The 10 Lesser-Known Freaky Facts about Disney

The 10 Lesser-Known Freaky Facts about Disney

Disney is just a theme park for children living anywhere in the world, dream of visiting more. , Sometimes funny and often unreliable strange that the corporate media around that stuff. Disney is less known here 10 weird facts that you probably did not know. 
1. When Disney Issued Underwears

When it comes to business, Disney bosses can be a heck of an annoyance. Disney characters sees a ghostly parks that was clearly dead, was proper. In order to have ran the risk of becoming available for their personal underwears underwears issued by the company were required to wear those men who were suffering but not everyone knows the unknown. It really does not matter, but a shift over the underpants with the suit had to be shared with another actor. Up began to spread among the washed with hot water every night, lice and scabies actors. Were heard complaining about the smell of hate clothes. At the end of 2001, Disney came to an understanding with their employees, who since then his underpants and allow them to do their washing.
3. A Film Shoot Secretly in Disney

We have already selfishness and demonstrate how seriously Disney takes their property. But one man seems to have had his way with Disney and even got away unharmed. From the film “Total Randy Moore was not on the Disney grounds, but was shot entirely without their permission. A comprehensive plan before coming to Moore’s work and the film secretly. During a Disney vacation with his family, Sundance Film Festival in 2013. The film was shown in a recently unemployed father of the terrible journey. This is not the behavior of the type known to ignore Disney but their failure Fortunately for Randy, not Disney no action, being in the first place, to prevent the film maybe I should not glorify.
4. Thelma Howard, The Housekeeper

Thylma were necessary in a tragic poverty-stricken childhood. It was to give birth while cooking dinner in their house burned to death precious sister while their mother died. She was a legal secretary, but because of lack of money, dreamed of becoming a stop on her wishes. Then in 1951 he got a job that would change his life. She became a maid at the residence of Disney. Being a live-in housekeeper who was devoted to his faith grew and the family. Walt Disney used to give out shares of stock to thylma as holiday gifts. Though the stock, after they had reached the heavens polite. Thylma died in 1994, he left behind a legacy of $ 9 million dollars, half of the needy and homeless children in general, his son and went to the second half.
5. A Film on Menustration

Following World War II, Disney was seen making a few short instructional films. That was to deal with the girls menstrual hygiene during a movie. ‘Menstrual Story’ – – Celucotton company name created by the Commission in 1946 after the film was popular in school and young girls. It was censored by a Disney film, showing text white menstrual fluid and limited anatomy. Short across the United States 10 minutes, but some are largely gained widespread acceptance at the time, which was an effort to give its rivals a boost to sales of severe beating received Celucotton the Kotex brand products, What.
6. Hopelessly Low-Level Employees

It may seem surprising, but Disney, proves inadequate even to basic necessities of life which earns the minimum wage to $ 8.03 per hour. Disney because some workers to go home. They usually sift from motel to motel and hotel rooms for rent on a weekly basis. Some of them share the motel rooms – violate the general occupation rules – to adjust for one or two weeks.
7. The Mean Side of Disney

Disney, and then copy the famous characters have gone to great lengths to secure rights. Back in 1989, a day care center had to send notice from Disney Disney characters to erase the painted walls. But in 2006, a still wanted the baby to be born when the Pooh Winnie ‘gravestones grave of their child. People who love Disney engraved to be denied by Disney was imprudent enough money tactics. After a public outcry, he said that “Our deepest sympathies are in touch with us go out to the family. They are in the process of completing the application.”
8. Alexis Texas

‘Hanna Montana’ Disney franchise is probably the largest ever. The show was so popular among youth spread far beyond America’s borders. But the Hanna Montana, Miley Cyrus was known only as a country singer, Billy Ray’s daughter. Several girls were considered to play the part, which was eventually won Miley. When the show finally went to the floor, makers of the session Storm as the name of Cyrus the scenes before settling finally some brain Hanna Montana. When, Name ‘ALEXIS Texas, which had considered the use, but the chunked out by Disney, was adopted by a young’ porn star ‘in the entertaining part. Texas agreed ALEXIS began his career in 2006, when I went into the show’s production. Since then has worked in 500 films in Texas.
9. DVDs Capable of Self-Destruction

Disney once ‘Flexplay EZ-D DVD, in which different convenience stores was easily the self-destructive invention called television a unique ID available. The cost was equivalent to rental DVDs. DVD tightly packed in vacuumed packages that were opened when once, after 48 hours, was oxidized at levels that destroy the material. The pack comes with a caution: do not open until the movie is ready for viewing! Despite it being commercially feasible, the product failed to attract attention.
10. Coincidence or Destiny

When Alex and Donna Voutsinas were living sifting, to some nostalgic moments of their family photos, they discovered that when they were children he had met at Disneyland. In one of the photos taken in 1980, it is seen with the first mate, Mr. Smee, Captain Hook Donna 5 years old. And in the background, she was 3 years old little Alex felt a stroller being pushed around by his father. Naturally, they were astonished. Alex’s mother went on a hunting spree for their own Disney vacation photos taken during the summer. Certain photographs (T-shirt color) it is none other than Alex and his father in the background. I think that sealed their fate.

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