be a man out of you.

5. A Stunt That Froze His Blood

Even after years of practice and successful stunt performances every stunt Jackie got scary. But I’m not the one who? ‘ The film was very well remember the climax of the chip as terrible as it is seen in the storied building Willemswerf 21 slides down to pull Rotterdam. So it was not just a sliding (how Jackie can be satisfied with a live performance). He fell over traveling down the sloping side of the building at a 45 degree angle, I stood up and went quickly to falling down before sliding forward to. He reportedly working up the courage to do this stunt lasted two weeks.

6. A Perfectionist Who Was Awarded

The film is a big thing. We are particularly aware of the seriousness of the leading directors of expectations. Rumors Charlie Chaplin in his famous film director, City Lights, 300 times redid a scene that rose to just hold on a perfect angle. David Fincher is said to be a scene for an average of 50 times. Film “Dragon Lord” (1982) was beaten in the recipe but they all hit our beloved Jackie Chan, he took 2,900 for a single 10 minute scene. The wide opening scene of the movie with a dozen stuntmen involved. He was awarded by the Guinness World Records takes more of a scene.

7. He Doesn’t Understand Hollywood

Jackie Hollywood is not much of a fan. Even after successful years with Rush Hour films and blockbuster films like Shanghai Noon films, Jackie, they do not have the American humor nor understands the madness of the Hollywood behind the film developed after the car shown on the says. Jackie did not like Rush Hour will not be reported and the sequels did not offer the amount of truck loads. Around the 1980s Hollywood during his early years in Hollywood, Jackie, as they were the directors want to be the next Bruce Lee struggled to establish their own style. No, little Jackie Chan “in Asia, has come to Jackie Chan in a Jackie Chan movie.” He may not have worked with such Hollywood big daddies who has become a respected actor Steven Spielberg but that does not matter,

8. When He Almost Died Performing A Stunt

Jackie Chan, has been seemingly impossible life-threatening stunts with an ace and stunt performer relative ease. In 1986 he was once nearly killed perform simple stunts. He went to Yugoslavia and flew down to jump from a wall to a tree (with a jetlag) set. In his first attempt, but it did not appeal to the amazing feeling and on the second attempt, was Jackie tree and fell short from branches to grab them, very low down on the rocks below. He then poking in skull fracture and that the ear is bleeding out of his brain tissue suffered a bone. She left her partially lost hearing in his right ear and on the incident seal a hole in the cork still in a plastic plate.

9. Angry Jackie’s Real Fight on Set

In 1984, while filming the wheels’ dinner, Jackie trouble reading while shooting a fight scene with the ‘Jet’ Urquidez (angry damaged by a kick boxing world champion). Jackie, by way had landed a few blows with boxing. Since anger and frustrated a fair challenge Jackie Jackie Urquidez match and not a kickboxer himself, Urquidez saying warned they will get injured. Crew members soon began taking sides and place bets but never happened, unfortunately, for the exhibition match. By gones to be by-gones, Jackie and Urquidez film “Dragon always appeared again the scene of a battle” (1988).

10. His Parents Left Him as A Child

of which have helped to provide the doctor who had two children on either side of $ 26 after the parents went to Australia in search of work, while Jackie was left in a boarding school.

Jackie and her fellow drama student, was given lessons on acrobatics, martial arts and music and the hard life in the boarding school was beaten as a mistake. Schools teach students to read or write. 8 years after the death of Bruce Lee, Jackie appeared in a film for the first time, they established themselves as the next big star of the Hong Kong film industry gradually.

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