The 10 Beautiful Actresses who were Models

The 10 Beautiful Actresses who were Models

Hollywood is a place full of beauty, talent, glitz and glamor, and luck. Hollywood stardom is great for people who can prove themselves, but, unless they are really lucky, they are extremely difficult to make a mark. Sometimes, the star also shows that families create an explosion to the public that, at times, not to make it big. Some became instant hits of the year, while many struggle. Many of the actors in Hollywood, and while it has started as early as children who began his career as many extras. It is also true, although they are often approached by big brands are some of the most beautiful and complete actresses of Hollywood signing endorsement deals with millions of their worth, were once models . We take a look at the top 10 were model actress.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts as a prostitute or a gangster known for its great works of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. They stole millions of hearts with her appearance in movies like Pretty Woman. He has received numerous awards and honors. He was also featured in Men’s Health list of 10 famous women of all time. She always wanted to be a veterinarian, but went to enroll in acting classes. While waiting for the right opportunity, he was with Click modeling agency.

Is modeled at some point, such as Famke Janssen, Milla Jovovich and Rachel Weisz or many other actresses, the second in his career, are there, and we’re on the subject of the beautiful people start out as a model, we might as well take the opportunity Ashton Kutcher and Channing Tatum, enough to have a treat for both the eyes very beautiful men. The actors involved in the modeling, and has been published in some of the top magazines and advertising signs.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is probably the most spectacular known as Bond Girl, and even movies on the government when it won an Academy Award for her work in Monster’s Ball in 2002. One of the highest paid actresses in the 2000s Is. But, he was a model who had a number of HR before the rule in Hollywood, actress beauty pageants. He was also the runner-up in the Miss USA back in 1986, and reached sixth place in the Miss World in the same year.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is known for his great comic timing and sense of humor. It is particularly capable of laughing at himself. On the big screen, the Diaz MASH and wonderful singing abilities of some of Mary and Shrek reveals the bizarre dance moves. The perfect body for modeling. He started out as a fashion model for Elite Model Management, 16, who appeared in ads for Calvin Klein and Levi, and on the cover of Seventeen in 1990.

Charlize Theron

Born and brought about an ancient air, Charlize Theron, South Africa, has a natural beauty. Entertainment was the first step in modeling, and though he was reluctant to profession, he managed to get a modeling contract at 16, and moved to Italy. A year later, he moved to New York to be a ballet dancer, but the road to a knee injury. Eventually, he became the Academy Award-winning actress award in Los Angeles with films like The Devil under his belt.

Jennifer Connelly

14, Jennifer Connelly put his younger brother in the opposite David Bowie, film, Labyrinth, mark of the stars as a teenage girl on a quest to save her from the evil Goblin King. But he was no stranger to glamor world as a model entered into a contract with Ford Modeling Agency, only 10 years old. He was a successful model, with no aspirations to work. But, the magazine cover, they eventually went into acting, and an Academy Award.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman blonde hair, blue eyes, and look for a model with a height 5’11 “right. She was a model before becoming an actress she is. She modeling at 15, with Click Models started. then, in 1986, he was featured on British Vogue. then he started on the right foot that can be said when it comes to modeling. However, because her real passion two years later quit modeling to start her acting career, and movies constantly.

Angelina Jolie

Forbes, is the highest paid Hollywood actresses Angelina Jolie is famous for three times, and her incredible beauty and great acting. Off-screen, he is involved in philanthropic activities. They seem to get out of his father John Voight ‘, the first film was barely 7 years old, in 1993. On the silver screen, I came back after ten years of Cyborg 2, he started taking acting lessons at 14 they had, but dropped out to become a funeral director and fashion, only to return to acting later.

Jane Fonda

Trust Jane Fonda started as a model, and was featured on the cover of Vogue, not once but twice. But in the end they enter the world of acting, and stole the spotlight, remaining there for more than 50 years. He became a favorite watch, including the 9 5, 1980s, has worked in a number of films. Although he has been in conflict, is famous for the best fight against plastic surgery to increase her breast change. The exercise videos are also very popular.

Julianne Moore

The beautiful and gracious Julianne Moore is seen on the hit saga of The Hunger Games. Before moving on to movies, she was an actress in the soap operas, and was famous as Frannie Hughes in the 1985-1988 television series, which eventually won him a Daytime Emmy Award. She started her movie career in 1990. But as a teenager, had no plan as such to pursue fame. In fact, she actually wanted to be a physician. She acted in high school and college plays, and modelled at a young age.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is among the most famous and attracted world famous Hollywood actresses for its astounding beauty, the timeless, and still does. Blonde Hair, Chinese porcelain skin, beauty spot: the complete package as they were, and often blonde bombshell for her work in several films in the 1950s and 1960s. Top 36. Her life suddenly stopped when it began as a model to be surprised beautiful woman quickly that, had the potential to make it big.

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