The 10 Libraries with State-of-the-Art Architectures and Designs

The 10 Libraries with State-of-the-Art Architectures and Designs

Libraries are a storehouse of knowledge. With his extensive collection of books, a chance to expand their horizons and learn more of the world. The oldest libraries, many of which today stand with grace, beautiful, European structures, and create an environment that will serve about books. The other hand, modern, new libraries, which is for the future architectures. These state-of-the-art library. Let’s look at some of the buildings.

1. Seattle Central Library

OMA + designed by LMN, its flagship library building is unique. Just pretend that it is not by building advanced. As this communication, safety and security, audio and visual facilities, counseling, etc. such as the present. The 362,987-square-foot library is an underground parking space for 143 vehicles. The library has 400 computers for 1.45 million books and materials, and public use. It was opened on May 23rd 2004.

2. TU Delft Library, Netherlands

Delft University of Technology Library was built in the year 1997. The Delft-based architecture was designed by the Bureau, Mecanoo. It is located behind the famous University Hall. Library roof is covered with grass, a lift and structure of the earth. The library has over a steel cone, and the walls are filled with glass completely. The project rooms, are 155 computers and other facilities in the spaces 995 works, including books, doctoral theses and books before 1900 was completed with 867000 book titles.

3. Belarus National Library

Founded in 1922, Mihail Vinogradov and Viktor Kramarenko redesigned the building of the copyright library in 2006, on the bank of the Slepyanka River, with 22 floors. The rhombicuboctahedron shape represents the human knowledge, or a gem. During the daytime, its glass skin reflects the sunlight. After sunset, it offers a similar brightness using 4,646 RGB light fixtures and a lighting design software. It has the largest collection of Belarusian printed materials, and third largest collection of Russian books, with e size of 8,600,000. The building has Minsk’s only public observation deck.

4. Royal Danish Library, Denmark

Black Diamond designated, it alone contains 33.3 million objects from the 16th century, including 6.1 million books and journals. The building was opened in 1999. Schmidt Hammer website …. Designed by mental, which is located along the waterfront of Copenhagen. The name is a reference to the black granite facade. The left-leaning looks like a box and a distorted prismatic shape. A glazed facade of the crevasse divided into two parts, and the height of the building with a panoramic view to another operator. This is a floating appearance. Internal, also, uniquely, the futuristic design.

5. Stuttgart City Library, Germany

Library, designed by Yi Architects and opened in 2011, looks like a crystal cube-shaped building, more than a Rubik’s cube with white and blue. The strikingly white inner books that are all focused on display. Stairs that connect all floors are placed randomly. The inside of the building ‘heart’, it represents local and missed the main point. Reading room is the size of the pyramid. There is a glass ceiling above. Apart from the preparatory work, the structure also provides functional space for various events.

6. Sendai Mediatheque, Japan

In 2001 he designed and opened by TOYO ITO, diaphanous glass panels for multi-purpose building, and covered with metal ribs and located by Matsushima Bay. The unique structure of the building that blends perfectly with its surroundings are included along with pillars around the trees and swept through several plants, building. Reflects light during the day, and is therefore in a mass lantern at night the interior light. It is a media library with a great collection, and the building also serves as an art gallery.

7. Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt

Located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, this library and cultural centre in Alexandria is vast, with shelf space for 8 million books. It has an amazing architecture, with a 320metre high ceiling above the reading room. The roof is covered with glass and is tilted out like a sun-dial. The walls are covered with Aswan granite, and to add the authentic Egyptian touch, there are characters from 120 scripts carved in the wall. It serves not only as a library but as a museum. It maintains an internet archive backup and provides books on a print-on-demand basis.

8. Geisel Library, San Diego

the tower is placed, sitting on top of a two-storey concrete block like structure. This is an imposing and highly developed work of architecture. Social Sciences with library materials and services of other special collections and archives, physical sciences, marine sciences, humanities, engineering, areas of study and related arts, contains.

9. José Vasconcelos Library in México City

It will not resist modern cultural nature, opened in the library, 2006, and therefore, architects Alberto Kalach and designed to represent the integrated public library with a botanical garden that is an array of plants endemic to Juan Palomar Mexico was done. The structure, surrounded by greenery and water made up of steel, concrete and glass stands. Even more important feature of the building is monumental interior of the building. It also houses a very artistic sculpture of a whale skeleton, along with sculptures by various Mexican artists made by Gabriel Orozco.

10. Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Opened in 1963, this 6-story marble structure, with the development of granite, bronze and glass, is a charmingly simple yet highly innovative out. Gordon designed marble white marble with veins of gray Bunshaft panel lights are a nearly a monochromatic frame Rubik’s Cube, each type by gray granite. The marble panels filter light. Rotating leads to the tower with a glass of growing books through the glass doors of the main building. For rotating exhibition that showcases a rich collection of books up the stairs to a mezzanine level.

Many similar, are built in a time of e-books, Internet and modern architectures. This is something that only proves that there is something special about books, and lies in leafing through the pages can not be found in digital books.

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