The 10 Celebrities You’d Forgotten Have Criminal Records

The 10 Celebrities You’d Forgotten Have Criminal Records

Well it is a mistake, but that does not mean that they are bad and deserve to go to hell. Here are a bunch of celebrities that we love and look too far for inspiration, but they have had past criminal records. Take a look at the list. 10 celebrities who have past criminal records are largely unknown or forgotten:

1. Will Smith

What did he do? Criminal Conspiracy Aggravated Assault and Simple Assault.

Who is right, I thought? Back in 1989, it is yet to become a mega star when he was still in Philadelphia Rapper he was fired in case of serious human battering. A few days after Smith won a Grammy, so separate his personal guards were accused of killing a man nearly blind and has become disabled. Smith maintained that he witnessed the attack but had never laid a finger on the man. But the general opinion went against it (one hope Rapper’s recent success with the passing away of a man killed another, people were only too aware of this trick). Whatever the truth is, eventually dropped the charges against Smith. Good for her!

2. Matthew Broderick

What did he do? Careless Driving.

While vacationing in Northern Ireland with his then girlfriend Jennifer Grey (from Dirty Dancing fame) his car collided head-on with another vehicle. Both the driver and the passenger of the other vehicle died on-spot. Later Jennifer Grey said that the incident has rattled her to the core, so much so that it ended her career in Hollywood. And the end of it all, Broderick was charged with only $175 fine for careless driving and went on to have a relatively successful career in the next 25 years. The victim’s family was outraged and called it a ‘travesty of justice’. What do you think?

3. Tim Allen

What did he do? Drunk Driving (yeah, almost every celebrity seems to be convicted for this once) & Drug Possession.

Best Tim Taylor, and Santa Claus is known for his famous character, Alan, had a criminal record in the distance, he stepped in Hollywood 10 years ago. In 1978, he arrested for possessing drugs and was long face 7 years in prison for charges. But he faced just two and a half years after the key members involved in the business of drug trafficking. He certainly gave up drugs after they once again faced police in 1997 when he was caught drunk driving.

4. Kiefer Sutherland

What did he do? Drunk Driving.

So you might be wondering, with so many celebrities drunk driving often, Kiefer Sutherland has made it so much why 10 individuals with criminal records. The truth is that Sutherland years has been dealing with alcohol addiction and has bravely admitted it publicly. To its openness and the will to defeat the monsters are admirable, but he is not very successful. During the two decades of stint four times for DUI (1989, 1993, 2004 and 2007) have been arrested. Overall, the total penalty to serve 48 days in jail.

5. Matthew Mcconaughey

What did he do? Possessed Drugs.

Woody Harrelson’s ‘True Detective’ co-star, McConaughey, just like their fellow loved dancing and smoking pot during the last century. One night in 1999, the neighbors had had enough of him and grabbed McConaughey door and found him, naked bongo drums that beating high and called police. They searched his home and found a questionable amount of marijuana, but fortunately, were dropped except for noise complaints from the neighbors of all charges related to drug-end. For this he was fined $ 50.

6. Woody Harrelson

What did he do? Resisting Arrest & Unruly Conduct.

This is a total shocker. ‘Hungry like the game’ and ‘True was called “Fame celebrates the love Woody Harrelson marijuana, tough guy. Some decades ago, were found in 1982 Harrelson dancing in the streets the police and they tried to arrest him, escaped direct Harrelson Columbus, Ohio party Mecca. But fortunately, he got out of the mess after paying a fine (although they faced a legal challenge to the difficulties of Marijuana Laws). Apparently, the most shocking part of the past Harrelson’s father was a hitman convicted of the murder of a federal judge.

7. Christian Slater

What did he do? Sexual assault, groping etc.

Hollywood is known as the Bad Boys, the list is not altogether Slater making iron chip unsurprising. He said that with the year almost 10 uneventful after his first arrest for DUI in 1989 he was arrested for attacking his girlfriend, after their heydays in Hollywood has been dealing with the law. In 1997, the most doubtful works by bearding a plane with a gun in his pocket. In 2005, he was stopped in his career when he was accused of sexually and again to attack a woman on the street. It’s a day, with all criminal charges to his name, Christian Slater virtually insurmountable.

8. Stephen Fry

What did he do? Credit Card Fraud.

Yes, sounds incredible, but sadly this legendary British actor, comedian and writer had a troubled childhood. At the tender age of 17, before he kissed his feet, fame and success, he admittedly went nuts. After a caught for credit card fraud and criminal, he was jailed for nearly three months. But this event, but proved to be a blessing to a mark of character. After his release, so he ended up getting a scholarship to Cambridge University, to be serious with their academics.

9. Bruno Mars

What did he do? Possessed Drugs.

The charges, Mars pleaded guilty to avoid hearing or trial. Court asked to pay a fine of $ 2000 and a mandatory 200 hours of community service and was ordered to do so. Accordingly, Mars community service and pay the required penalty Monitory. 2012 was rejected by the courts of his felony sentence.

10. Bill Gates

What did he do? Drove fast & without licence.

Bill Gates, a seemingly unassuming guy with tons of money, faced a geeky and quiet in their teenage days a rebel with a big heart. Once he was caught driving without a license and speeding. It also rapidly gone up in the thrill of driving, they disobey stop signs. But the best part is, they did not crash, no one was hurt, including myself. This was two years back in 1975, but sales have not learned their lesson. He was driving around without a license was arrested again on charges of speeding and not obeying stop signs. He had already started pacing the way to success with Microsoft it occurred at a time.

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