The 10 Camping Pranks That Bring a Lot of Fun Outdoors

The 10 Camping Pranks That Bring a Lot of Fun Outdoors

1. Is That What I Think It Is?

As we all know, when it comes to camping, we have to be ready to step into some very nasty things. With you is this horrible smell drag along the water until the animals beat the worst because you can wash. But how about making your fall Fake animal chocolate and nuts? Put “can bend down and touch it when everyone will come out his eyes,” cried one place. Play with it and taste it. You fake the fall and can then swallow or spit and say It is really amazing taste in animal poop. However, they will look at you with disdain for sure.

2. Animals Caught On Tape

The animal feed is another fun and it should be carried out at night when it’s dark. Record Carry a small tape recorder and some animal sounds. Next, the recorder and keep it close by to hear loud enough for everyone. Then watch your camping companions play it and run in circles with a remote. This realistic sound, so make sure to keep a few empty of noise. Best animal sounds, but any animal could be a bear roar close by would send a shiver down the spine.

3. Monkey See Camper Do

Have you ever tried pointing up while walking on your way to heaven? People around you will notice that will appear immediately. The same principle comes into play here as well. Start scratching his head while sitting at the talk around the fire, and act as if you got something crawling in your hair. But as a scratching post to maintain and they are all looking to start scratching their heads. He would not be in their hair, but because they saw you do it, make sure that they have something on their minds.

4. It’s Raining Creepy Crawlies

If you are camping includes a picnic table under a tree, it’s fun for you. Very discreetly, with the help of a fake snake or spider thread, tie and hang it from a tree branch on the table. All around the dinner table and there, slyly leave this thread and fell toy on the table. If that does not scare your camping friends, nothing will. The food spilled on the ground and all because you have been wasting believe it would be funny to have a return.

5. The Attack

When camping, fishing is usually done as well. It will be near the fishing line fishing means that you can use it as a critical tool in the fun. First, tie a fishing fake rubber spider or snake or lizard on fishing line and keep out of sight. When everyone is gathered around the campsite, gently pull gently lattice crawler. Make sure the dry leaves snarling around you. When the snake, spider or lizard see coming towards them, they will bolt out of sight in a few seconds. This fishing line is to play this fun night becomes less visible.

6. Bird Lover

This is a prank that should be played as a revenge prank when someone picks on you. All you need to do is to wait for the victim to fall asleep and then go about your mischief. You will need some sort of bird food like seeds or even tiny bits of bread will do. Scatter the crumbs around the entrance of the victim’s tent and then all you have to do is to wait. As we all know, the early bird gets the worm (or bread in this case) and they will flock to the food without thinking. When your prankee wakes up to the sound of the fluttering wings, they will be scared to exit the tent. If they do, they will be faced with a huge flock of different birds which will definitely shake them up.


7. Locked In

The humble paper clip can be used as a deadly weapon if put in the hands of the wise. From cracking locks to simply holding papers together, the clip is a wonderful tool. Funnily the paper clip makes its way to the camping site as well. It can be used to lock in the campers in their tents. All you need to do is block the zipper with the clip about half way up. Make sure everyone is sleeping before you sneak out. Then when they realize they are trapped and start calling out for help, pretend to be asleep.


8. Pop Goes the Campfire

For fun, you will need to save some firecrackers Independence Day or New Year. You will need to find a devotee of fun and you will need to volunteer to make the camp fire. After you get the job, you have some small firecrackers or sparklers place under the timber to do it. When the fire burns, ignite firecrackers and scare the pants off the other campers. You will need a partner because it is placed fireworks fire that puts a bit of doubt. While it’s fun with this fun as it does not exceed its limits.

9. Excess Weight

This is a classic joke out. It’s always been a fun job and really do not know until hours later. When a fellow traveler puts down his bag and takes a break, open and empty bags. Next find and collect stones and place them back in place, and all other items on the bottom. When he again lifted his bag, he will not really add weight but gradually it will show up in their faces. Only one thing will be clear also that no more than you, you should not do with rocks.

10. Blinded

When camping, people usually carry some kind of protection for the eyes like sunglasses. Some take binoculars to get a better look around Off. Here’s what you need to do. The camp fire is out, all over the lens of the sunglasses or binoculars to rub the ashes. So far away that there is no doubt in others. They use items, they will clearly be difficult and it destroyed them. If they do, watch them laugh off their clothes dirty.


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