The 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Odd-Even Traffic Rule

The 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Odd-Even Traffic Rule

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and on cars with ending with a digit registration number on Monday, the Wednesday and Friday of the project, to follow the cars the streets of Delhi with the registration number ending with an odd number the authorization allowed to ply the roads.

India welcomed the move and had no significant impact on air quality, even though it is not clear whether the criticism and praise from various quarters. Along with 13 other cities in the world in cities such as Paris and Beijing have also tried out this formula before Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal was quick to point out that the formula of the government was a huge success, so he’s a failure as maintained it did not dip during the entire period of air pollution when the rule was in operation Met. Niche jury is still out on the effectiveness of the scheme, but here we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of the scheme.


  • Pollution control-This was the main reason for this step by the Delhi government. Vehicle exhaust contributes to air pollution and the amount of daily street driving vehicles are already worsened the deteriorating air quality. This scheme also limit the amount of vehicles on the road and consequently reduces pollution.
Less Traffic-Traffic jams have become a regular feature of any large city. Police have been unable to cope with the increasing traffic and has become a major problem in the cities. Funny Traffic rule also decreases the number of vehicles on the road quickly and provide some relief from the traffic jams. A key feature of the scheme is to ensure the city in Delhi which have succeeded in reducing traffic congestions.Use of public transport-Long pollution while public transport is considered an ideal way of reducing and saving money. Strange scheme is forced to use buses and subway to reach their work places or other places the owners of private cars. It encourages the use of public transport and it also saves the money is spent on fuel.

Carpooling- Strange also encourage carpooling incentive scheme. This means many people can travel in the same car. Where people having odd or took several friends or others in their cars on the even numbered cars designated days it was seen in Delhi. The transport cost.


  • Failure in controlling pollution-Many critics have argued that even 5 percent of air pollution from traffic trouble private cars. In factories and other industrial enterprises air of Delhi and other big cities, such as the pump a large amount of pollution. This identifies restrictions on plants, not strange scheme, can control air pollution.
Inconvenience to the people-Strange scheme leads to extreme hardship for the people in the absence of a strong public transport system. In China, sometimes strange scheme is implemented because the public transportation system is very complex in Delhi, the scheme is due to the difficulties. Big influx of people the public transport system, which was packed to the rafters because of too much pressure was not ready for this, because buses. Delhi Metro system does not connect all of Delhi and is still under construction. Overall, rely on their own cars to avoid disappointing the public transport system in Delhi was forced to confront the difficulties of the people. Do a first-class public transport system before the scheme could be attempted is a prerequisite.People with more than one car-The scheme does not address a major concern associated with rich people. It is well known that very rich people own more than one car. In fact, many rich families own cars more than 3-4. This scheme does not affect them because they can always use their car with an odd car registration number and registration number on odd days, even days. The current problem is serious instances of tampering.

Pressure on traffic police-Violation of traffic rules Indian cities is a standard rather than the exception, especially in Delhi. The traffic police are not enough staff resources to put a stop to people with blatant disregard for normal traffic rules. It is to expect that the police will be able to apply such a principle with as much perfection. In addition, to encourage the provision of imposing a fine on criminals motivated by corruption breeds corruption.

Monopoly of cab drivers and auto-rickshaw owners-Auto rickshaw drivers and taxi owners monopoly to charge higher tariffs range from enabling passengers. Auto rickshaw owners are much higher than the exploited people of helplessness and charged acceptable when it was clear Delhi.

Not a long term solution-Strange scheme permanent air pollution problem can not be solved. Can not reduce the number of cars is growing at a rapid pace and even the odd numbers on the scheme significantly. An efficient public transport system, cleaner cars and will go a long way in reducing air pollution, reducing other sources of pollution.

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