The 10 Largest Jute Producing States In India 2017

The 10 Largest Jute Producing States In India 2017

India is the largest manufacturer of jute and holds 61 percent of the total world production of jute production. Earlier, before independence, production and distribution in different parts of India Hindu world, but possesses the monopoly exporter of jute, jute production was the most hands Pakistan. Now, there are still 10 states in the production of jute in India.

1. West Bengal

West Bengal is the largest producer of jute with a total area of 577 hectares and 8349 per bale. (A bale of jute containing a maximum of 18 kg). Jute production where the maximum Barddhaman, Malda, Murshidabad, 24 Parganas, Medinipur areas like areas.We have to understand that India does not even need to hear the raw input in other countries do not export. They listen to import input raw jute products from Bangladesh and produced in mills. Therefore, jute products they sell to other countries.

2. Bihar

Purnia, Darbhanga, Saharsa, Bihar and Katihar districts with India as the second largest producer of jute. This gives a total output of 1690 bales of 139.1 hectares of land.

3. Assam

In Nowgong, Sibsagar, Tezpur, Assam’s Goalpara Darrangh and many cities in the state which are produced together. Many countries are united together through this way. The total land area of 70 hectares and Assam produced 823 bales of jute on.

4. Andhra Pradesh

In the south, a state of Andhra Pradesh is also the production of jute and getting a good harvest. State having a total area of 25 hectares and they are 225 bales of jute cultivation.

5. Odisha

Is being developed by the State at the time, and it’s only Orissa focus on farming their main occupation. They also are within jute cultivation area of 22.4 hectares, and they are generating 177.7 bales of jute.

6. Meghalaya

The heavy rain is considered suitable for the cultivation of jute, which also offers Meghalaya and offers a total production of 86.31 nodes on 12.6 hectares of land.

7. Nagaland

Within the small hectares of land for the cultivation of jute, nodes also offers 40.2 4.6 hectares of land in Nagaland.

8. Tripura

They are good for the cultivation of jute northeastern states that are adequate resources for the same purpose. The jute cultivation in Tripura is also possible that the reason for this. It produces 11 bales of jute on 1.3 hectares of land.

9. Uttar Pradesh

The total is put a very small part in the cultivation and jute products. 4 hectares of land that is harvested for export to 4.5 bales of jute.

10. Others

Offers jute cultivation in several states and in which proportions are too small for them. Even at low and marginal farmers with the resources where the static is not, a part of the 20 hectares of state land.

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