The 10 Halloween Superstitious Customs That Never Change

The 10 Halloween Superstitious Customs That Never Change

Winter is slowly kicks off with Halloween festive season, with creeping up on us. Only a few days away, I think Halloween has become a global day celebrating the holiday. US to Australia, Halloween is taking the world by storm. What is it about this festival that go “ahhhh” or “ooohhh” for all? -and Candy to right, starting lots of it- for younger enthusiasts. Halloween costumes are so superstitious, fun, decorations, parties and “Trick or Treat” motto just adds icing to the cake is delicious Halloween. The festival has been around for over 2000 years as a way to celebrate and respect the afterlife of the dead, but through all these years, there are some rituals are stuck around since the beginning are.

1. Black Cats

More “Halloweeny” and that could be a black cat? Those dark, cunning animals have always been a part of the dark side. They will hunt for witches in the dark ages. Old, poor women are usually called, are being witches and their pets, cats were associated with evil as well. They believe that black cats were witches by the devil. The devil will take the form of a black cat, it was rumored that he will meet witches. Nowadays, the Black Cats and used as a staple decoration around a house on Halloween.

2. Jack -O’- Lanterns

A favorite children’s activities on Halloween is a wonderful story of this ancient rite of carving pumpkins with scary faces. It is believed that Jack will play a joke on a drunken farmer named Satan. With these tricks was to enter Paradise who left to wander in the darkness of that stopped him from Hell. He then used some hot embers from a carved turnip and hell, the devil gave him, and made a lantern to guide his soul. Jack -O’- lantern out of a home and a way to basically guide the dead back home. Actually, when the Irish used turnips were, but they fled to the United States, the tradition was changed to pumpkins because turnips were rare.

3. Bats

Bats have always been associated with evil and the dark side for hundreds of years. Down the spine of many people before the very eyes of a vampire sends a shiver. Several films portray vampires and bats as a vessel changes to witches. It is also seen 3 times a bat flying around a home, it is believed that a person will die in this house. And those spirits that have a bat flies into a house, the house is haunted and allow the bat that this is the general idea. Toy bat is “scary” for the function that is used as home decoration on Halloween to add the extra bit.

4. Spiders

When it comes to fun these eight-legged freaks are just a favorite dish that plays a big part in Halloween with this. Spooky Spiders are considered and would like to send out the message that the provocative festival. But spiders are strange reason are not included in the festival. The fact is that people think that spiders have been used by witches to practice evil practices. In fact, the festival’s early years, it was believed that a lamp fell into a spider that if the witches and burn completely. Folklore was spotted spider on a good night, I was watching a dead family member.

5. The Witch

We look at their toys, but now we have seen the Lord. Witch is actually a new addition to the Halloween holiday. It was initially called the “witch”, “Krone” is a law, called the woman I know. It was observed during the pagan festival. Many children participate in witch dress in costumes and parties -or- trick or treat around the neighborhood. This is a very common sight “witches” walking around with brooms in hand or serving “magic potion” lemonade during Halloween is to stand on a pot.

6. The Cauldron

This is an object we have all seen in witch movies and is some cartoons as well. The witches stand over the cauldron, mixing in different ingredients like lizard toes, frog’s legs and mermaid tears to create some ungodly potion. But these cauldrons were originally seen as the womb of mother Earth. The souls of all the dead were collected in this “womb” and waited to either pass on or get reborn as newer souls get added.The cauldron can be seen outside many homes as a decoration during Halloween. Some parties even have a cauldron and use it as a bowl for serving snacks or punch.

7. The Witches Broom

Remember “The Wizard of Oz”? The evil witch cackling while she rides her “flying” broom stick? Well, Halloween (of course clothes) is the best time to see witches everywhere. If you see a witch, sweeping the first three things that catch your eye, pointy hat, and a long pointy nose. But the most significant and sweeping festival came about when the first flight. Elderly poor women as they walk around with sticks as he could not afford horses. It was occasionally changed with broom sticks. They lived in the woods because of women’s poverty. Some nights, a balm for these women is due to give his heart beat faster, I will cover myself, will give them a sense of confusion and apathy. This medicine hallucigenic them feel like they were flying through the forest.

8. Trick -or- Treat?

This is probably one of the most well-known rituals of Halloween. -or- Cute trick treat has become a fun way to collect candy from children homes. They visit homes to collect treats in their neighborhood clothing and clothing. But this tradition was not always just about sweets. In fact, it was at its weakest on Halloween partition between the world of the dead and believe our world. This would allow spirits to enter our world in the form of beggars. These spirits visit homes and ask for money or food, and they were denied to their spirits will curse residents at home. Another belief is that spirits would mistake them develop their own demons and they will be left alone.

9. The “Colors”

Worldwide, Color “are associated with the festival of death” that are black and orange. The leaves and fruit color during the fall of oranges behind. Black weather at the end of the summer months, or “sign of life”. I came through the colored races. The color made her entrance in yellow, purple and green beans. Although the introduction of new colors for the holiday brought a modern, yet classic colors are prominent individuals.

10. A Night of Mischief

When it comes to Halloween, young people seem to enjoy themselves more. He took this opportunity to make fun of others, the toilet paper houses and causing havoc on the streets. From the very beginning, has been a favorite for Halloween youth but slowly calm. When adults handed out candy to children, have been killed in the fun. But even the “mischief” that some young spark and the spark is ignited just before Halloween. That is why it placed 31st to 30th October, now ruined the fun.

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