10 best free Apple iPhone apps

the 10 best free Apple iPhone apps

I have paid for my Apple iPhone Precisely apps out of your pocket … and a fat finger was a mistake (slipping buy ‘button on my pudgy paws, and I realized what I was doing without entering your password). “Free” is the magic word for me. I hear a fantastic acerca app for the iPhone, I always check to see if I can find a free alternative that’s just as good. Every so often, you’ll also find an independent beats the tar out of a paid app.

Apps Mobile Pocket PC phone services have changed. Without them, they might as well be carrying around an old flip phone you could pay off an 8-bit version of the Tetris in 2004. Well, it will still be better in many ways, but you get the point. Every year we take Speaking to spend thousands of hours of PCMag, iTunes scouring developers, we find the best apps reviews, and hunt for hidden gems. More so to have an app that makes the iPhone owner, we find out about it. And those free-O, are no better.10 apps that made the cut for ESTA list that appears received by the outstanding performance, well technology has a variety of users, and are free. And “free” means free. No gimmicks, no “to membership.” Free. Period.

Missing from this list that matches the pre-installed apps and features (like Siri) iPhone They are certainly not to be ignored as of late. The iTunes Music (formerly called the iPod app), and App Store is a fair share apps YouTube usage general well-deserved, maps, and clocks Could ignore applications, in particular, but technically, if you bought your phone to pay for them, so they are not really independent. In any case, you do not have to choose to download them, so we are not listing them here.

You are more tips you need to post your suggestions in more free apps, check out the comments on PCMag, either
Adobe Photoshop Express

Digital photography editing, a long time ago, the best I’ve been given a task suitable for desktop and laptop computers, but Adobe Photoshop Express, phone and mobile with editing application in a free picture to other iOS devices proved to be in space. This is a powerhouse of a mobile app, and can handle even the lack of noise (external particles show up on the photo). All in all, Adobe Photoshop Express is a solid device to make light edits the image to your phone.

Amazon Mobile
Amazon.com practical dog food you may need to subscribe to a magazine sells anything, toilet paper. Ensures mobile shopping app that you can buy at any time. The app contains a barcode scanner and image tool, so if you have an item worth considering a store, see if he has to reduce the scanned image SNAP or barcode and Amazon can.

BBC News
 News apps, BBC and headlines, good photos, and one of the cleanest excellent interface with advertising, it is. (Do you agree with the choice of angles and coverage that was another matter.) So far, though. As the news organizations, BBC reporters actually with every corner of the world, with the varied and broad themes. Another perk is that you, like Urdu, Arabic, and other languages as the two types of sugar, you can choose to see some news.

 When it debuted in 2009. Since then, Microsoft sound, barcode, and image-based search has expanded its activities to include the Bing app to give users “the best in the iTunes App Store PCMag overall app, highlighted by Bing announced to collect different information ways. iPhone app simple yet elegant sports black and white interface, a wallpaper image for the iPhone. Vision Search dominant feature quantity I needed time, but consistently good search results on Bing iPhone.

Converter Plus
The currency conversion calculation for a loan application, plus inflation, interest figures in all, almost all provide some numbers. This temperature, cooking volumes, Imperial measurements for length, and converts metric.

Dragon Go!
 You can search by voice on the phone with Bing and Google Apps, but Dragon Go! How do you take advantage of other apps and a nifty sliding tab “carousel” The interface, allowing further work with the results. Dragon Go! Speech recognition software company Nuance was created by us, which has been in the game to activate voice commands to computers long. The big difference with this app than other voice command system is integrated with other applications and production results in a more useful way. A speech recognition program, Siri, (the Dragon Go! Is not the case), if you speak to customers can not get it unless you got a lot of attention lately for his own an iPhone 4S while. For all other iPhone and iPod touch owners, Dragon Go! The next best is good.

 If your files are in place all over your office computer, desktop, laptop be a reliable synchronization program is a must. Dropbox, service and productivity tool that allows you to access your files from anywhere in the cloud safe and you have a signal, fills this role well, with a Dropbox iPhone app. It has a simple interface, easy uploading, syncing across all accounts and SWIFT.

Epicurious is a recipe app, and this is my favorite (I Cook’s Illustrated, a fan, which requires a paid subscription, and $ 2.99 AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner Pro), but of the free options will accept openly, it is the best. Including Condé Nast, including recipes from this app a huge catalog, from the archives of Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines pulls off. You can search by ingredient or by type of dish you want to, such as appetizers and make the “weeknight meal.”

ESPN Score Center
Free App ESPN app allows you the most is when your favorite teams in sports from other applications (that is, with your phone under the table) quick game check, and discreetly is . This game is baseball, basketball, American football hair can pull data from, in the world of football (soccer, American game), hockey, cricket, rugby, and more calls.

Without the app Evernote for iPhone applications while away from your desk, I will be very productive. The robust search capabilities and easy organization is free, thanks to the note creation app outrivals MOST competing apps. But their success and change some of its popularity due to real key Evernote, making you saving them to a cloud service or your phone to any other version of Evernote when waiting for you by which means there will be all your files are synchronized. I, take notes, and also use Evernote to snap photos Whiteboards and PowerPoint slides meetings, I can remember the details of later.-

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