The 10 Dreadful Circus Accidents From The Past

The 10 Dreadful Circus Accidents From The Past

The biggest employment of circus skills to entertain people at one time was a thriving business. The technological hall, the circus was one of the few magical delights of a typical family can experience together. The dark days now but I come from the circus industry, in the past they were not free from their share of darkness and death. Here is a list of 10 gruesome circus accidents from the past:

1. The Hartford Circus Fire

Hartford Fire, in Hartford, Connecticut, which occurred on July 6, 1944, the circus, the United States is seen as one of the worst fire disasters. A small fire started in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus big top tent Southwest sidewall, but the fact is coated with canvas tents dissolved in 23,000 liters of fuel and 820 kg of paraffin wax But it was as a means of making increasingly successful in spreading waterproof tent (some say kerosene). Circus of that tragic day nearly 7,000 people out of 700 attended and 169 were injured in the smoke, fire and stampede died.

2. Hagenbeck-Wallace Train Wreck

Wallace Hagenbeck- a train wreck when traveling circus came to a halt for the night occurred on June 22, 1918. Circus Train conducted 400 performers and often sleep-Dozed them. He did not know that was moving train by a Michigan Central Railway troops directly at 35 mph. About 4:00 troop train collided with the 86 people killed and 127 injured circus train. The reason behind this destruction was the Sergeant wheels troop train driver Alonzo. Sergeant, but an experienced man on the throttle action was a soya hours. The lack of sleep, a heavy meal, a few kidney shots, and the gentle rolling of the engine while it’s asleep considered because at least two suicide due to automatic signal and missing warning Fall Is.

3. The Cleveland Circus Fire

Accident from humans, but from a circus animal’s death, in 1942. The fire started when, due to unknown reasons Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and near the tent, panic engulfed the whole place. Those who managed to escape while the animals are trapped and burned to death. It was estimated that more than 100 owned lion, the zebra, the circus camels, lions and other animals spreading the straw and hay bales that had died in flames. Nine cages were lost, the few survivors of 26 animals were burned so badly they had to be put to death.

4. The Wallace Brothers Circus Train Disaster

Although a great clash of two separate Wallace Brothers Circus Shattered Failure year 1903. The first train came to a halt and saw the red signal engineer of the car, because they can not stop due to brake failure and therefore break into several cars before the train. The accident happened terrific power over animals and killing of 30 circus workers. Circus workers over 27, however, escaped with injuries.

5. The Flying Wallendas

Wallendas family were the biggest circus with acrobats and popular for many years, was known as the Flying Wallendas. Karl Wallenda, Karl’s wife Helen Kreis head of the family and his brother was the founder of an acrobatic act called Seven Chair pyramid of seven family members including Herman. This Act will be up to the Dare-devils land in seven to 32 feet, tightropes and balancing a chair. , They never used protection of the posts, Lead man he destroyed all piled into the back of a tragedy befell the family. This occurred in 1962. Richard Faughnan, Wallenda snapped his mouth, the lower end of the body was paralyzed son Mario Wallenda died law and nephew Dieter Schepp, Wallenda.

6. The Elephant Named Mary

September 12, 1916, Mary circus elephant, unsolved for some reason, squashed by its handler ground. Since then, extensive thought behind this attitude is made as to the cause, something that was the point of having the wrong way and handler, infuriation been poked at by the Red Eldridge, others they was bored to death and wanted to do something interesting to say. No matter what happens to demand, and the next day she is rewarded by 2,500 people (over an audience largely composed of children) was hung by the neck from an industrial crane that this the event was a massive anger and grief such. A heavy chain being snapped with Mary earth falling and breaking her hip. After being turned down for the second time slowly died down immediately.

7. The Duluth Lynchings

Jun 15, 1920 A 19-year-old Irene Tusken African American circus workers circus wagons loaded and a sad in the dark corners of American history over to see James Robinson was raped by six circus employees reminder. Police immediately arrested several black men white woman charged with a crime. It occurred in ethnic conflict period stringent nationwide. A mob broke into the jail in Syria following a mock trial hearing, declared Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson and Isaac McGhie guilty. And taking them out of jail, the mob lynched them on a light pole. The black community has demanded a lynch mob justice but was only lightly punished.

8. The St Louis Trapeze Accident

It is already known that possess all the training and all the talent in the world can not save the actor him / her a mechanical failure. Trapeze all around dangerous circus acts, being one of the most daring of their time and often enforced by two of reckless trapeze performers, Fred Lazelle and Billy Millson, about to meet a terrible end was convinced. In 1872, he crashed due to technical problems on the ground and another gymnast George North. The wound was – Millson ribs were broken and North Hollywood – but fortunately survived.

9. The Dreadful Circus Accidents: Lion-Tamer

Thomas MacCarte, better known as Massarti, an armed Lion Tamer was still a brave soul was already in business who has lost an arm to the lions. Massarti hold her hips I’m nearing the end of his act tyrant named when the lions, a tiger sunk his teeth into his ribs and the skin and hanging down her neck leave, ripped open his skull. While all attempts by jabbing and police firing blank rounds Massarti animals to free himself. The server circus lions managed to run away from the car in the hot irons bus, dragged Massarti fourth lion cage. Eventually he brought the cage and taken to the infirmary, where he died.

10. Dessi Espana

He was a heartthrob of a prominent circus performer and audience. He also held a Guinness World Record for twirling 75 hula hoops at once. he performed it, and unfortunately died. But I was wrong 30 feet below the ground to ESPA√ĎA, lies in failing to grasp the system in place chiffon. He landed on his head.

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