The 10 Largest Rice Producing States in India 2017

The 10 Largest Rice Producing States in India 2017

The rice grain is a staple food of the country. Accounts for 20% of total output and the second position in the world after India and China in terms of rice production. Is over 400 million hectares in 20 states under rice cultivation as the amount of hectares in India. India is also crossed the 100 million tonnes in 2015. The top ten rice production in the country accounts for about 80% of the total production of the country’s largest exporter of rice in the world.

The effects of green revolution has drastically increased rice cultivation in the country and contribute to the increased adoption of modern production methods.

1. West Bengal

West Bengal is India’s rice granary. Rice is the staple food of the local population. Under rice cultivation, which comes to about 50 million hectares in the 50 percent of its arable land. Creation of rice in India with a production of 148.05 million tonnes in the last fiscal year in West Bengal.They are important in making the top ten states second largest producer of rice in India.

2. Uttar Pradesh

The state land under rice cultivation in India is 59 lakh hectares. Uttar Pradesh, the country’s total rice production accounts for a whopping 15 percent. The rice production is 2300 kg / ha. With a production of 142.22 million tonnes last year, U.P is second in the list.

3. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a part of 12% of the total production of rice in India. State, with more than 3100 kg / ha yield, is also among the states with higher yields. Some of Kavya, Sannalu, Pushkala, gold and increase Tikkana the rice varieties. This is the third in the list with a production of 130 million tonnes last year.

4. Punjab

Creation of a leading rice instead of wheat in the country, Punjab. Most of India Punjab is identified with the production of wheat, but it is also the fourth largest producer of rice in the country. Punjab under rice cultivation has more than 28 million hectares of land and accounts for 10 percent of total rice production in the country. Designated popular varieties of basmati rice is grown in large-scale state. 107.82 million tons of rice last year in the province.

5. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu contributes 7% of the total rice production in the country. State land under rice cultivation is 1.9 million hectares. In terms of yield per hectare, Tamil Nadu top right of all states with a staggeringly large number of 3900 kg. That’s because the state, despite having less land under rice cultivation, is the fifth country of production. 75.85 million tonnes of rice in Tamil Nadu last year.

6. Bihar

Spring is one of the virtue of its fertile soil, air and water stable and important agricultural states by abundant vegetation. Rice cultivation is carried out in more than 33 million hectares of land. The state has witnessed a boom in production in recent years. This can be attributed to the increasing adoption of modern agricultural practices by farmers and various government initiatives. Spring is the sixth in the list with a production of 72.68 million tonnes last year.

7. Chhatisgarh

Chhattisgarh accounts for more than 5% of the total rice production in the country. State under rice cultivation is 3.7 million hectares of land. Some of the varieties of rice are grown Vandana, revolution, Aditya, basil and Abhaya. Rice is the most important crop in the state is extremely favorable for the development of the crop, because of its fertile soil. The state has increased its production every year. Total production was 64.28 million tons last year.

8. Odisha

Rice is an important crop in the state. This is the cultivation of rice, more than 65 percent of the total cultivated area of the state that could be applied. Orissa accounts for about 5% of the total production of rice in India. Including some of the major rice growing areas of Ganjam, Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh, Bargarh and Kalahandi in. 60.08 million tons of rice last year in Orissa.

9. Assam

Rice is the staple food of the people of this state and its main agricultural products. The amount of land under rice cultivation is 2.5 million hectares in the stands. Assam Good rainfall and weather conditions provide a favorable environment for rice cultivation. Bora rice varieties developed in Assam, including Chokuwa and Joha. Total production of rice was 48.18 million tonnes in the previous year.

10. Karnataka

Karnataka is known for, which is a south Indian state and its capital became more widespread in the IT hub of Bangalore. In terms of rice production, the share of 3% of the total production of the country. The state has about 14 million hectares of land under rice cultivation. Mysore, Bellary, Coorg, is Belgaum, Tumkur and Udupi where rice farmers are some of the key areas in the state. Average rice yields in the 2700 kg per hectare. Total rice production by the government last year was 41.68 million tonnes.

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