10 best First Person Shooter (FPS) games for Android

The 10 best First Person Shooter (FPS) games for Android

There’s still no better way to experience exhilarating gameplay and amazing graphics than through an FPS game. So, here are the best of the lot that you can enjoy on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Any fan of the genre’s most popular first person shooter game that will tell you (FPS) and has-been for the longest time. Never FPS game charts the days of the original Doom and Quake. Therefore, it is really to see that the wildly popular FPS game is also not surprising, Android gamers.Well, here’s the top 10 FPS games that you have downloaded on your Android, Android device:

Modern Combat 5: Blackout
Price: Rs. 390

The latest installment in the Modern Combat “Fast, spine-chilling tale Activision’s Modern Warfare series” and is promising enough multiplayer suite. Simple past is one of the best that you will see on mobile and thanks’ is a powerful phone with you, you should look into buying the game.

Gun Zombie: Hellgate

Price: Free

Well, we’ll get back to the zombies to kill? Guns: Hellgate is that the game can be attributed to the awesomely named after games on the awesomely named. The game does away with a story or a plot and unnecessary things just like you a hell of a hell of a lot of killing zombies with guns. And seriously, what more could you want?

Call of Duty: Strike Team
Price: Rs. 435.53

Innovative FPS game Father finds its way to mobile and tablet through the game. COD: Strike Team allows you to switch between the first person and third person view at any time and offers both single player and multiplayer game modes.

Fields of Battle

Price: Free
 Just in case you are tired of humans, aliens, animals and kill zombies, you should have a paintball war in the middle of a continuous line of the battle field. Unlike other games, the gameplay is a lot of strategic thinking and requires a bit of strategy.

N.O.V.A. 3

Price: Rs. 390

The COD Modern Combat 4, N.O.V.A. It was “impressed” 3 of Gameloft’s take on the popular Halo series. The game looks and offers some really great environment to play. Quite a single player campaign, N.O.V.A. Plus 3 also offers a multiplayer mode.

Deer Hunter 2014

Price: Free
 To focus on a second, step away from the zombies and Mother Nature for nature … we can kill just as well as everything there. Deer Hunter 2014 is the game as a hunter with nothing better to do than kill rare and exotic animals from around the world. Of course, this is a very addictive and around the best looking game around.

Zombie Gunship

Price: Free
 Zombie Gunship is the work of a military aircraft puts you in the role of a gunner by making their way to shoot down an endless stream of zombies. Game you have to play for a long time the unique graphics and exciting gameplay.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Price: Rs. 390
Not a hint of originality reflects the game Gameloft library but you can not deny the fact that the really good, some really fun games. Modern Combat 4 takes over a page of the Call of Duty series and recently with some interesting gameplay with great graphics. Game Pack offers a full multiplayer mode for you to have fun with other gamers.

Into The Dead

Price: Free
Dead two popular genres, FPS combines endless running, and ends up being a unique game. Game I need to run to his goal through a relentless group of zombies. The game encourages you to really like the color palette and anemia play unlockable weapons and tactical game by introducing a number of successes.

Dead Trigger 2

Price: Free
Dead Trigger 2 Play store and one of the most popular for good reason. This incredible graphics really shine on the Android device is a powerful and very addictive gameplay. Also, in the real world of making money, or access to a large arsenal of weapons that can be opened by shelling out cash.

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