The 10 Famous People with Strange Phobia

The 10 Famous People with Strange Phobia

Recently, the Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she is afraid of singing in front of a crowd. They have also revealed that she freaked out Talk show host Ellen, brought two dolls she hates dolls, porcelain, and. Just like any person or Pediophobia fear for dolls, Channing dolls like eyes that life was always more fear. There are phobias that are very famous people from different fields. Here we look at a few of such famous people with this fear.

1. Oprah Winfrey: Chiclephobia

The most sought after and popular television personalities, Oprah Winfrey, to produce a lot of shows, and has touched millions of lives with its famous chat show. Opera fear chewing gums. As a young girl, she saw the stick chewing gums where his grandmother and the Cabinet, the mint color and juicy fruit rows. Finally, he hated the sound of chewing gums, or how people play with them, so that, where the building is imposed the ban, shoots as they appear to him.

Apart from these celebrities have shown some form of phobia many famous people in history. For example, the first US President George Washington, while Taphephobic They feared being buried alive president’s 34th, Richard Nixon, which suffered Nosocomephobia, fear of hospitals. French Emperor Napoleon Ailurophobia, a fear of cats. Scientist Nikola Tesla Kosmimaphobia, as well Mysophobia, who fear the jewelry, the fear of germs. Sigmund Freud, the master of psychoanalysis and has dealt with the study of phobias, among other things, themselves, Hoplophobia hunting weapons and fear, and Pteridophobia, abnormal fear of ferns.

2. Alfred Hitchcock: Ovophobia

Did the famous Hollywood director and producer of the cycle and psychologically thrilling activities that are well known for. But, man dealt with the shock hit the audience with a thriller that was bugged by a random but deep fear of the eggs themselves. The egg was found at a rebel, and never tasted in his life. Spread an opening inside to see a white round object with yellow liquid that was absolutely repulsive. He said he was so revolted by those that refused to be around them.

3. Nicole Kidman: Lepidopterphobia

Nicole looks so innocent and beautiful butterfly flap its past, it sets her heart aflutter. But, that is not really in a good way. He managed to seduce a 16-year-old murder of her husband to die for others to deal with a ghost house, and. They fear reptiles, spiders, ghosts or not the killer. What terrifies him a butterfly. He finds it strange and bizarre creatures. Maybe it’s football, or the nature of the flight and fluttering about here and there, but Nicole just very scared of them. This fear is Mottephobia, can be connected with the fear of moths.

4. Pamela Anderson: Eisoptrophobia

Wishing they look in the mirror, were endowed with only a fraction of the features of Pamela Anderson are a lot of women. She is beautiful, sultry, vivacious, talented, and inspired many women. Surprisingly, he is watching himself on the mirror, it is because they have a fear of mirrors. This phobia is a reflection of many superstitions revolve around mirrors, the reflection on the mirror or the concept can be based. How she manages her beauty routine is beyond us. In fact it is, Baywatch babe, I hate seeing myself as well on television.

5. Woody Allen: Panophobia

In the world of cinema and screen veteran actor is known for his huge contribution. What many do not know that he is afraid of everything Panophobia, a sufferer from the practice. Heights, enclosed places, and being afraid of insects, being afraid of bright colors, elevators or sunlight, Allen is a certain fear of everything from being a source of evil. They are also neurotic needs: the shower drain has to be in a corner, and his breakfast banana should be cut 7 pieces. That psychoanalysis has spent the past 40 years, he said.

6. David Beckham: Ataxophobia

The former captain of the English national football team you’ll ever come across one of the most stylish men wearing good clothes. He is quite the drool ways, and indeed themselves to a well-organized life, career and family building. So, what is this fear? Well, it seems that this is my greatest fear failure. David Beckham is afraid of dirt and untidiness. Everything should be organized around but nothing. In addition, he revealed that he suffers from OCD, and would therefore, everything is coordinated by the quantity, size and form, arranged in any number.

7. Johnny Depp: Coulrophobia

His characters, Captain Sparrow, the Edward Scissorhand, Willy Wonka, the Mad Hatter, like heavy make-up to create all sorts of looks completely different. But, should they face basically fake smile and pants, scared of clowns. He realizes that there is something dark and evil lurking beneath the surface. Weirdly enough, avoid evil, he surrounded himself clown paraphernalia.

8. Natalie Wood: Hydrophobia

Past this beautiful actress and now West Side Story 34th Street is known for her work in films. Pretty woman had a fear of water. To be more specific, he was terrified of the water. Although it is not clear that they drafted for fear, it is believed that once, as a young girl, they fall in the water under it in a moment by his mother I was standing on was rigged. It might have left a mark in mind. A yacht is ironic since it fell one night, Natalie, died by drowning.

9. Madonna: Astraphobia/Brontophobia

Madonna, is an American singer-songwriter and artist, has grown into one of the boldest musicians in the entertainment industry. Even at the age of 55, he is quite capable of raising a storm on stage with her seductive performance and appearance. But I fear it strikes at the heart of this courageous man he is? Well, it seems that this is not a paralyzing fear of storms dynamic woman. Madonna, who has spent her entire life between light and heavy proportion of sound, is not a morbid fear of thunder and lightning.

10. Keanu Reeves: Nyctophobia/Scotophobia

Professionally, he has no faith metrics and actions have demonstrated a brazen display of speed, and lost the courage to do his movies. In his personal life, he in an automobile accident with his girlfriend’s death, disposed of eighteen months after the birth of their still-born girl child. They can offer with their close observation of homeless people, have seen darkness. Ironically, it is the fear of the dark. When asked, he explains his fear as a rather philosophical one. They may be just scared to death.

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