The 10 Largest Onion Producing States of India 2017

The 10 Largest Onion Producing States of India 2017

India diverse cultures, traditions, languages, and yet a land of irrigation methods. However, no agriculture in India and contributed to the increase in GDP in the sector. More than 30% above its share of economic growth in the agricultural sector accounts. India Agriculture has always been an important element in the EXIM policy in enhancing the role of the international commercial market. India Weather for various crops and that agriculture holds a strong position in the economic development of the country, among them onions. Three seasons of onions in India are mainly present. Rabi ‘(March to June), monsoon (October-December) and late autumn (January to March). These three new Rabi season the onion is an important part of the total production of onion onion production in India is 60-65%. Mainly made available to the narrator October and the spring onion is constantly available for the export market as foreign.

The top 10 large onions onion production in the following states (estimated by the government portal) between India Agriculture There are several states in India:



Located near the Arabian Sea, which provides climate during which the climate best suited for the cultivation of onions from March to June. The onion production is concerned, the accounts for the majority share. The average yield of 5867 (000 tons) over 468 (000 hectare) area each year. The state average yield of 14,667 kg / ha per year.

The onion export and Alo needs of the people of various countries in the above mentioned states onions are produced to meet the states.


Located near the Western Ghats and the Bay of Bengal. Familiar climate and made the perfect ground for the cultivation of onions with soil suitability of accommodation. Onions or used for domestic purposes or for making international trade in the international market. Onion with an output of about 2466.40 (000 tons) are produced in the region of 164.30 (000 hectares) of standard quality. The yield capacity of 15,011 kg / ha per year.


Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India. State cooperation spontaneously in 3rd position and India’s economic growth. State 117.31 (000 hectares) for the cultivation of onions in onion production plays the United States in India with a total land available. Average production of onions in the State in 2826 yielding mature onions and 24,090 kg / ha per year is (000 tons).


Gujarat is next on our list. Suitable climate, have helped them to dust, and the state’s 4th position due to the availability of area for growing onions. Mainly deals in producing the Rabi season. The state has an area of 72.6 (000 hectares) with a production of approximately 1858 (000 tonnes every season). State with limited land has yielded 25,592 kg / ha capacity.


Bihar is also the majority of people committed to agriculture practices. 5th position in the state as a result of which the major onion producing states in India, the structure of agriculture provides various facilities to improve. The state is approximately 1304.15 per year (000 tons) of 54.32 (000 hectares of land under onion cultivation with the production) area. The average production of about 24008 kg / ha.


Andhra Pradesh has lost parts of its share in onion production due to political interference. Now, about the state 1002.1 (which produced 000 tonnes) 66.1 (000 hectares) of land in the area is onions. State, although divided into two parts, but the top 10 in the production of onions in the country in the United States. About the best output 15160 kg / ha year.


Haryana state, where more than 80 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture and various crops are cultivated most of the onion is one among them. 27.8 State under onion cultivation with production of approximately 604.47 (000’tonnes) a year (000’hectares) of land. The focus is mainly on the production of wheat, but it is hand production of 21744 kg / onion in a year.


Moved to Rajasthan and far anxious to play a key role as the production of onions in India. State as a result of 139.1 Land (000’Hectares) area under onion 4760.21 (getting a production 000’tonnes) who deals in onion production in the late kharif season. The state is about 3422 kg / ha average yield excellent year.


Uttar Pradesh, the 9th position in the major onion producing states in India next on our list. Led AkhileshYadav shown some remarkable changes in the agricultural practice. State 26.6 (000’Ha) is the total output of approximately 474.01 (000’tonnes) a year under onion cultivation in the area, with an average yield of 17820 kg / ha.


Tamil Nadu has always been producing states in India which gained 10th position as an onion. Tamil Nadu is the area under onion cultivation in 37.7 (000 ‘hectares) of land and is about 429.72 marginality production (000 tonnes). State / ha yield is approximately 11398 kg each. Produced by the onions can not be recovered in time, but he made available for domestic purposes as well as for personal use.

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