The 10 Intriguing Facts About Abraham Lincoln

The 10 Intriguing Facts About Abraham Lincoln

1. Lincoln Was One Heck Of A Speech Writer

The most comprehensive Delhi and the polite speeches. He was held in a way that words attracted the audience. He had once observed that “it is to find a common ground, a reason to open my way to the first agreement.” He was silent a wise decision!Interesting facts: The Gettybury speech is said to be Lincoln’s most brilliant speech. But only few know that while delivering the speech Lincoln was actually suffering from smallpox.

2. Religious Or Not, Lincoln Was Spiritual

Lincoln spoke more on spiritual level than religious. Over the years many sects have tried to claim him, but the truth is Lincoln never joined any church, he never offered prayer before meals. He read his Bible regularly. Once he was asked if he thought the Lord was on the side of the North during the Civil War, Lincoln said that he was not worried about that at all, “ But it is my constant anxiety and prayer that I and this nation should be on the Lord’s side.”


3. Lincoln Participated In Seances

Historians have not been able to agree on President Lincoln’s religious beliefs and many speculate that he believed in occult. Since parent Lincoln’s lost their first two born, Edward and Willie at such tender age, they often tried to contact their dead children through séance. These séances were held on the White House. Weather the séance were successful is unknown till date.


4. Lincoln Had Supernatural Powers!

He knew weeks before his death, his death was near. It was very sad premonitions of death following his dream. At one point he dreamed of hearing a cry in a remote room in the White House. He found it tried to Rome and asked him why he was crying. The person said that the president had died crying. Lincoln saw that he was inside the coffin into the room and saw the body.

5. Bizarre Coincidences: Lincoln & Kennedy

The following are the few coincidences between America’s two most popular presidents of all time – Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.
Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 while Kennedy was elected in 1946.
Lincoln & Kennedy were both shot in the head with a bullet on the same day of the week i.e. Friday
Lincoln’s successor was born in 1808 and was named Johnson. Believe it or not, Kennedy’s successor was born in 1908 and he too was named Johnson.

6. Lincoln Loved Machines

is that so. He was a strange happening inside the brain and often pull apart the pieces of the machine, hold the stretch. Lincoln wanted to get basic things to understand how they worked. Not surprisingly, he invented to try his hand at a unique machine. Lincoln in 1849. “to the vessels passing shoals in Buoying” note issued to a patent for a device interesting, held a patent since no other US president.

7. Robert Was A Serious Death-Magnet

Robert Lincoln, the only surviving Lincoln kid was a magnet to all sorts of tragedies. Once he was saved from a train accident by a guy named Edwin Booth and twice he had witnessed assassinations – not of his own father – but of Garfield and McKinley in the same World Fair.

Interesting Facts: Edwin Booth was actually the brother of Abraham Lincoln’s killer, John Wilkes Booth.

8. Lincolns Are All Dead

Abe has no living heir. He had 4 sons with his wife, Mary Todd. Unfortunately touching up from 3 to 12 years in 20 Edward died before passing 4, died at the age of 18years of mergers and Ted. He survived only Robert and entered puberty. Robert decedents are known to have died around 1980.

9. Lincoln’s Hieght

It wasn’t just his ‘stovepipe’ hat that made him look tall. At 6’4”, Abraham Lincoln is till date the tallest president of American. Which brings us to the question of the shortest president of America. Who was he? Well, his name is James Madison and he was the 4th president of the country. With a height of 5’4”, he was an entire foot shorter than Linclon (even without his hat).


10. Lincoln’s Secret Pocket

Lincoln letters, bills, notes, ET is used high top hat to keep him. He used seriousness of his pocket and instead use their tall, straight heat. There could be two possible reasons – a no doubt a very important person like papers, a place you will never have to think picketers did not have to carry two, they own an Android smartphone need a safe place to me!

What interesting things: hat known as a ‘high’? It has long been stood up and straight pipe length, therefore, high, due to imitation.

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