The 10 Best Movies of Bobby Simha

The 10 Best Movies of Bobby Simha

Bobby Singh was born in a hill station in a film, Dindigul district of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, who worked in 3 films in four South Indian language. He made his way to the Coimbatore to study in a college. He said, Naalaya Natchatiram took part in a show called, the Director Sundar.C and E. Ramadoss year 2005. The special guest they can try to be suggested that actor. After graduation he Manikandan a short film, his friend, Karthik Subbaraj, who came into direct contact with the people who introduced the film’s Pizza. Balaji Mohan from 2013 to 2012. I gave him a small role in the Eppadi Kadhalil soda phuadhu, he started to get good roles.

1. Aviyal

Expected to hit the screens in 2015, the film was released only in 2016 due to the floods in Chennai and elsewhere. Aviyal make a film with Bobby Singh, is starring in one of the stories. It was the second such selection was Tamil film debut Ah, an utter failure, which received good response and appreciation.Bobby Singh in about 3 movies, filming the movie in Tamil and Malayalam. Let us wait and see, they have the character and the characters he has already played admirably well outplays or not.

2. Metro

The main character is an action movie with Bobby Singh. As the film revolves around a chain snatching dubbed the Silicon City, Story City in Telugu has been remade in Kannada. He Guna’s, serves as the head of a gang of college going chain snatchers. Although she had a cameo role in the film, she captured the attention of viewers.

3. Ko-2

The film is a sequel to the Ko and political thriller, which plays an important role opposite Nikki Bobby Singh Galrani. This film was released in May 2016 suffering a slight delay and a commercial hit. It was a remake of Telugu film Prathinidhi. Kumaran role of Bobby Singh, was to capture the culprits behind the murder of his patron who played kidnapped.

4. Iraivi

They proved once again in 2016 Sethupathy joins Vijay in this film, his acting ability and Vijay abreast with Sethupathy. Director Karthik Subbaraj which has made it a huge success that has been praised for acting talent showcases extraction and cast in the film.

5. Urumeen.

This is the first movie, which hit screens in 2015. A solo action hero who has performed motion captured for the film, he performed as the second actor after superstar. This is a commercial artist, who has a triple role, in which for three generations.

6. Banglore Natkal

This film is a remake of the Malayalam hit Bangalore days. Bobby Singh is seen to play a moderating role in the film when compared to other action-oriented roles in the films. Tamil them in a conservative and gentle boy, he won appreciations.

7. Neram

Bobby Singh in 2013. Vatti played the role of King in the film, the film is a comedy thriller genre. He plays the role of a private creditor and the movie played with the sharpness of his acting skills. The villains had mustaches and dynamic new look she wore in the film and his role in the film interesting. He is determined to do the same role in the Telugu remake of the film.

8. Jigarthanda

Bobby Singh plays the role of a villain-a forty-year-old gangster movie. This is a dream come true for the director Karthik Subbaraj against Seth, as he plays in the film the character was originally approached to play. It was found to play after proving their versatility and repeatedly asked after the car he was 4 years that end, the winner of the National Award for Best Supporting Actor, as in other films. Psychological laughter, menacing gaze and many of the changes he has made an excellent choice for your body language made it assault bridge.

9. Aadama Jaichomada

In this film, he Boominathan, intelligent and serious plays the role of a police officer, but it also has a comic touch in their properties. The film was a hit in 2014 and the film was a box office revolves around corruption in cricket. Bobby Singh, to film audiences with his early comedy.

10. Soodhu Kavvum

The film hit screens in 2013 and Vijay Sethupathi which had been instrumental. Bobby Singh was called Pagalavan in this film and they have to meet a kidnapper with a set of principles, along with his friends, servants, a middle-aged man and kidnapping comedy unfolds. However, it was felt that the film was not the main cast.

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